I’m all buzzed out

BuzzedoutPatch 2.4 news is everywhere. The patch will be massive, and literally every day brings more info mined out of the latest patch ‘dump’.

I’m sure many of you are expecting me to chase the buzz, grab the bees within my reach, and gush words like flowing honey all about how great this or that or whatever will be in the new Patch. 

And while it looked like the initial patch release on the PTR was mostly finished in concept, I was doing that.

Well, my apologies to you, but I’m all buzzed out.

Things are changing so fast on the PTR, with new things being added, existing things being changed radically, and hints being dropped at still more massive changes being considered, that I am no longer going to try to follow every little nuance of the patch.

If you want to stay as up to date as possible on the latest findings, I highly recommend you go to MMO Champion or World of Raids and follow their breaking Patch news and discoveries. They are working their butts off to stay on top of things.

So, nope, I’m not going to just buzz about every little thing that they find out, and then when that changes go rush to give you the new scoop.

Instead, I am going to wait until something actually goes live, and analyze that.

But I’m not going to just leave you out in the cold. I think there are a few things that are going to stay constant in the Patch, things you can prepare for right now.

The first thing is, no matter what your class, there will be new rewards available for Badges of Justice that are comparable to Tier 5 or Tier 6 end game gear. The key phrase there is comparable.  I do NOT believe that the items, as they are now listed, will remain unchanged. The Fist Weapons, Vanir’s Right Fist of Brutality and Vanir’s Left Fist of Brutality especially, are comparable to the Warglaives (Main and Off hand) in my personal opinion, and I just cannot see Blizzard leaving a pair of Fist weapons available for Badges unchanged, that are comparable to the very best hard to earn raiding weapons in the game.

Oh yeah, since I’m linking new Badge reward stuff, here is the Feral Druid stuff so far… what the heck.

Feral Dr00d Badge stuff in 2.4;

But no matter what form they do end up in when the Patch goes live, there will be damn good gear for almost every class and spec, and it looks like, just as I surmised on one of my WoW Insider podcasts, Balance Druids are finally seeing some good loving… so far.

And you can prepare yourself by saving up your Badges of Justice.

As you can see above, there are leather Leggings and Chest pieces that would be amazing upgrades for Feral Druids for tanking, and there is a two handed staff and other pieces for Ferals that are just amazing. Again, I don’t expect it to go live unchanged. But there is plenty to look forward to. 

So if you are not immediately needing to use Badges of justice for upgrades, if you are exchanging them for Primal Nethers for crafting stuff you sell, I advise you to hold off on using them, store them up, and be closer to buying the goodies when it goes live.

Also, this is a good time to go ahead and change your play habits.

If you’re bored with Karazhan, and I know many of you are, or if you have what you want from heroics and are spending time you used to spend doing those to farm or dance naked in Ironforge or spam the Trade channel about Chuck Norris (and if you do spam the Trade channel, btw, I hate you), go run the daily Heroic instead.

Try and get a group of friends that will reliably join you, every day you can, to do either the daily Heroic, or something quick and easy like Heroic Slave Pens.

If you’re past Kara, go ahead and go back in there once a week on Badge runs. You can get 22 Badges for a full clear, and if you do 2 or 3 Heroics a week, they all add up fast. 

If you are interested in PvP, and you’ve been saving your points for specific pieces of Arena gear, don’t rush to spend them just yet. It’s been said by at least one Blue that the new Arena Season may start when the patch goes live, or one week after, even though Season 3 just kicked off a little while ago. And you know what that means; current Season gear becomes available for purchase with honor, and new Season gear becomes available for Arena points. Hold onto those points, unless you really need that upgrade you’ve been drooling over.

If you have been stockpiling Black Lotus, you might want to make whatever Flasks you can now, because one of the changes is supposed to be replacing Black Lotus with Fel Lotus in recipes, adn increasing the drop rate of Fel Lotus. If you’ve been slow in making your Flasks, go ahead and get it done before a patch comes along that may render your Black Lotus unusable for the Flasks you sell. This is nowhere close to being certain, but just in case, why hold onto those Black Lotus forever?

