W00T! I got a horsie!

Lol, I finally achieved my goal on my Priest of hitting Exalted with Stormwind, and grabbing myself a horse.

A Chestnut Horse, to be specific.

Yeah, it’s not exactly ground-breaking news, but I was damn happy to get it.

Thank you to my wife Cassie for suggesting, “If you’re only 4000xp from Exalted, why not go to Elwynn Forest and do level 1 quests?”

Doh! 30 minutes later…

Oh, and thanks to her I didn’t have to wait until I hit 50 and could start doing Runecloth turn-ins… that’s a nice cost savings for me. 🙂

So my Priest is level 48, maxed in Tailoring and Jewelcrafting at 300 and 305 respectively, I have a horsie to ride, and I’m just champing at the bit (lol) to hit 50 and level my skills right on up towards 18 slot bags and Prospecting Adamantite Ore!


I love alt enthusiasm. 🙂

Now if only I could kick this nasty cold, and if our son didn’t have pink eye.

Oh, and I have a question… since my son is 4 years old and goes into hysterics when we try to put the eyedrops in, does anyone know where I can get a size 4 straightjacket? That boy is strong!

Damn it, one last thing… for those that said I’d hate the way Draenei legs stick out when riding a horse… I hated that elephant. I mean, HATED. And when I look at the Draenei sitting on the horse, it looks natural to me. After all, the legs have that extra joint at the bottom where the foreleg points forewards. It just seems reasonable to me that tucking the legs in would, I dunno… hurt.

Have fun and see you again soon, guys! And FYI my WoW Insider post should go live at noon East Coast time, so go over there and check that out if you want. I talk about my take on some of the upcoming changes in Patch 2.4. Expected? Yeah, probably, but this cold is kicking my ass.

Anyway, have fun!


12 thoughts on “W00T! I got a horsie!

  1. Regarding the eye-drops and the 4 year old – we had a pediatrician that recomended a different technique that has worked for our family. Have him lay on his back with his eyes closed. Place a drop of the eye-drop solution on his eyelid and have him open his eye. We have found that this delivery techinique still delivers the medicine to the eye without having to attempt and pry their eye open. Gratz on the Horse by the way.


  2. Lol, thats the only way I can take eyedrops as well although I do still stand up to take them and just tilt my head way back. Might make your kid feel less self concious about it if you let him stand.


  3. Grats on the horsie 🙂 I didn’t get mine until after 60, I can’t remember how much runecloth I had to farm for that dang thing. But Swift White Steed and her cousins Black Stallion and Chestnut Mare live in my bank now.. ever since Silver Riding Talbuk made her debut, anyway.And about the draenei on a horse, I have a paladin, and I didn’t like the elephant either. But as soon as I saw my darling girl from behind on that horse.. I couldn’t buy an elekk fast enough. From the side, she looks fine, but if I always watch my screen from the side, I can’t see where I’m going.. so.. elekk it is. It took some getting used to, but I love it now. We’ll see how things go with the epic one!


  4. @twinsuns: Ditto. That’s what we do with our kids as well. Have them lightly close their eyes, place the drop(s) on the inside corner of one eye. Slowly open their eyes and blink a few times. Repeat for the other eye.Then have them lay still for a couple of minutes.Wash your hands and theirs with soap.


  5. Ok, to those who suggested having Alex keep his eye closed and then open it to get the drop in, I LOVE you!!! lolIt took one minute this time and I was told “that didn’t hurt so bad” instead of the 30 minutes of screaming (both of us) and bruising (to me from him trying to get free)the other times. It’s a good thing it’s winter in Minnesota and we have our windows tightly closed or our neighbors would have been hearing screaming of “get off of me. No, don’t do it. Stop it, stop it” all day yesterday and BBB and I would have been talking to the police and trying to convince them we weren’t doing something awful to Alex. :-)Thanks again!!Cassieann


  6. I wasn’t a huge fan of the non-epic Elekk. I used it because I didn’t like the look of the guy on the pally horse… and I didn’t want to put gold into lvl 40 mounts for other factions (I think I hit exaletd with most Ally factions in the mid-50s). The epic Elekk is great. It’s like riding a tank into battle.At 70 I keep 7 mounts in my bags (gryphon, drake, ray, elekk, saber, horse, ram) and use a macro to randomly choose which one to use.Oh, and Draenei look fine on NE mounts. Get your Darnassus rep up. 🙂


  7. Grats on the horse… I am working my way there, but still stuck with my old school nightsaber. I have always wanted to lvl a draenei (for the jc) and now know what to expect in regards to their “cosmetic” appeal while riding!


  8. I went for the octoberfest eleks from my draenei Priest. I leveled 32-40 over that festival which is very fast for me as I normally keep my alts in permenant rest experience. But I ran out of runecloth aroud 285 and decided ahh I will just wait for runecloth to drop… Instead of farming or AH. It took from 50-59.Still then I had the fun of leveling 300-354 tailoring and also dinging 60 for mooncloth specialisation in 1 night, of course I grabbed 150 Riding as well so I could finally use the epic elekk that had been sitting in my bags for 4 months.


  9. You know, I’ve been levelling a draenai shammy – she’s now 67. Initially I hated the elekks. Despised them. Then I found they can wade through deeper water without dismounting. MUCH deeper. So when I hit 60, I got an epic Elekk. Even though I could have got a horse. The water thing sold me.Incidentally I finally went back to Kara today, and I used the spots for tanking Prince you outlined in your video – perfect!


  10. Gratz to the horse!I didn’t like the look of the Elekk either, the thought of having to watch that huge purple behind all the time while riding was enough for me to get my Draenei shaman to do all the NE quests for Darnassus rep. She got exalted with them at lvl 38, and when she dinged 40 she got herself one of the saber mounts. She looks cool on it too, no knees sticking out too much or anything 🙂


  11. Congrats on the pony! As one who shares your disdain for the Elekk, I am glad you have been able to get a more suitable alternative!


  12. Congrats on the horse! I got the Chestnut one too, that is, when my night elf was level 40. I’d been eyeing that horse since level 6, which is what helped me to get exalted by 37.


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