Cassieann is driving me crazy

Okay, so recently Cassieann dinged 70. We all yayed, we gratsed, we conga ratsed… it was fun.

Now, she is driving me nuts.

“Since I dinged 70, there is nothing to do!” she says.

I stare at her disbelievingly.

“lolwut”, I reply.

I then mentally ran over all that we have done since she dinged 70, just in the last week.

We’ve run Steamvaults, Heroic Slave Pens, regular Underbog, regular Auchenai Crypts, Hellfire Ramparts and Blood Furnace.

Also, she has completed the Ogri’la chain of quests and has unlocked most of the daily quests in Ogri’la and mastered the Bombing Run, and the Simon Says crap (with the assistance of the addon Ogri’Lazy, might I add).

She has done tons of Netherstorm quest chains, the prelims of Netherwing faction rep (we should be doing Zuluhed the Whacked sometime this week), and she has done the soloable part of Karazhan key attunement, and just needs to start the key frag portion with her Shadow Labs run.

She even has her first epic, since together we farmed the mats needed to make the Shadowprowler Chestguard, and a guildie, Gandaulf, did the crafting last night. And with Ogri’la questing underway, the Shard-bound Bracers are on their way. Plus of course getting Skettis rep from the Bombing Runs, so the trinket from Skettis is also being worked towards.

For the love of Elune, wtf more do you want? It’s only been a week!

“But there’s nothing to solo anymore”, she replies. “I soloed everything up to level 70, and now everything but PvP needs a group. It sucks.”

….. Damn, you know what? She’s got a good point.

Anyone got any ideas for stuff to have fun soloing now that she’s 70?

Me, I hit this point, I start an alt. I guess I never really thought of it before.

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  1. I have a 70 Druid on the Alliance side, now i’m working on my alt Druid on the Horde side. I know whenever I got bored with my Druid I would see what instances I could solo or help my friends through. Sounds lame because you don’t get the best loot, but you do get to go into places that needed 4 other people to get through previously, and if you want, the loot is ALL yours! Try Ramparts bosses.


  2. Well i too am lvl 70 now and trying like mad to save up for Epic Flight Form. But i have found that i love the non combat pets in game. i have 20 of them now. i am working towards the mechanical chicken now.


  3. Once you clear all the solo quests it can be very hard to find stuff to do. Or so I tell myself. Frankly, I find it hard to get time to do “stuff” because I am always busy. Daily quests for money to get my epic flight form is high on my list, (but constantly out of reach.) Farming mats for trades, and supplies for Kara or Gruuls raids takes a lot of time if you don’t want to buy it.

    A few things I’ve done are to go back to old areas and try to finish up quests that I never got around to doing before. Getting rep in areas that I need for enchanting and tailoring recipie/patterns. Helping friends level up their alts. Leveling my own alts.

    I am looking forward to the next expansion. I’ll have to respec to Boomkin or Feral to level up to 80, cuz DPS sucks as Resto, but thats fine. I’ll have a whole new trade to learn since my main will drop tailoring and pick up Inscription.

    End game really is a social game, while leveling is easy enough as a solo player. But to say that there is nothing to do when solo is just silly. Just need to make a list of things that you want to/need to get done.


  4. List of things to do at 70.. I’m Horde, and I don’t play any Ally toons, so recalibrate accordingly.

    1) Farm Zaxxis Raiders in Netherstorm for Consortium rep from badges and the occasional Etherium Prison Key

    2) Farm Ogres in Nagrand for Mag’Har / Kurenai Rep *and* Consortium Rep

    3) Kill Bog Lords in all shapes and sizes to get Sporregar rep. Tons of motes should you be an herbalist as well…

    4) Get a rare non-combat pet! Farm fireflies or Azshara Dragonkin

    5) See if you can solo an old-world instance like Scholomance for fun. Bonus points if you disenchant!

    6) Max out your professions. farm accordingly to do so.

    7) Get all the BoP patterns for your given profession. A good place that I found that shows you where is this guild site:

    8) Go back to Azeroth and blow out some quests from a starting area other than your own for faction rep and other-race mounts

    9) Stealth through Regular Underbog for free Sanguine Hibiscus and sometimes even a free chest. Rinse and repeat.

    10) Get your instance keys for Arcatraz and Shattered Halls

    11) Re-Visit rep vendors and see what you can buy from them now since you last visited them about 3 levels back

    12) Farm motes in annoyingly overpopulated areas

    13) Farm Scryer/Aldor rep turnin items in somewhat less overpopulated but possibly as annoying areas

    That’s about all I can think of for solo… but then, since I’m a Druid, I could solo most of those “group” quests anyways when I had them, as I’m sure you are aware.