And if you have been using Primal Nether or Nether Vortex for BOE recipes just to make money, hold off. In the patch, they will both become Bind on Equip, so you will be able to sell them to people that want to desperately upgrade Blacksmithing weapons (just as an example) or make their Engineering Goggles and could never get a good group for Heroics before.

Plus, there will be tons of people, just like you, saving their Badges instead of exchanging them for Primal Nether. So the availability of folks selling crafting with Nether included can be expected to go way down,a nd if you don’t need those Nethers for much anyway, why not wait until the price of them rises?

I’ll give you one example of how I’m planning ahead.

I have a friend, Nawat, who can make the Spellstrike Set. The Spellstrike Hood and Spellstrike Pants are great for Shadow Priests, and I have already been doing my cloth transmutes on my 52 Priest to save up the mats.

Yes, that’s right, my Priest is level 52, with 367 Jewelcrafting and 355 Tailoring, and I have all the flight points in Outlands and have made two full transmutes of the cloth already. I’m sad. Corpse run through all of Outlands FTW! (Oh, and Cassie is sad that my level 52 Priest has more flight points in Outlands than she does at 66, since she hasn’t been to Shadowmoon Valley, Blades Edge or Netherstorm yet. We’ll have to fix that.)

The point is, each one of those recipes requires 5 Primal Might and 1 Primal Nether. I have two Primal Might already, but I’ll need Nawat to have 2 Primal Nether…

I talked with Nawat, and he offered to run with me on heroics until we got the Primal Nethers to drop so he could make them for me… or to use Badges to get the Nether.

But I happen to have two Primal Nether in my bank on Windshadow, sitting there waiting for me to decide what to do with them. I had been thinking of saving them for a Goggle upgrade, or of making a couple of tanking guns for the guild… but if I can mail them to Nawat in the patch, then I can provide him with 100% of the mats he’ll need to make my epics, and I won’t have to worry about having him waste precious game time farming some damn Nethers for me or wasting good Badges.

So, in conclusion, go have fun, by all means keep an eye on the changing news coming out of the Public Test Realms, but expect things to change without notice, and plan ahead for what you want to get out of it when it goes live.

And please, don’t worry about tomorrows changes until they happen. For now, go out there and enjoy the game as it is!


22 thoughts on “I’m all buzzed out

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  6. Yeah, there’s a freakin’ lot of 2.4 buzz out there. I’s impressed at how much you have been ables to process. Me, I’s mostly waitin’ patient-like to find out what the BoJ drop rate’s gonna be from the new dailies. Nobody seems to know that one – maybe not even Blizz yet.

    All the FPs at 52? Wows. I were just happy to get the path from the Portal to Shatt when I were 47, so’s I could save some time at when I dinged 58.


  7. BBB,
    Just started, well everything. Old school EQ player (63 Dorf Cleric), was insanely hooked on that one, had my fair share of 62 hour weekends (home from work Friday @ 5PM, log in, play until 7AM Monday) grinding, raiding and all other manner of ignoring life. had to quit cold turkey. was a bad time.
    as such I was wary about trying WoW. (you don’t have an AA meeting in a pub).

    Well i started a casual Tauren Druid. Got my bear form in a couple days. played around, not much grouping, more solo stuff skilling up my professions and such. then i found your blog and thought, what is wrong with my big bear butt? i don’t get it. now i get it.

    on a whim i thought i would try Ragefire Chasm last night, found a pickup group, and tanked my way through it. like butta. until i got to a doorway a *little* too small for my camera to be pulled way back on. i made the mistake of turning while in the doorway and all i could see for the duration of a 5 mob pull was my big, hairy, bear butt.

    thought i would share, keep it up.


    16 Druid
    Bruning Blade


  8. As to the unlocks… If a boss in the 25 man has to go down to open something up, well, that’s not much of anything.

    Every server probably has at least one guild that will get it in the first week or two.


  9. I have to say, I wish my biggest problem with Kara is that I’m “bored with it” As a Bear who works during the prime time for raiding, I have never seen the inside of Kara.

    That’s why I’m excited about the solo daily quests that have a chance to award Badges.


  10. btw, Sid, please don’t think I’m trying to pretend I know anything about how rogue weapons work… I don’t know shit.

