Karazhan attunement to be removed

 Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, on the current PTR build, and confirmed by Forum Blue poster Eyonix, the attunement process for Karazhan will no longer be required for every player.

 Instead, only one person in the raid will need the complete attunement in order to open the door for everyone else.

 My spin on this is, overall, it will be a good thing.


 First, let’s talk about the number one response I expect to hear, everywhere.

“Omigod now all the undergeared n00bs with no skillz will be trying to run Karazhan naked! Oh Noees!”

 In this case, I agree with something that Nightravyn said in a chat, that nothing has stopped n00bs from getting attuned previous to this.

 Skill has not really been required to complete attunement before. In fact, the only thing attunement really proves is that the person has, at least 5 times in their life, been inside of an instance… and has seen the end of Shadow Laboratory.

 Now, one hopes and prays that someone that is attuned did each isntance as part of a team, learned valuable lessons on teamwork and cooperation, and is ready to face the first challenges of playing in the ten man leagues.

 But let’s be honest… the people that you are worrying about the most are the ones MOST likely to try to find a group of 4 galactically over-powered, top geared folks to carry their lame ass through the runs.

 The people that, in fact, are the hardest hit in terms of attunement are exactly the same folks that I have mentioned in a previous post this week… people that want to play the game the ‘straight’ way, facing challenges themselves, in the company of friends, learning as they go and trying to get better every day.

 People that might be in different time zones or working hours than the rest of their friends or guild, and have a real hard time getting everyone together for a single run.

 People that play the game with friends, and don’t want to PUG because of too many bad experiences with immature players. (Asshats, to use the common vernacular).

 People that enjoy playing all of the elements of the game as a shared experience, rather than something to hurry through with strangers to get to the raiding.

 So do I think that Karazhan ‘PUGs’ are going to suffer from a sudden flood of undergeared, inexperienced asshats? 


 But for most folks I know, especially my friends, this is going to be nothing but good news. Finally, if they happen to be online particularly early for the first time in 6 months, and a Karazhan run is forming and looking for more people, we’ll be able to say, “Hey Daak… feel like coming along on the run? We could use your help.”

And not have to hear “Sorry man, but I still need an Old Hillsbrad run.”

“But… Daak… we did Old Hillsbrad like 5 times.”

“Yes, but we were doing it for fun when I was able to be on more, I haven’t been able to get a group together now that I’m on that part of the quest chain.”

Make of it what you will. I for one am not saddened by the news.

22 thoughts on “Karazhan attunement to be removed

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  2. I’m in favor of this for alts. I do think attunement is a good thing to get everyone on the same page so to speak. Its up to the guild to decide if they want to gear up a player and get him keyed. My hardcore raiding guild doesn’t do key runs, everyone is expected to get it on their own. But then again these people are serious about time and commiments. I do wish blizz would do something more about the huge leap between 10 man content and 25 man content, maybe like a 15 man instance in the next expansion. Or just have less 25 mans. So many guilds never get past kara and would like to, but finding 25 competent raiders is just too hard.


  3. @Felkan

    I hate when people assume that because they are doing TK/SSC with their guild, all guilds must be at the same point and lower content is “dead.”

    Kara isn’t dead to me at all. I have the misfortune of working during the time that all the guilds on my server raid (4pm to 10pm) so I will most likely never see it.


  4. All I can say is: What took them so long? They removed the T5 attunements. They took away the T6 Attunements. It was only a matter of time before they realized they forgot to remove the T4 attunement.

    Seriously, though, I have to agree with others. This will only really be a problem if you PuG Karazhan, and even then the effects will be minor at most. I just wish they’d remove the attunements for the old world content (UBRS and the 40-man raids), seems like a logical thing to do.


  5. @Messyah:

    Not sure it is really dumbiying the game, unless they nerf Kara (again) at the same time. It just makes it easier for casual players and noobies to see those instances at some point. My guild still runs old world 25-raids for fun, but the stupidly painful attunment requirements mean those that would like to go (just to check the place out), can’t.

    Seems to be a good way to open up dead content. Yes, once 2.4 is released, Kara is dead to all but the most hard-core players who think they can get more badges per hour in Kara than some other 5-man. For others, it makes more sense to use the new 5-man and/or existing Heroics.

    And if the next expansion is anything like BC, Kara grade gear will probably be replaced with quest rewards in the first zone. Only the T5/6 stuff will last longer.


  6. @Mess- Maybe this change will be better, then, for those of us who have ground (grinded?) the rep with KoT to get the enchants and the alchemy recipes. It’s the same reason why I spent so much time grinding Timbermaw rep to get the +agi enchant: not many people have it, so when people look for someone to do it and I can, they usually tip quite well… profit FTW!