    PuG, PuG, and then PuG some more in Heroics and get those badges, because there’s some darn fine loot in those instances and from the badges as you’re well aware. Rogues are even surprisingly useful for once, since CC plays such a huge role, especially if she’s lolstep-specced. Easy run for her, distract – sap – assist target of tank, repeat step 3 until pull finished! 🙂 If there is any doubt about this – how about some of those shiny Purples she could get in heroic Ramparts (Dagger, Belt [Druidish, but hey]); Slave Pens (Leggings); Underbog (Boots, Ring); Blood Furnace (Shoulders), etc. And that’s not even mentioning the Blues (Silent Strider Knee Boots? Lolstep just got a bit more lol!)

    To me, it’s a choice between mind-crushing boredom in the World of Farmcraft, or skill and gear building Fun Runs! I choose the latter. 🙂


  5. Has she tried Adopt-A-Noob? It can be frustrating and time consuming, but I’ve found that it’s also very rewarding. Just find a new player and help them learn the ropes. Most of the time they’re very dependent up to the 30s, and by then it becomes interesting to help them through instances and do quests. It’s like you’re back into the old grind with leveling, but this time you have a huge advantage.

    Moreover, it helps the entire game by preventing these scatter-specc’d idiots who ask “wut is aggro?” in the middle of your Scholo run (yes… it has happened).


  6. Oh, forgot to mention … some of the normal dungeon dailies are soloable by a druid/rogue combo. Particularly one in Bot, I think it was … but there is a challenge in stealthing where you need to go, and pulling very carefully. And the gold can’t hurt — plus the ethereum key reward can lead to odd bits of gear or rep.


  7. One nice thing for a rogue is to find a chest to solo farm. Not going to give any specific locations, but a well-geared rogue pulling out every cooldown in the book can solo some pretty amazing pulls. A druid and a rogue combo is even better! Or if a rogue has herbalism, dance around places like normal slavepens. Solo the ubrs key pieces for a fun and challenging morning. Grind consortium rep — or grind the talbuk mount. Finish all the questlines out there, certainly, just to experience the lore.


  8. Two words:

    “Hard Solos”

    I like to try to one-man old dungeons. It definitely adds a new degree of difficulty and fun to them. It’s especially fun with the higher-level old world content. So far I’ve done Scholo (except for Jandice Barov due to the magic-immune mobs), Strat, and most of BRD on my lock. I’ve been meaning to do more but altitis caught up to me. I still need to do Dire Maul and LBRS. Not only are these a challenge, they’re also quite profitable, especially if you’re an enchanter.


  9. I recognize the feeling… when I hit 60 with my rogue pre-TBC I pretty much stopped playing with her, no xp = no goal = no fun.

    You play for so long with basically one goal in mind, and then when you achieve it, you feel a little lost and don’t know what to do next. Especially if you have been solo’ing a lot of that levelling, playing when you want and how you want, you will need quite a bit of mental adjustment to get comfortable with the different time and social requirements of group play (finding a group, doing the quests/instance runs, finding another group member when one of the first ones have to go, suffering morons, chatting with new people, and so on).

    It took me about 3 chars levelled to 70 to finally get that it can be fun playing without getting any xp, you just have to set new goals, like Ngita says. Gear up from professions or rep or raiding, level up profession skills, collecting things (recipes, mounts, pets, etc), try out a new talent build…

    (On a side note, since it can be a pain sometimes to get a 5-man group going, I wish there were some 2-3 man dungeons for 70’s, smaller instances with 2-3 bosses but with real not-too-shabby loot tables, and maybe the end boss could drop a Heroic Badge, or a token part that you could collect to get some nice gear item, maybe need 3 of them for a full token or so. )

    Anyways, follow the excellent advice of the people here, there should be plenty of soloable quests left to do, rep grinds for some sweet rewards that you really want, and an alt or two can’t be wrong.

    If all else fails, take a little break from the game until you find it fun to play again 🙂


  10. I think this problem hits a load of people. I know that I was in the same boat having really enjoyed the journey to 70 on my ‘lock, once I hit the level cap I found that I didn’t have any focus.

    Raiding was out as (like Manny above) I have a young son and I dont want to make my guild wait around for me when I /afk (which is totally random, and can be anywhere from 2 mins to an hour depending on the situation). I chose to create a couple of alts, and I’m loving my Shaman (which I think will poss become my main when I hit 70 and WotLK is out). I’ve also got a Priest at level 21, a Warrior at 31 and a Rogue at 29. I’m seriously considering twinking the priest for 29 BG’s to see what that’s like, esp as I’ve got quite a bit of disposable income at the moment.