    I’ll be perfectly honest, and say that I don’t even know what I don’t know, and I can only gesture feebly towards Parry Dodge Spin or A View From Behind when Cassie needs advice.

    I could see that they weren’t even, or very close… but I could see the level the feral staff was at, and the DPS of the fist weapons, and made an assumption that we were looking at about SSC+ level. If you say they are crappy, I will certainly not argue 🙂

    I was just saying that how I meant it was not how it came across.


  11. Messyah. Each time a boss is killed and this includes Kael and vashj their is a drop you can hand in for flasks/epic gems etc. This opens the gates 1% approx. After the first gate was opened new dailes opened up , that when enough people had completed it allowed the badge vendor to appear. The 1st gate also allowed the 4th boss in sw25 to be killed.

    The fists are not comparable except for the complete lack of slow offhand fist weapons in t6 content. Unfortunately while most of the gear is itemised badly ie haste on the feral tanking gear,their is a limit to how badly they can itemise weapons without changing the dps=ilvl calculations.

    Currently sitting at 300 badges spread across 4 characters, pity I have no way of getting badges from my main who has 1 badge upgrade o my nub hunter/farmer who could fill almost every slot,


  12. Hmm. My point is that they aren’t even remotely similar by several powers of magnitude. It’s obvious you didn’t mean equal, but I am simply pointing out that the delta between them is far greater than your leading us to believe by making the comparison. You can make comparisons between a 19 DPS weapon to a 41DPS weapon, but that doesn’t make them “comparable” in the sense that you implied. On the surface, they appear comparable, but any Rogue familiar with how to min/max the class might even find that the badges were better spent elsewhere. It’s possible that the intended class are actually hunters who often get skipped over when melee weapons drop and need to resort to badges for an upgrade.

    Your point however, that badge loot is very good and easily obtained by a non-raider, is well taken. Although, I disagree that it’s a bad thing. Clearly, Blizzard wants to help gear people up for WoTLK and allow people easier access to the existing 25-man dungeons before the expansion is released. My belief is that they want to avoid the issue they had with Naxx where a very limited population got to see it prior to a BC release that made it irrelevant.

    BTW, keep up the good work on the blog. My good real life friend just hit 70 with his feral Druid and has really enjoyed the site.


  13. Oh come on Sid, you’re right about the utility, but give me a little benefit of the doubt there… I said comparable, as in they are worthy of being compared. I never said they were equal. The whole point of my mentioning them wasn’t because i’m ignorant about other classes, but because they are very, very powerful items for non-raiding based turn ins.

    When you match the power of the rewards in general to the effort required to obtain the Badges, especially with badges of justice obtainable from Shattered Sun Offensive daily quests (so far, anyway), it seems unlikely to me that they’ll go live this way.

    If Blizz put badge rewards in game that really were equal in power to the Warglaives, I’d never visit the forums again for fear of dying in the burning heat of the flamewar that would follow.

    What I WOULD like to do is get enough badges on my hunter to dual wield the new fist weapons… just to totally piss off anyone that saw me wearing 175 badges worth of fail.

    And I could totally do it, too, because my hunter is just for bumming around town farming fun, not raiding.

    Except that I’ll be wanting to spend the time on my druid and priest, lol.


  14. I can’t let it pass, but the badge fists ARE NOT comparable to the legendary warblades (at least for Rogues) for a number of reasons. I’m not saying they are don’t rock, just that they aren’t even in the same class as the warblades.

    First of all, the war blades are swords and the badge loot is a fist weapon. That’s significant in that maximum DPS from a Rogue comes from a Sword build, not a Fist build. There is a significant difference between 5% chance to crit and 5% chance of an extra attack (especially when you consider the haste bonus and fast offhand). Also consider that extra attacks also mean extra opportunity for mongoose or poisons to proc.

    Secondly, the warblades don’t just have a higher DPS, they are also .3 seconds slower. For the purpose of instant attacks staples (Hemo or SS), that’s a 50 point difference in the average attack which is HUGE. With talents and skill modifiers, that’s about a 70 point delta per non-crit Sinister Strike attack almost entirely due to weapon speed.

