WoW Insider podcast available for download

Hey all, welcome to another edition of “What, the idiot thinks he can talk in public”, also known as Big Bear Butt on the WoW Insider podcast.

Amusingly enough, this week follows the trend where Mike Scramm remembers my blog name, but mangles my last name. And calls me famous, as though I have appeared on Oprah.

Can someone please tell me, when do you know you’re famous? I’d think it would be when someone has actually heard of you before, but hey. That’s just me. 🙂

Anyway, if this kind of fun interests you, by all means, go check it out. I think it’s neat.

I admit, I enjoy doing the podcasts. Unfortunately, this one had me a bit off balance.

About 10 minutes before the show started, I had just sat down at my desk after getting back from urgent care that Saturday morning, after taking my son in to find out that “Oh he has a pneumonia”.

I’m not going to rant about it. I’m not going to tear my hair out in frustration. But can I simply ask, since when do doctors at clinics care so little about patients that they have stopped actually telling you anything about your condition? I’ll grant you, I don’t visit doctors very often. Is this new?

Same thing now with three different doctors, whether for me or my son. Come in, present a list of symptoms, submit to inspection, and be told in a single line ‘Looks like x, here is a prescription for y. Have a nice day.” And they get up to leave! No “See me in two weeks for a follow up”, no “This is such and such, and can have these implications. You might want to do such and such, such and such, and look out for such and such. If you see signs of such and such, bring him in immediately.”

Okay, screw it, it is a rant… okay, ear infection, fine, I’m a big boy and I guess I can find out if there are other things I need to know, like how the sub-zero temps of Minnesota will affect it.

But frankly, when I bring a 5 year old (Alex is 5 years old TODAY!!! W00T!!!) boy into Urgent Care, and the doctor listens to symptoms and checks him out, when I hear the words “Oh, he’s got a pneumonia” said in a disinterested, casually flippant dismissive tone of voice, followed by nothing except what drug she’s prescribing, I want to rip her heart out in my big fucking hands.

……::::::deep breath::::……

Not that I have any anger issues where protecting my family is concerned.

Anyway… yes, so I felt just a teensy bit distracted on the podcast. But I still think it was a lot of fun.

A few bits of advice, if you ever try to do a podcast;

Make absolutely sure that you are NOT rushed for time to get ready. If you are, then you may find, over the course of the show, that you have forgotten a few basic rules.

Such as… do not have a phone in the same room, as it WILL, at some point, ring. Thatnks for catching the call so fast, Cassie. 🙂

If you have pets, make sure that they are secured in other rooms… because the cats that love you, and think that when you are seated at your desk is play time, will not realize anything is different.

And cats that do not get their normal amount of attention will abandon their normal ‘lay on your lap/desktop/shoulder routines, and show you how playful they are by dancing on your keyboard…. or jumping on your lap with claws extended, and miss their leap, slipping and sliding back down your crotch… claws fully extended and holding on for dear life as if they are sliding down into a thousand foot pit.

And engage in a fun game called “grab and chew on the headphone cables”… and leap with the cable stuck in his paws, ripping your headphones completely off of your head and slamming them, live mic and all, onto the chair next to you. by the way, to those that heard teh massive crash, I apologise. I hope your hearing returns by the next podcast.

You know what? Nevermind. I don’t think I’m the one you should listen to for podcast advice, after all.


5 thoughts on “WoW Insider podcast available for download

  1. Alex is Five!!! Damn you’re getting old.
    Sorry to hear he’s sick, I had pneumonia as a kid…it truly sucks.
    As for Doctors (and BBB, you know I’ve seen more than a few of those over the years) always remember this. Gamblers gamble, Sailors sail, but Doctors practice…


  2. Happy B-day Alex! 😀 Hope you feel better soon.

    I haven’t had that experience with my doctors. However, I’m pretty diligent about asking questions. So maybe they just give up and give me all the info so I’ll stop. 😛


  3. Doctors are taught to be flippant about sickness because it makes people feel more comfortable. Yes, pneumonia is a very serious and potentially fatal condition, especially in the very young and old, but if the doctor reacted like a freakin whacked out hysterical noob, you probably would never have written the article you did or participated in the pod cast. Obviously, the doctor’s demeanor and reaction helped ease your concerns.

    Cheers to Alex. You’re growing into a man.


  4. It’s a day for congratulations it seems – happy birthday and gratz little Alex for dinging 5! Old enough to play WoW now? 🙂

    Hope he’ll recover quickly from the pneumonia.


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