    My main goals are to get the Shammy to 70, and geared up as much as poss outside of raids and miningherb to 375 on him. I’d also like to get either the rogue or warrior as far along the road to 70 as poss, but this is very much secondary.

    I’ve a ton of quests left for my lock to do, but to be honest I’ve no incentive to do them, other than for the cash (which at the moment isn’t a necessity)


  11. Leveling to 70 the goal is defined. After 70 you have to define your own. Mine on my main are 375 fishing, Consortium exalted and clear out my quest log and of the course the secondary goals. Earning money,badges,honor is allways worthwhile.

    But a alt maybe the best thing , I have a alt 70 hunter, I allways enjoy leveling i to level cap, 60 then 70 then neglect it because I dont like playing a hunter much in group content.


  12. Has she tried PvP? My wife was getting discouraged playing her warrior, until I took her into Arathi Basin and created a twink monster. It can be frustrating at time, but it can also be a lot of fun.

    Ultimately though I agree with her sentiments, and I think it is a problem that is going to get worse as the level cap is raised. Old content is pretty much deserted, and requires solo play. Once you hit 70 there isn’t much to do outside of a group.


  13. Altitis. For a lot of guilds/players this is a bad thing–however I found it to be how I discovered my druid, and ultimately found the class that was truly “mine”.
    I leveled a paladin after TBC came out, and once I hit 70, my guild was in dire need of a tank, thus pushing me into protection. Immediately I became useless in solo PvE. I never died, nor did the mobs. A few weeks of this, some great Kara gear/clears, I’m sitting in the same spot Cassie is, complaining to my girlfriend that I’m bored. Incredulously she mentions I’ve been playing for three hours.
    “Yeah, hon. I’ve been sitting in Shat. Yanno–talkin’ to people”.
    She walked away mentioning something about the dog holding it’s leash in her mouth.
    Inc. Re-roll. And I found the character I love to play on the way to 70, and after I hit it. I’m now upgrading every piece of gear I can within the limits of myself, and my guild. I am excited about my character more so than I ever was about my paladin.
    Re-reading that I guess I’m kind of missing the mark on the point of the comments, but others have covered anything I would have come up with and then some.
    Maybe Cassie should get a little Altitis. Maybe there is a little warlock inside that is yearning to come out and melt faces–to 70 and beyond.


  14. In the exact same boat. Very timely post. My guild is just starting to run Kara and are pushing to get me tuned up, but alas, my time constraints are such that I can’t count on a full time raid schedule. I have so many odds and ends though, and actually feel like I have more to do then ever. Level up smithing (totally put professions on hold on the push to 70), lots of quests left in BEM, SMV, and Netherstorm (with rep grind), mining like a madman (don’t know why, just force of habit….arcanite anyone??), but most of all on call to help the lower level guildies (have the Deadmines Run down to less then 30 minutes). I also have an alt and was trying to level both him and my warrior at the same time, but the push from 60 to 70 is really time consuming. If all else fails I log in and work away as he is just a hop, skip, and a jump from getting to Outlands and can finally break the 300 alchemy barrier.

    Like I said, almost too much. Count the guild wanting to get me into Kara and well I feel overwhelmed more then ever.


  15. I’ve barely hit 70 myself, and I also struggle with solo content now. I have a ton of things I need to do to gear up my character, but without a strong guild I am often at a loss. Farming can only be entertaining for so long, and rep grinding is quite possibly the bane of my existence. I miss having more solo quests, although I do love it when I’m lucky enough to find a group and do other things!


  16. One thing that will keep anyone occupied would be farm Strat for the Baron’s Mount. Its a very rare drop and a run usally takes around 30 minutes. A Shammy Guildy has done hundreds of runs and they are very profitable as well.


  17. Sura – I have now played every class beyond level 30 and here is what I have found…

    * – Shaman (Enchancement) – Boring at low levels, but break the 45-50 mark and you are a murderer. Get as high as 59 and you could become a legend in AV. Frost Shock is OP.

    * – Warlock (Affliction) – My god, I love playing my Warlock. The only issue I have now is my dots do so much damage, my Void can’t hold aggro, the slacker!

    * – Mage (see post) – I was fire and even though I did excellent damage, I was bored to death with him. I then moved him to Frost and that spec is so much damn fun, when I get started with him, I just can’t stop.