    Third, the offhand bade loot fist is SLOOOOW, which is fairly worthless to a Rogue who wants a fast OH for his poisons to proc as frequently as possible. By contrast, the warblade OH is almost twice as fast (1.4 weapon speed) which is incredible. Particularly since it’s a sword and as stated above, each hit has a 5% chance to proc an extra attack. Since the extra attack comes from you mainhand, you also benefit from the extra damage from the MH being slow.

    Now consider that the warblades have +290 health and two awesome set bonuses and these items aren’t even in the same LEAGUE. No offense, but this is kinda the typical “oh that’s too uber” type of thing that happens when one class talks about another classes gear without fully understanding the mechanics of that class.

    I also have a Fury warrior, to which I’ll say that the delta between the two is still significant, but likely more similar to what you were originally suggested in your posts. Honestly however, Fury warriors pretty much suck wind in both PvE and PvP at the moment. Gearing them up a bit is not necessarily a bad thing. You could also make the argument that many Fury warriors prefer two fast weapons rather than two slow ones. The only benefit to two slow weapons for a Fury warrior is Whirlwind, which is not something I advise doing in a group unless you want a lot of aggro.


  15. Not sure I buy the idea of Vanir’s fists and the Warglaives being comparable, yeah the stats are similar, but there’s a 6 dps difference between them. That’s pretty huge, that’s at roughly the difference between S1 and S2 or T4 and T5 weapons or more (compare, say, Netherbane with Rising Tide, and you see roughly on par stats, but only about a 4 dps hike).


  16. Ah that makes sense. I just know that I have seen other sites where the tooltip comes up (but as a blocked page tooltip instead). No worries, keep on truckin. Thanks for responding.


  17. I’m just happy that I can see your actual BLOG now that you are self hosted. Work firewalls keep me from seeing the tooltips on every site, so basically I just hope that I remember to look at it from home!

    I also appreciate that you are not going to be posting every new development in the 2.4 patch as honestly – I’m buzzed out on them as well! I’m excited for the patch sure, but until it goes live it really doesn’t affect me much, right? I definitely don’t have time to play on both the PTR and my regular server!

    Until then – thanks for you posts, it has made me think more about the way I do things as a Feral Druid. 🙂


  18. I got two minutes….

    The tooltips on my site are powered by Wowhead. If your company blocks access to wowhead, the tooltips will not work.

    I can, as far as I know, only use one form of powered tooltip link for my goodies.

    I know that I could get the same functionality from WoWDB.com, BUT… if I were to change my source, there is no guarentee that your company won’t block that gaming based website as well.

    And someone might work somewhere that blocks wowdb but not wowhead (if not now, than someday).

    So my answer to you is, I will look into seeing what switching to wowdb might entail, but I wouldn’t really like to do so simply because I love wowhead. I love their database, their 3D fun views, and their being there for me to rely on in my gaming.

    I haven’t even visited wowdb yet, although I should. too much to do, so little time.

    Now, if wowdb’s tooltips were prettier, then all bets are off.

    As long as you can still see them from home, and access the links, then it’s unfortunately gonna have to stay this way for the time being.

    And I COULD go back to spending three hours taking screenshots of wowheads’ item pictures, and then cropping them and inserting them into the post…

    Ummm, no. Sorry. I love you guys, but not that much.

    And as far as I’ve been told, no you do not need to do anything special to unlock the badge reward vendor options, just the token drops for the new loot.

    But as I said…. it may change at any moment.

    Grats on 300 Badges! You rock!


  19. To Tipthis:

    BBB is tied up in work meetings most of the day, so I thought I’d respond to your question about tooltips. They are enabled and are working for both of us on multiple computers.

    Is it possible that you’ve got some type of popup blocker or something on your work computer that’s interferring (maybe since they block wowhead, the tooltips are also blocked?)

    Are other people also not getting tooltips to display on the new site??



  20. BBB – Everything I saw on your site has me hopeful about better tanking gear. I mean, I still use a piece or two of the Heavy Clefthoof set. LOL

    But, I have read and have been told that in order to unlock this new gear vendor, a boss or two must be defeated in The Sunwell. In addition, I was told that only 2 guilds in the world have managed to do so on the PTR. I seriously hope this is all BS since I have managed to accumulate 300 badges in the past few weeks. (Damn I love that one-night Kara farm)


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