We’ll wait!

Yeah, since I’m all commercial and everything these days, I thought I’d rip off the thin veneer of original thought that I’ve used to conceal my hard, grasping, greedy corporate heart, and blatantly plug someone for cash.

 Go read the latest Looking For Group. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Every time you click that link, 15 billion dollars and 72 cents is deposited into my secret offshore account.

And on another note…

“Kill yourself and roll a Rogue. We’ll wait.”


10 thoughts on “We’ll wait!

  1. I’m eternally endebted to B^3 for introducing me to LFG…

    The hardback arrived yesterday – lovely people.

    And it’s nice to be able to sit and read through the story from the start on paper – and have it sitting there on the shelf! Webcomics are fab, but I’ve always had a soft spot for paper ones – and graphic novels. After all, there’s a leatherbound Batman graphic novel sitting on a shelf at home.

    Cheers B^3,



  2. Unrelated, but I didn’t know where else to put this. I tried sending you a comment through your contact form, but I believe it failed.

    Anyway… BBB, I need your help, sorta. I just got my Nordrassil Feral Mantle – Tier 5 Shoulders last night and on Monday I got my Nordrassil Handgrips – Tier 5 Gloves. I still prefer my Vengeful gloves, but for tanking I guess I will use the T5’s. Anyway, the 2-piece set bonus makes our next Regrowth when shifting out of form an instant cast, which sounds good on paper. But, from a tanking perspective when in the world are you going to shift out of Bear Form to heal yourself and suffer the 1.5 sec Global Cooldown? Also, is it Blizzard’s idea of a joke to make the set-bonus benefit a spell and to have the tier pieces all give LOW INTELLECT?:-/


  3. I’m not BBB, and I haven’t run the numbers personally yet, but my understanding is that T5 really isn’t an upgrade from T4 from a tanking perspective, save for possibly one piece, due to the pimpin’ 4-piece bonus for bear tanks. Not sure about catform, though I believe most people carry at least 2 pieces of the T4 set until 4-piece T6 due to that godly bonus.


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