Late to the party as usual

No, not a WoW party or group.

I mean that, as usual, all the cool boys and girls seem to know all about this stuff, and I only catch a glimpse of it dimly, as if from a great distance.

Once I follow the faint traces, I find an entire world of awesome unveiled before me.

Today’s example?

The awesomeness that is Jonathan Coulton.

Now, as I said, I’ve seen the traces, the glimpses, as if from a distance. I’ve heard Code Monkey before, but not as a “Here is Jonathan Coultons’ brilliance, listen and bask in the glory.” Instead, I stumbled across the song somewhere on da web, listened, went “Cool as HELL”, and moved on.

Another example?

I kept hearing about how bloody awesome the Orange Box was for PC, most especially Portal (which apparently you can purchase, all by itself. I didn’t know that.) Now, I haven’t played it, but I had a link from somewhere, I think Melpo sent to to me, lord only knows, I forget, but the link I was given was to a YouTube of the end credits song from the Portal game, featuring a song called “Still Alive.” Freaking BRILLIANT song and video mixture.

Well, come to find out Still Alive was written by Jonathan Coulton also.

Now, it all comes together in one tight package.

I followed a link to a high quality video that ties together Jonathan Colton playing Still Alive on Rock Band at a live performance, where he announces it will be available in the future as a download.

And frankly, he rocks. Go check it out.

Yeah, yeah. I know. All the cool kids new about him two years ago, and here comes da bear, late as usual.

At least I get there eventually.

Special thanks to NightRavyn for helping me with the YouTube links!


5 thoughts on “Late to the party as usual

  1. Very cool. Great find! – Btw – Portal is CRACK. I played it on the 360 and was immediately addicted. Lucky for me, it was a rental, so crack go bye bye.


  2. Jonathan Coulton is amazing. I also love “Skullcrusher Mountain”, “Ikea”, and “The Future Soon”.

    Oh, and “RE: Your Brains”

    Frankly, I’m an addict. I listen to these songs constantly, and even hear my little brothers and sisters walking around the house singing “All we want to do is eat your brains”.


  3. Wait, you can get Portal as a standalone now? I gotta get in on that!

    PS: Theres a flash portal game out there, I doubt it does the original justice, but its a very fun puzzle game nonetheless.


  4. I’ve been introducing all of my friends to Coulton for months now. I love his music. You can buy songs from him(some are even free downloads!) at Personal favorites of mine include: As long as me, Creepy Doll, RE: Your Brains, Skullcrusher Mountain, & Betty and Me. It’s now quite common for my little group of friends to burst into singing one of his songs at the local coffeeshop.

    It all just… rocks. So great. Glad to see that you’ve been hearing more of it! Welcome to the club. 😉


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