Name our arena team!

Alert! Contest is closed!

Contest? What contest? Was there a prize? Answer… what, naming an arena team ain’t enough? Meh. Still, Thurdsday night will see a ‘Top 5 favs from BBB and Cassie” post, and on Friday, the big decision!

Thank you for all your great, and often hilarious, ideas! 

Now that I have your attention….

Two things.

First, Cassieann and I, along with Gerolan the best damn Paladin in the game, Jalard the boomkin and Darres the mage took on and took down Shadow Labs last night in a fast and clean one shot. No wiptes or pain, thank you.

And nothing worth a damn dropped. But, she got her first key frag. Yay!

Second, I think it’s time to have some fun. So, since Cassie needs some kickass swords, and cause it’s something we can do together, I’m planning on us starting an Arena 2v2 team. Hopefully, I can get some of our friends to also join us.

My plan is to suck so bad it’s galactically epic, and take video footage of us getting slaughtered.

You can help, by suggesting names for our team. Cassie and I will read all of your suggestions, and pick one. And announce whose name will represent our epic suckage. I will announce the… ahem… ‘winnah’, at the end of the week.

So get those evil minds thinking!


53 thoughts on “Name our arena team!

  1. LOLWUT would be a good name. Fits the theme.
    If Cass were to tame a bear that looks like druid bear form or a cat that looks like Cat form then the name could be “Wrong Pet”


  2. Wow, give me the stupid comment of the week award. That is apparently what I get for trying to communicate while heavily dosed with NyQuil. I cannot believe I recommended a rogue tame a pet. Feel free to let me know how stupid I am. I sure did. Bad part is I started thinking to myself how dumb this guy was, till I realized that in my FIRST post ever here, I was Captain Conundrum. I really do not even remember making the post.

    Anyways try #2 for a name:
    “We’ll blog this later”


  3. Here’s a few goes…

    No-one there (A reference to the fact that you might both be in stealth)
    Backstab and run
    Silent and deadly
    Stealthy healing

    Probably showing my lack of PvP knowledge and experience there, mind…


  4. Just a couple:

    Beary Sneaky
    Stealth Bear
    Hide and go Maul

    Heres a couple that I want to do:
    Hurry up and kill me so i can get my 10 gms over with
    Kamakazi Krew


  5. RumpRangers
    B.Y.O.B. (BringYourOwnBear)

    if you had a 4man could be goldielockandthe3bears


  6. MerlinsNightmare

    Playing 2v2 as a feral and rogue won’t be horrible. Do expect to get targeted first as the druid since they won’t know how much healing you are going to decide to do in the fight. You should be the first to un stealth with a pounce (hopefully on a cloth or leather wearer) then go bear when you get both on you… unless you get 2 cloth wearers, then only go bear to charge. The rogue should then stun and try to burn down your original target (again, hopefully a cloth or leather wearer) as you CC by bash, charge, cyclone, etc their healer or stay in bear bash and swipe away. Bottom line if you can get down one and only lose the rogue on your team you will always have a good chance of winning the match 1 on 1 as a feral druid. I would say the worst match up you will get is Pally/Warrior or Druid/Warrior. Be prepared to stun and then barkskin tranquility to give your team a little more time. Travel form and kite if things get hairy especially if you find that you are being focus fired by both opponents… nothing better than having your rogue get free shots at their backsides or drop back into stealth for some more surprises.


  7. Knock Knock (Who’s There?)
    (Rogues and Feral Druids do it) From Behind
    The Invisible Man plus One
    The Other White Meat
    Pussycat Pussycat
    We Two Rogues

    (Last two to throw people off the scent and make oponents think its either 2 rogues or 2 druids)


  8. GonnaSitOnYou


  9. I suggest one of the following…

    1. Come Honor Phase

    2. BJ and the Bear (LOL, sorry, had to be offered.)

    3. I call NO HOMO

    4. I’m with stupid (No one will know which one is “I’m”. LOL)

    5. Puss n Boots


  10. WhackAStealther
    Don’t Praise Me Bro
    Kill the Hairy One First
    Die Trying not to laugh
    Yes We Are Kidding


  11. BigBear/SmallRogue

    But honestly? I suck at names almost as much as I suck at PvP, so go with one of the others 😛


  12. I fail at names, but… I have an input!

    “My plan is to suck so bad it’s galactically epic, and take video footage of us getting slaughtered.”

    A long-time friend of mine on WoW and I decided to get together and see just how low we can make our rating. So every week, we go and do arena…

    In our roleplay gear.

    Now, if you can just see two lovely Night Elves, both feral druids, stealthing around, hiding from the opposite team, frustrating them to no end because they can’t find us, and then, when they do, we run around, heal ourselves, and try not to die (with very little effort involved)… and the opponent team gets to watch the dead Night Elf wearing a dress on the ground while they try to find the other one.

    It provides us with great amusement, if nothing else. ^^


  13. simple, to the point, and makes absolutely no sense (well, aside from the fact that they could learn a thing or two about tanking here)

    alternate choice:


  14. amg html!

    have to put brackets in instead of < marks

    first one was [warrior trainer]

    second [food and beverage vendor]


  15. OK. My submissions are:

    WoW You Hit Hard
    Please Stop The Pain
    And The Winner Is
    No More Mr Nice Guy
    We Can’t Get Any Worse
    Two Teams Enter
    War Kittens
    And the number one Arena team name…



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