    * – Warrior (Fury/Arms) – BORING! Charge, attack, die… repeat. LOL (Or, get kited to your demise by any form of caster.)

    * – Hunter (Any flavor) – Nuff said. Hunters are the best solo class in the game.

    * – Druid (Balance or Feral) – I have played both Balance and Feral druids and they are extremely fun to play, but their jack-of-all-trades limitations often get frustrating… oh yeah, and the broken attack range for Nelf cats will make you cry.

    * – Paladin (Ret) – Ret paladins have gotten better and they are more formidable questers and PvPers. My pally is Holy now and though questing sucks, I rock the healing in AV and in Dungeons.

    * – Rogue (Combat) – Massive damage, stealth and out-in-the-open BORE FEST. LOL

    * – Priest (Shadow or Disc) – I had fun being shadow, but the survivability of Discipline is hard to pass up. Now I enjoy questing more.

    … These are just my opinions, but most people that I talk to tend to agree.


  18. I agree with exactly what Eustashius says.

    I’m planning on upgrading all my regular bags to primal mooncloth, since I’m always running out of space because of my gear. I’m also doing dailies which is most of my play time so that I can buy more Coilfang Armaments for CE rep for my Earthwarden.

    I look back now and I still can’t believe I was able to save up the 5000g. I’m constantly getting new gear crafted, gemmed, enchanted, rinse and repeat. But with about 120g of guaranteed money everytime I log in, its easy to log in, do dailies, log out. I only log in 3-4 times a week for about 2 hours at a time and can easily make at least 500g in a week without even selling anything on the AH.

    I don’t have a very predictable schedule and I have a 1 year old son. During instance runs I often have to be afk for long periods of time in an unpredictable manner, which is why I rarely ever get to run anything. I don’t like making people wait, but I put my family first.

    I only play my druid because I simply cannot get used to the other classes. It’s too much fun being a druid. I’m constantly upgrading my gear for the different specs. That’s basically what keeps me busy at level 70.

    I’m trying everything I can to upgrade my gear as a casual player with little time to play. I’m hoping that once I find some time when I can do heroics and raids my gear will be on par with the content.


  19. I sincerely doubt she’s exhausted the quests available to her, and explored every nook and cranny in the game, especially the lore-and-quest-rich zones from 50-60.

    Has she discovered Ravenholdt Manor? Done the troll quests that lead one from STV to Tanaris to Hinterlands to EPL to Blackrock Mountain? Done the Onyxia Attunement? Done the Skeleton Key to Scholomance line? Tirion Fordring? The Anti Demon Sword from SMV? Teron Gorefeind? Razelikh the Defiler Quest? Earned a cat mount from Darnassus? Key to Arcatraz questline?

    There’s plenty to see if you decide to look for it. I’m sure she’s being swayed by the guilds’ chatter and general push-to-70 attitude. There’s something to be said for taking your time.


  20. My warlock will probably hit 80 first, since she’s my “main”, my best geared and the most fun to play, IMHO. And then I will unlock Death Knight (I don’t care how many other people will also and how cliche it will quickly become) and probably play it until my eyes bleed.


  21. I’m a “make an alt” kind of guy (though my most recent alt, an enhancement shaman, may just cure me of that, he’s boring me to tears). You could always farm gold, I suppose. I get pretty bored soloing at 70 too, though.


  22. What about personal goals? I’m killing all the various sharks in Azeroth; eventually I’ll need a raid group to go after Maws. It’s fun little things like that that keep my interest.

    Also, Feralicious is fixed.


  23. It boils down to being a matter of the individual. If you like the idea of joining a 10-man or 25-man group and dropping a tough boss for phat purples that make you a bad ass, raiding is for you. If not, quest and do dailies, earn money, get epic flying and wait for WotLK to be released and you can quest some more.

    For those of you with multiple 70s, have you given any thought to which one you plan on leveling to 80 first? I have a 52 hunter and a 52 Paladin and I am sure that they will both be close to 70 by the time WotLK comes out, but they will be no where near the calibur that my Druid is. By then I plan to be rocking full T5-equivalent gear, though I will probably keep 2-T4 just for the set bonus, unless of course I am lucky enough to get something better.


