Big Bear Butt has shirts!

Well, and other stuff too.

If you look over to the sidebar, there’s a link to my new Cafepress store.

The very first image is now up and available on a wide range of stuff.


Personally, I LOVE the image.

So you folks know the direction I’m taking the store, there WILL be nice “Big Bear Butt” logos or images available soon on various stuff, but I intend to do more than just have ‘advertise my blog for me, kthxbye’ stuff.

I mean, I do want to have a Big Bear Butt shirt. Frankly, I want to wear it myself. All the damn time. Everywhere. Okay, except church. Cassie would kill me.

But I also really want to have things in Cafepress that I would love to wear as a Feral Druid, and as a player of World of Warcraft. And maybe when I’m feeling in a catty mood.

So there will eventually be quite a few things on there.

For the first image, the first thing that came to my mind that I wanted to see was a shirt that would proudly proclaim to the whole world…

“I ain’t a tree, and I ain’t a chicken. I’m 100% Feral, baby, and damn proud of it.”

I hope you like it as much as I do, and I promise there will be more. 

17 thoughts on “Big Bear Butt has shirts!

  1. I guess instead of guild babble you get to deal with blog babble now. It’s the same type of people that have to have attention on themselves to feel important. Anyway, I love the site and the gear is pretty sweet. Thanks for your hard work.


  2. Oh no, make no mistake… there are no ads. You’re not imagining things, you’re not missing seeing anything… there are no ads. These people are just screwed in the head.

    I suppose an ignorant person might see the entrecard box on the page, and assume that someone is paying me to advertise the blog being displayed. LOL.

    Entrecard is free. It’s a fun little widgit that a few bloggers are using, to have a daily different blog as kind of a cute, changing way to maybe find other related WoW blogs you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. no one pays anyone any money, it ain’t an ad block run by someone else. I, physically, log into this service and see if any bloggers are asking to put their picture on my site. Some bloggers tried it for a bit, and decided it was too much of a pain in the ass having to go in there and approve blogs. I fiugre, as long as there are bloggers that actually WANT to be associated with me, then Elune bless their furry little tails, I’ll be happy to have ’em here.

    I have a WoW Insider search box. Why? Because I use it. They don’t pay me money. I’m pretty sure that I’m too small fry for them to be aware that I exist, let alone want to advertise here. I am grateful for the things they have done to let me have hotlinks on mouseover to display item stats when i’m talking about gear. If anything, I should pay them.

    Nope, sorry. The only ‘ad’ on the site was my putting a link to my Cafepress store, and then putting up a post to mention it cause Cassie said she didn’t even notice it there.

    No, the comments you see are just more people that fall into the entitlement “you should work for free for 40 hours a week to satisfy my desires and answer my questions, but how dare you even make it possible to have someone buy goods in exchange for money” mentality. I have to assume they were too special to actually look at the image, since it doesn’t even mention the website… it’s an image that specifically is for feral druids, and doesn’t mention my web address or name. Because I thought people reading a feral druid blog MIGHT, somehow, like to wear a shirt professing their love of being feral. Oh woe, evil old me. Dumbasses.

    I am assuming none of these people read any webcomics that let you buy their comics in paper form. Since that’s like, commericalised.

    No, I respect their right to do what they want, and I will ever defend it… just as I enjoy the liberty of thinking they are hypocritical asshats for getting snotty about it on my website.


  3. If you’re offended . . . run with Firefox and Adblock. Seriously, I still don’t know what the fuss is about because I can’t see the ads!


  4. There’s a huge difference between being commercial and being free with commercials. It’s not like we have to subscribe to read your blog. It’s still free, it’s still entertaining, it’s got links where you can buy stuff… so what?

    I started a night elf druid on the Shadowmoon server (named Petal) because of this blog and now, during my work day I practically drool while daydreaming of going home, stealthing up in cat form and chewy chomping on lowbie hordes. Sometimes those hordes have faces of my co-workers… but that’s another story. /wink

    Anyway, BBB… thanks for the advice, thanks for the links, thanks for the loots, and thanks for the entertainment. I’ll keep reading AND I’m going to point more people to this site.


