Grats to Cassie! Ding!

Everyone, make sure you congratulate Cassie when you get the chance, last night she dinged 70, on her own and solo in Netherstorm.

Sadly, my priorities were out of whack. Totally wrong.

Because instead of grouping with her and helping her, I spent the entire evening writing the article for my Shifting Perspectives column on WoW Insider. And yes, I mean the entire evening. A behind the scenes look at my writing? Even when all I have to do is read and research and link and quote, it takes me 4 hours to write one of these things, minimum.  It’s a labor of love. And a sign that as a writer, I make a good WoW player.

Getting back to the important stuff, Cassie started the evening at 68% of the way towards 70. She regularly gave me status updates, I remember vividly when dinner time rolled around, and she was at 91.6%.

When she dinged, she yelled at me and I hustled on upstairs, to see her standing victorious over the body of the poor, sad flayer that met her needs of the moment. That flayer may be gone, but it served a noble purpose. Ding!

It was clear to see how happy and delighted Cassie was to finally reach level 70, and, in her words, to ‘join the big kids’. The rest of the night, she would pause in what she was doing, look at me, and say “Oh, by the way… did I remember to tell you that I dinged 70?” “Why yes, dear, congratulations!” I’d reply. “Awesome!”

And it is.

She immediately made her way to Shadowmoon Valley, getting ganked on the ride from Allerian Stronghold, since she hadn’t visited the fortress there before. In her excitement to get there, when she died and saw that she rezzed in a graveyard right behind the fortress, she just decided to take the durability loss and resurrection sickness to be at the fortress that much quicker.

Why? To get the flying mount training, of course.

Once trained in both regular and epic flying skills, she then had the difficult decision… which mount to choose? After all, this is an important decision. Damn important.

Blizzard, may I respectfully suggest you let your players have the ability to ask the mount seller to take a ‘test drive’? Maybe pay a nominal fee, 10 gold or so, and he’ll send you on a pre-determined trip on a mount of your choice?

Because it would make it a lot easier to see how your character would look, when riding one of the mounts.

Cassie decided to choose the Swift Red Gryphon, a choice I heartily endorse. The red barding of the gryphon matches the red in her hair perfectly.

Her delight in flight reminds me all over again why I love this game.

Now, we face the new challenges; what to do next? And where do we go for gear upgrades for her?

Ah the fun that lies ahead.

Cassie Epic Flying


19 thoughts on “Grats to Cassie! Ding!

  1. w00t! A whole nest of Conga-rats for you Mrs. BBB!!!

    Might I suggest you hie thee to Netherwing Plateau and begin the daily grind there. Nothing like finding those little green eggs filled with reputation… and then, of course, the next big decision of which flippin’ sweet DRAGON to fly.


  2. Gratz to Cassie!

    But much jealousy at the “run to get epic riding skill on dinging 70″… 3,500/5,000 gold collected so far here…

    But… Swift Flight Form Quests, rather than just “which mount to buy” for me when I do get there…

    Keep up the great work both!


  3. I’ve said for awhile that they really need to support Mounts in the Dressing Room feature. There are some pretty cool ones, and some pretty horrid ones (like the Blue and Green Horde basic flying mounts).

    Big congrats on both dinging 70 and epic flying.


  4. CONGO RATZ CASSIE!!!!!!!!!!

    Have you already been infected with ALTitus? I didn’t catch it until I hit 70 with my Main. Next thing you know, I had 25 t00ns. o_0


  5. Grats!

    My wife flatly refused to play the game (which is why she’s the smart one in the family) so it always gives me a little tingle when someone revels in their wife’s achievements…


    & I fully support MichaelTLH in saying that the only way forward now is to grind for the Netherwing dailies… 🙂


  6. Hey, Blood Elf Chicks… you want your wife playing the game? Say this to her…

    Honey? I would really like it if you tried playing WoW with me. I mean, it is something that I really enjoy and I would love nothing more than to share that enjoyment with you. It is something inexpensive that we can do together. I like the game allot, but I know I would love it more with you by my side.

    … And if that doesn’t work, shoot her and re-marry. 😛


  7. Gratz Cassie! Goodbye XP bar and hello… uh… possibly mysterious next step!

    I look forward to reading about your adventures going forward. My wife and I are in nearly the same boat as the two of you (me: Tauren l70 druid — she: BE 67 rogue). The gear path for me is clear (gurgleblaster and BBB here) but the path for her (gear-wise) is a little murkier (at least to me).

    Hopefully you’ll share how you proceed… and good luck proceeding!!!



  8. I wish my posts only took 4 hours. 😦 Normally it’ll take me a couple of days to put everything together. I need to l2writeless.

    Congrats, Cassie! My only words of wisdom are take a break and just enjoy being level 70 for a bit. It’ll help against the overwhelming sense of too much stuff to do that’ll hit you later.


  9. Congratulations on the ding!
    And I am so very jealous of your epic riding skill. My main isn’t even a fifth of the way to that, and just lent some of his earnings to my wife and my little gnomes so they could have regular mounts at 40.


  10. Congrats to her! I remember when I ding’d 70, I kept telling my boyfriend “I’m 70. I’M 70!”

    I wish I had an epic flying mount >.>


  11. Ooo congratulations! To the ding and to the epic flyer!

    The happiness of dinging and getting a mount (the land mounts included) is pretty intense, I usually walk around with a smile on my face the rest of the day every time I hit one of these milestones.

    And when others do it you get reminded of that sweet feeling again, I just got a MMS from my husband showing his dwarf warrior on his brand new Netherdrake Zoya (apparently he couldn’t wait for me to get home to show it to me) and suddenly a drudgery day at work turned all smiley 🙂

    Looking forward to read about your upcoming adventures.


  12. Congratz!

    I got my first 70 about a week and a half ago. I made sure I dinged within about 10 sec of wildhammer keep, so that i could get my mount right away.


  13. First Things First:
    Attunement to Ogri’La and Skyguard. Spend the next weekend killing gronn, ogres, and skeksis, and learn how the various dailies work.

    Second Things Second:
    Venture into Alterac Valley. Learn how PVP works, and get the frustration of the chaos out of your system. Learn how best to anticipate the enemy as live players, and how best to defend and capture. Then check out the swords in Champions Hall.

    Third Things Third:
    Establish revered status with relevant factions. Cenarion Expedition for the glyph, Consortium for the gems, Honor Hold for the roleplay is my recommendations.

    Fourth Things Fourth:
    Work on perfecting gear, either through the faction dungeons, their Heroic versions, PVP epics, or crafted options. Make a list, check it twice, and collect rabbits’ feet.

    The above will keep her busy and entertained for a long time, at least until she gets the raiding bug…


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