Akil’zon kill video is live

I’m sorry that it’s taken so long to get this up, we downed Akil’zon the Eagle god last night, but it’s taken all bloody day to get it into a format with a service that would be able to embed.

 Thankfully, we are getting into Gruul’s lair as we speak, so maybe next week will take care of itself.


For more precise info, The music is all The Offspring, from the album Splinter. I would have dearly love to use more of the album, since I love it so very much, but I thought these were approriate.

I’ve been asked which addons I use to tank, and the answer is, BigWigs, X-Perl UnitFrames, Quartz, Omen, Recount, Scrolling Combat Text (SCT) and SCT Options, and Fubar with assorted addons. I’ve also got other things going on, but those are the ones that actually do something in a raid. I hope that helps. 🙂 X-Perl Unit Frames is a download, but the others are all installed directly from WoWAceUpdater, and I love it. I highly recommend all of them, as long as you isntall them one at a time and play with them to make sure they’re all happy. X-Perl in particular took me a bit to adjust settings with a widescreen monitor, but it was worth the effort.

9 thoughts on “Akil’zon kill video is live

  1. Next opportunity I get to go into ZA and fight the Dragonhawk boss, I have an idea to try and first-aggro the birds as they hatch… Oil of Immolation. It’s only a 5/yard range, but if you stand close enough to the hatcher, the dragonhawks have to fly by you.

    I even went as far as staying in Nelf form and casting Hurricane over the eggs, but the CD and the duration made that a non-viable solution.


  2. Nope, in my experience (just a little), and from what I hear about ZA (a lot), a tankadin is almost required for the instance. I’m sure it can be done without a pally tank, but I imagine it would be difficult. Anyone done it before?


  3. We dropped Nalorakk and Akil’zon last night, beating the time limit to get the extra phat lootz. Still no Amani Bear Mount for me. We went after Jan’Alai after those two but we rant into a problem. The amount of birds that hatch are no match for our Swipe or a Warrior’s cleave. I don’t see any other tank-type succeeding here… this is a Pally tank fight. Unless of course, there is something we are missing.


  4. Just a little note about fighting the Eagle boss in case you weren’t aware. Go to your sound options and turn up “Ambiance” (sp?) all the way up and turn the other 2 all the way down. You can hear the storm starting and that is your cue to run in. When you hear the storm go away, your cue to move back out. This works better than any mod as the timer never matches the storm timer.


  5. Nice…thanks for the addon answer. My main is a hunter and I need/want a new ui and this may work with both.

    again thanks and keep up the great work.


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