  5. BBB,

    I love your blog and have started a druid because of it. He is 29 now and is on his way to raid tanking. Forget all the ‘high and mighty’ people that will take any excuse to be offended.

    I say ‘Good Riddance’ and thank God we are in a society where they are free to complain and leave :).

    Keep it up!


  6. Dog T-shirt…

    No… Please no…

    I’m also amazed that there’s a maternity t-shirt in there too… And pleasantly surprised at the baby range – however I’m not too sure that my wife will agree with the idea that little Jessica will look lovely with it on. Maybe a babygrow with “My Dad’s Pure Feral”… On second thoughts, not sure how that would be perceived by the other Mothers…

    Nice design, and a good range of products – nice one B^3.




  7. Heh… I got the stein too.

    I wonder what that says about BBB’s readership.

    As for me, well, AV and beer go together.


  8. I have to admit I agree with sayonara. Its starting to feel a bit BRKish and i have LONG unsubscribed to his blog….This was a really cool and informative sight at one point. But now it just feels like its less and less informative, and more and more commercialized. But your are absolutely right this is your site do as you feel best:) GL with all your future endeavors.


  9. LOL, Messyah, don’t worry about it.

    Seriously, it’s funny.

    I have wanted to have t-shirts ever since I saw my wifes’ cousin wearing a t-shirt that was all in black, showing a wow rogue in sillouette, saying ‘the original ganksta’.

    That was the coolest, and I wanted one like that for druids.

    Christmas a year and a half ago, I found a cafepress store that DID have a druid shirt, simply showing the druid paw icon straight from WoW’s UI. I got Cassie to buy me one, and to be entirely honest, fashion plate that I am, I wear the thing at least twice a week. (Along with one of my two Penny Arcade shirts).

    I have a whole bunch of design ideas I think are really neat, and I’d love to have them on a shirt. And I’m willing to pay the money to have a brilliant artist bring those ideas to life. And I’ve been lucky enough to find one, Nightravyn of NE Hunter, L4Mobs, PST.

    No one else ever has to buy them. Ever. So give it a rest.

    I am going to continue to do exactly what I want on this blog, and if that means putting up an mp3 of me singing, a plug of Looking For Group because I love the comic, or some shirt designs that are WoW related that I want to wear, than that’s what I’ll do.

    And by all means, if you are ever offended by what I do, please, thank you for letting me know, cause I don’t want to offend someone without knowing it.

    But unsubscribe from my RSS feed. Delete the bookmark. Exercise your right of freedom of choice, and write me off as someone not worthy of wasting your time. I am sooo totally cool with that. it’s ok.

    All I care about is that the people who DO come here, or read this stuff, are people that I like to hang out with, share news and ideas and opinions with, and to listen to and learn from. And have fun with.


  10. Sayonara, he’s not demanding that you buy something. Sheesh. Stop acting like a BITCH! There is nothing wrong with a well0-established blogger turning a buck through their readers. I know 1/2 of the stuff I know about WoW comes from blogs and as long as those bloggers continue to theorycraft to my benefit, then I am willing to support them by buying a mug, t-shirt or some other memorable trinket.


  11. Bear butted and star studded! HA HA HA HA

    Could BBB be in for a new name?



    And for the coupe des gras? …



  12. Honestly…

    As soon as I see bloggers starting to sell stuff on their blog that’s when they are removed from my tool bar.

    I enjoyed reading your blog.

    Good luck.


  13. Oh I wish, I do wish. In fact, when chatting to a few other bloggers about it, the one comment I made was “I wish the stein came in black.”

    No, I selected every option that was available to me that was reasonable for the design. Do I expect people to buy much? No, but I know that I always like having options, so what the heck.

    Frankly, I’m going to order a black t-shirt, a button for my jacket, and a coffee mug.

    Since you said you’ll get one anyway, I’ll say that Nightravyn of NE Hunter LFMobs, PST told me she used Cafepress for her old guild, and that the steins are really nice quality. But I collect coffee cups, and guinness pint glasses, so a coffee mug it is for me!

    Oh, and just FYI… it is not a good idea to tell a bunch of engineers, many of them in their fifties, that you are known on the internet as the big bear butt.


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