Bear Video of the Week #6 – Illhoof, less powerful than a locomotive!
This week I have another boss battle video, of Legatum Ignavis taking down Terestian Illhoof.

We once again have two bear tanks, courtesy of Windshadow on Illhoof and Fandamn on his pesky sidekick, Kil’rek.

The music this week was going to be another Cruxshadow song, Sophia, but that will have to wait for another time. Likewise, my use of Dragonforces’ Through the Fire and the Flames, which was my second choice for this fight.


Because when you’re using a boss fight as your video, you have little control over the length. And the fight just doesn’t last long enough for either of those songs.

But please don’t think any the less of my choice number three, Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull.

I have LONG been a Tull fan, since the first time I was roaring down I-95 in South Florida, the wind ripping through my crew cut as I drove my mom’s 280 ZX while home on leave. Locomotive Breath came on the radio, and I cranked the sound and the speed simulataneously. As soon as the song was over, I whipped on into a record store (you might have heard of those, we had them in the 80s… they sold music on these vinyl record thingies… they looked like Laserdiscs… oh wait, you probably don’t remember laser discs. They looked like CDs, but made out of black runner and 10 times bigger) and bought a greatest hits tape… plugged that sucker back intop the car and roared off. I didn’t stop until the car was damn near out of gas.

These days, it may seem to be tamer than hell compared to what you listen to… compared to Dragonforce, for example. But I still get swept away by the Tull.

Now, yes, I’ve done Jethro Tull here before, I played Heavy Horses for a Raid Song of the week.

But Locomotive Breath really does take me back, and I love it mixed with Illhoofs’ hordes o’ Imps.

I certainly hope you enjoy it! 

P.S. If you are interested in an entire album, I strongly recommend Thick as a Brick by Jethro Tull. It’s a concept album that is all one piece, much like what The Who did with Tommy or Quadraphrenia. And because it is all of a piece, it’s unlikely you’ll ever hear the entire thing in it’s wonder unless you find a disc somewhere. Radio stations used to play Thick as a Brick as a single, but it’s just not the same.


6 thoughts on “Bear Video of the Week #6 – Illhoof, less powerful than a locomotive!

  1. You do good at maintaining agro, however… Get a warlock or two and Illhoof is cake. Also get those in the background to move forward and the imps will stay within swipe distance.


  2. I believe that if you click on the ‘Google Video’ button on the bottom right corner of the embedded player, it will take you to the Google Video page with the full sized video.

    Google video is blocked at work, so I can’t confirm that. But I’ll check once I get home.
    I’m using Google Video now because FileFront gets rid of videos without warning, and I’ve lost connection to old videos because of it. I’m in the process of converting all old videos to Google now.

    I bet that the macro button you are asking about is one that I, and every member of the raid, sets up to target the Demon Chains.

    It’s just a simple “/target demon chain” macro, because periodically Illhoof teleports a victim into teh center of the circle to sacrifice. The target is bound by demon chains, a targetable effect that drains helth from the victim and uses it to heal Illhoof. The faster you can destroy the demon chains, the less health the victiom loses, the less ehaling Illhoof gets.

    So when sacrifice goes up, everyone targets the demon chains and burns them down fast. Even me. It’s why I positioned myself where I did, so I’d be within melee range of the sacrifice without moving around.

    I hope that helps!


  3. I learn tons from this site…most insightful in watching the illhoof video is watching your paw(?) rotation. I know about the mangles and mauls and lacerates, and it was interesting to see you pop the trinks at the same time, but I didn’t recongize the little yellow icon that is in the top bar on the far right of your trinkets. I assume it is a macro. You hit it about 3-5 times once every minute or two and it is bugging me that I can’t figure out what that is. Do tell!



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