Shout out to a fun tool, Be Imba!

I meant to mention this last weekend, but what the heck. It was a busy time.

There is a website that I’ve seen mentioned around, that I WISH I could remember where I heard of it first to give credit. Damn it.

The website is Be Imba.

What they do is let you plug in your character info, much like the WoW Reputation Calculator, and then it checks your current Armory gear and build and provides analysis on your gear.

It highlights what it believes are incorrectly gemmed or enchanted items, and provides links to look for upgrades.

Also, it ranks your build and tells you where they think you are ready to raid.

My current results are here for Windshadow. At the time of my posting this, it has my raiding tank gear, but since I usually log out in cat gear from farming, it might not work tomorrow.

It’s still being finished, I understand some talent builds haven’t been completed yet, but it’s still pretty useful. I know that I ran it Saturday, and it reminded me I forgot to get my catform Chest piece enchanted. Nice catch!



14 thoughts on “Shout out to a fun tool, Be Imba!

  1. a) Be Imba is completely awesome, but it makes me feel like a slacker. 😛 Gotta go get me some upgrades and enchants! Also, I’m not sure I subscribe to some of their talent spec ‘suggestions’ for Spriests, at least.

    b) Completely unrelated…. You might want to go update your Entrecard settings. When I clickthrough to you from an Entrecard widget in another blog, I get the old BigBearButt location. Just FYI. 🙂



  2. Rhoelyn, just so you know, ads are placed well in advance, and once placed the website it is tied to is fixed. I’ll ahve to wait for all of the ads I palced before switching over to go away before I’ll be free of it.

    Thank you so very much for clicking, though. I still think the Entrecard thing is fun.


  3. I saw this on BRK’s site last week. I thought that it was pretty neat. Since seeing what it had to say, I actually took the time to update some enchants. I’m interested in seeing what it puts me at now. Of course, like Zarky said, US queries are down right now.


  4. Be Imba yelled at me to fix my head enchant so I finally overcame my apathy and went and got Revered with HH. In that alone this tool has served me well. Looking forward to seeing what else they come up with!


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