Feral Druids, they’re playing your song!

Bellwether of 4 HaelzWell, not playing, so much as ‘have written’ your song.

Bellwether of the awesome blog 4 Haelz has written what I think is a Grammy-worthy epic ballad proclaiming the triumph of all that is Feral…

 I urge you to go forth and bask in the joy of… “Feralicious”.

I am working feverishly to find someone to sing this sucker, but somehow, I’m not finding a lot of volunteers. Dang it.

Oh, and speaking of basking in the joy, a whole bunch of great bloggers have mentioned a WoW webcomic I’d never heard of before… and reading the archives brought me untold joy. What an awesome hunter.

Okay, anything that makes me laugh in delight at the sheer evil is full of win, as far as I’m concerned. Please go blow a few minutes checking out The Scout Report. I’m serious, it’s amazing. And thank you to Ratshag for being the first this weekend to slap me about the head and shoulders with it’s greatness.


2 thoughts on “Feral Druids, they’re playing your song!

  1. I believe Ratshag has done the community a great service by introducing us all to this spectacular webcomic.

    Keep ’em coming, the Ogri’la story arc had me in hysterics start to finish.


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