  24. BBB, i’m incredibly bummed by this. I hope WotLK will add higher level solo-able content. Just broke 27 and not really sure if i want to be raiding every time i log into the game when i hit 70. eye heart my dr00d. i want to be able to solo stuff @ 70.

    don’t get me wrong, i love to raid, but when i raided in EQ days it was an 8-12 hours slog through Plane of Hate, Plane of Judgement, Plane of Fear, ugh. one of the drawing portions of Legacy of Ykesha was the instanced dungeons. (which bliz picked up on) as they were shorter and didn’t need 500 people to down a couple of bosses. which, while exciting, takes a lot of time and planning to organize and most casual players can’t be bothered to show up on time, etc. (i believe you ranted about this in an earlier post). And i’m pretty sure my wife would take great exception to an 8-12 hour day raiding. not sure how long i would be married after that. 🙂


  25. Quests, quests, more quests! Do the ones you missed! Get your rep.

    I made alts, tho.

    Also, btw, you should halt your search for someone to sing that insane creation of mine, if only for now. I accidentally left a line of the rap part out, and it seems my brain purposely skipped over it, because it’s giving me problems.


  26. Man, I’ve sure thought about it. Buncha me friends flat-out quit adventuring when they dinged 70. “Nothing left to do, I’m bored, later.” Which made it pretty damn rough on those of us still left, since it made getting a group together a lot harder, and ultimately the rest retired too. Which Is why I’m spending most of me time in a dwarf costume in a raiding guild leveling as fast as me two stumpy legs’ll let me.

    Lessee, PvP, dailies, rep grinds, skills, alts. Pretty much covers the solo options, at least until Northrend opens up.


  27. She could farm Aldor/Scryer bits for rep. She can also farm for motes as well. Along with what others suggested; leveling professions and doing dailies. Oh! She can do the Sporeggar rep for the Tiny Spore Bat…and if she likes the non-combat pets she can go on pet farming sprees.


  28. Like Hedus, I start to do quests. Usually I do quests for reputation or rewards.

    However, I have 6 level 70’s. So what I usually do is pick one character’s gear to upgrade, look at what I need, and focus on that for a week or a few days until I get it.

    My bear tank got most of the gear off of BBB’s list and exalted with CE in three days once I said ‘Hrm. I should do that.’. Tonight or tomorrow I’m finishing up the SMV questlines for the last two pieces and I’ve been running mech for the cloak and a few instances trying for a shoulder-drop.

    My priest went from 1200 healing to 1450 healing in one day from me saying ‘Hrm. I need to upgrade her stuff’, and I went and farmed enough to make the primal mooncloth belt, got the rep for the renewal glyph from HH and a ring from HH QM and a few healing enchants. Which, while the farming wasn’t exactly thrilling, I did it with my herbalist hunter and got a lot of mats for other things I could make at the same time.

    Altism isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as you don’t forget your main-70. 🙂 Have her look at her gear, say to herself what she needs to work on, and have her do that. There’s a satisfaction inherent in being able to say, “I did all this in just X time!” 🙂


  29. I have exactly the same “problem” and if you find a solution to this share it and I will be eternally grateful.

    I bet Cassie will get the altitis badly in no time. It’s the one thing that works for me (besides PvP and some occasional rep-grinding). You could try to get her into collecting things, like the mini-pets (some of them are really hard to get, yet easy to obtain soloing) or especially beautiful dresses (I KNOW how very silly this sounds and I still can’t believe I am acutally doing this *tsk*). I am just so bored lately, my fifth alt is closing in to 70 and the 5000g are already covered again and I still dislike endgame raiding. So: biiiiig sigh.


  30. Hitting 70 is largely the end of the solo game. You could level professions (fishing, cooking, do some of the daily quests, etc but to move on in the actual game content requires others. If one does not have the duration of time or predictability of schedule to raid then what is left? Battlegrounds, Arena or Alts.

    I suppose there’s the crazy kind of grinds a la the infamous BRK and TJ bets (Firefly Pets in Zaqngarmarsh or becoming exalted with the night elf trainers of Frostsabers in Winterspring) but again, at its core, these too are nothing more than grinding. I personally don’t consider them too much fun.


  31. You know I think I’m in a bit of the same issue. I’ve done a tone of things have 3 70’s and some times wonder if there is more to do. I’m working on the 5000g for flight training but it gets boaring doing the samething over and over. So I would be interested in seeing what others have to say on this.


  32. Nip it in the bud quick, before she catches a bad case of Alt-itis.

    I had a friend who believed that life ended at level 70 and proclaimed that he had, and I quote, “absolutely no interest in raiding places like Karazhan.” Then, when we had been doing Karazhan and moved on to Gruul’s, he sends me a message that he is leaving our guild. When I asked why, he replied with “You guys never ask me to raid.” WTF?!?

    You know, now that she is 70, she can buy some of that really nice BBB Swag by visiting the link on the right side of your page. HA HA HA HA


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