A happy jarhead belated Christmas

This video is not safe for work, especially with the sound on.

(Edit: Cassie forced me to bold that. She said she didn’t want me responsible for you getting fired.)

Actually, nothing in the visual image is unsuitable. If you are wearing headphones at home, your little tykes shall see nothing ofensive on your screen.

 But the audio… ahh, that blessed, blessed audio.

 Oh, yeah, this is offtopic, btw. I’m posting this here cause I CAN.

My blog, my rules.


7 thoughts on “A happy jarhead belated Christmas

  1. Truly good Drill Sergeants have this amazing ability to make up the most insanely, perversely, violently eloquent RANTS on the spur of the moment. I envy that, a little. Except … y’know… they’re using it to be total dockwads, but … well, everyone’s gotta be good at something. 😛



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