Shadow Priest ruminations

Scattered thoughts;

I have been loving playing my Shadow Priest, got to level 56 last night, and I spent a few minutes making a list of level 70 Shadow Priest gear to be getting mats for.

I’m a Tailor, so of course I’ll be making the Frozen Shadow Weave set. I’ve already been making my cloth every time my transmute is up.

But I also have a good friend, Nawat, whom I’ve mentioned before on da blog, who will make me the two pieces of Spellstrike gear once I get him the mats.

Now, that’s all awesome, no question. But there are also a few other items I can get crafted or make myself.

I think I can make the Bracers already, no worries. The Girdle, however, I’ll have to find someone that can craft for me.

But wait, I’m a Jewelcrafter. What can I make? Besides the BOP trinkets, anyway. How about…

And as a JC, I need to keep an eye out for three gem cutting patterns…

Of course, the only reason for patterns other than +9 Spell Damage is for hitting Meta Gem requirements. lolzers.

So thats cool, but what about stuff that I could look for at the Auction House?

Well, I’m looking at…

Okay, but what about stuff from PvP? That stuff is great, right? So what do I want? Well, how about something before I hit 60…

Okay, but surely I’ll get something while leveling…

Yep, that’s a whole bunch of stuff to be looking for and farming for while on my big daddy main. But at least when I hit 70, I’ll be able to step right into a nice new fresh set of clothes, knowutImean?

And once I’m at 70, the fun can begin as I start running Heroics for gear and Badge rewards…

Yep, the future is sure looking shady.

 Okay, so I made a list of what I’m looking for as I level my Shadow Priest. A ‘shopping list’, for what to do with my main’s extra cash.

Does anyone have any knowledge of a similar shopping list somewhere for a Combat Swords Rogue? Cassieann is a stones throw from hitting 68, and I’ll be damned if I can find a list similar to this of what to look for in farmable, craftable, non BOP goodies. Not top of tier stuff, just good solid 68-70 non-Karazhan gear.


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  3. The best that I can think of for Cassieann’s Rogue would be…

    It’s a funny site, and takes some playing around with before you actually get the values weighted right to display what it is you’re after… and even then, some categories (notably rings) continue to display the same gunk. But play with it enough, and you’ll find that it produces a pretty effective shopping list. try setting values around the following for Cassieann and see what it comes up with:

    Class: Rogue
    Max level: Heroic
    Items per slot: 40

    and values along the lines of:
    Agility: 20
    Melee Crit: 15
    Attack Power: 12
    Melee Hit: 10
    Stamina: 8
    Dodge: 7
    Strength: 6
    Armor Value: 2
    Parry: 1

    due to the lower amount of +crit gear, you need to overrank it. Similarly with +AP gear, downrank it as it is legion.

    there or thereabouts should produce results for you. I haven’t really delved into getting the proper results out of weapons on it; you may want to run those off as a second category (or, just PvP for the Glads weapons as they’re superior to just about everything else at that point anyways)

    Hope this helps!


  4. I believe the Vengeance Wrap is a nice cloak for a rogue made with Tailoring. It’s a random instance drop so you’ll have to look for it in the AH, but it’s a badass BOE cloak which could eventually pay for itself.

    Takes 10 Shadowcloth, and 14 primal airs… and a nether.


  5. Hey I would also suggest picking up a Flawless wand of Shadow Wrath. Great amount of shadow damage I still use mine for trash and throw on the Tirisfal wand of asendancy for the hit on bosses.
    One of my favorite sites for pre kara gear is I geared my paladin to full tanking status, uncrushable and uncrittable with 11k unbuffed stam in mostly quest greens and a few blues from that site.


  6. You forgot S1 (or S2 seeing as 2.4 will be here by the time you’re 70) mace.

    Don’t bother with tome of shadow force. That’s a big waste of honor you’ll need for your main hand.


  7. If you can find someone (and afford it, 2 nether vortexes and 15 primal fire) the Belt of Blasting is better than the Girdle. It’s got spell hit and 2 sockets, it rocks!

    Your first badge purchases should be the Orb of the Soul Eater or Icon of the Silver Crescent. There are BT raiders out there still wearing those pieces!

    If you get in a hurry to get your cloth crafted you can make the other 2 types of cloth and trade them with other Tailors. If you use all 3 cooldowns you’ll end up with 4 pieces of cloth every 4 days. Since you’re starting so early you shouldn’t have too much trouble though.

    Happy Face-Melting!


  8. I agree with Melpo. My main is a rogue and I have used the Shadowpanther database as a gear bible ever since I hit Outland. He has truncated it a bit lately – the lists used to be longer and include stuff down to level 65 or so. Now they are mostly high end stuff. But it is still the best rogue resource.


  9. Also for shadowpriesty you:

    Get a Bringer of Death until you have the badges for the Orb of Shadow Something and can buy the Spellblade with honor. BoD is a solid weapon and looks great on a spriest. The first boss in SL has a pair of shadowpower gloves that are ideal until you can get the gloves from Attumen. Nearly all crafted cloth is best for you, so you’ll be busy there… also there’s a damage cloak that tailors can make that is great til the Moroes cloak. Rings come from all over, SV ring is popular for one while Kara can get you the second from rep. Neck from Mech or SL until Ristlynn’s drops, and trinkets… I’m vague on.


  10. Oh you want rogue blue rogue loots?

    Mech -> Abacus of Violent Odds
    Black Morass -> Hourglass of the Unraveller

    Matching “Set”
    Sethekk, Mech, Arc, Black Morass, SL -> Assassination set
    Botanica > Boots of the Shifting Sands

    All CE quests -> Attack power head enchant

    I’m a little vague on cloaks and barcers.


  11. I don’t know a whole lot about rogues, but I have seen a lot of good rogues raiding tier 5 content with the Gladiator’s and Merciless Gladiator’s swords. They’re not exactly crafted, but she can certainly start saving up the honor now!


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