  7. This is just another example of Blizzard “dumbifying” the game so that when the expansion comes out, more people will be willing to buy it because they will feel that they are geared enough to quest to Level 80.

    With that being said, I actually like this change simply because I will no longer have to get people keyed before getting them geared. But… I do have one concern. Without the need to run BM and OHB, those going into Kara may never put the time in to get rep with the Keepers of Time, and KoT has some nice stuff to offer.


  8. This will certainly make it easier to get our alts into Karazhan. Net positive, in my book.

    Oh, and psst…it’s Shadow Labyrinth, not Laboratory. Sorry, I’m an engineer, and we (I) can be positively anal about that kinda crap.


  9. I’m just waiting for the PUG where no one has the key so they have to wait outside for someone to open it.

    Though it’s no longer necessary, I think it’s important everyone does it, just so they can get into Kara when they need to. I know for me, just not having the Arc key is a pain. Not being able to get into my raid instance?


    But yeah, this will be great for people with little time or odd schedules. Grats to them 😀


  10. I’m so glad you mentioned Daak and not me. lol
    Although it’ll make Kara easier to get to, I think we’ll miss the fun of doing the lowbie quests to get there. And, damn, now we have absolutely no more excuses!


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  12. somehow I don’t think it will change much, those, who will want to raid, have no problem getting the key chain done, now these guys know at least something about the game, what is hit rating, damage mitigation, mana regeneration, + healing etc, they know that you need to gear up a little BEFORE kara, not run into there in with whole raid in 50/50 green/blue, you just won’t be able to kill any bosses there – and that frustration and 123140932 wipes will not make them love raids

    and you can slack all the way to and through kara now too, I’ve seen those hunters that don’t know what missdirection is, haven’t trapped a mob in their life, never heared about chaintrapping, and I won’t even mention efficent shot rotation, they burn through their mana in like 30sec… rogues shadowsteping while tank pulls thus aggroing other nearby mobs, some just plain ignore markings and attack whatever they like, braking traps with that flurry blade thing, saving money for epic mounts insted of getting their (kara drops too) gear enchanted, and still call themselves – raiders… and worst – they don’t understand or just ignore directions, won’t learn fights, make same mistakes over and over and over again, beg for raid invites, and get them

    one more thing about that attunement chain, prolly it will be like with MH/BT, you can get in the instance, but not get those fancy faction rep reward rings and exalted kara ring is like the best ring for bears as far as I know 🙂


  13. Let’s get this straight. I won’t need to attune for Kara (shame I’m already in Kara, but never mind) but I will be spending Saturday attuning my priest for Onyxia.

    What am I missing here?


  14. I’m all for more people being able to enter kara. It means that maybe, just maybe, there will be a raid group on my server that isn’t run between 5pm and 9pm while I’m at work.

    I might be able to enter kara! 😉


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  16. I have mixed feelings on this one. Nice to be able to get a bigger pool of folks to do Kara, but from a guild standpoint, doing the atunement questline was kind of like a training run to earn a spot in the runs. Of course, with new patch coming out and Blizz speeding up the game prior to RotLK, it kinda makes sense.


  17. I am really happy to hear this news, because I fall into that catogory of people that you talked about that don’t have all the opportunities in the world run set runs, but still want to experience it. I work nights on the west coast so when I am on I hear things like “man I love being on this early in the morning… no body is on. I can get so much done…” That isn’t really conducive to group play. Heck, the only time I can manage a 5 man pug is on the weekends, but I doubt that I would stick with that method for the entire attument process. This gives people (like me) a chance to get more experience, better gear and (most importantly) enjoy more of the game.


  18. This will be great for alts. I’ve been a part of two efforts to get people’s alts the Master’s Key in just the last week, including one of my own. I don’t really see why this would be anything but welcome news to those who are in a Kara+ raiding guild and already have people with the key. A bunch of nubs banging their heads against the first ten man won’t affect my raiding at all, and now we have more time for other activities when we get unkeyed new members or new an alt to fill a raid slot.


  19. When I first stepped into Kara, I was wearing exactly one item that I had gotten from the attunment run. All of my other gear came from Quest rewards, with a couple of pieces from the auction house. I would guess that most people do it the same way their first time. Taking away the attunment chain will make absolutely no difference in the gear level of people walking into the dungeon. My guess is that this will be a non-problem. It will just allow Raiders to get their buddies in Kara without having to take nights off to run them through the attunement chain first.


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