Return of the weasel!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Allison Robert’s writing? No?

Consider it mentioned lately.

Yeah, I loved her PVP guide, it made me laugh long time, honey.

But I started my morning reading, business as usual, only to find that the weasel has returned! And is tackling a guide to selecting a guild!

On the very first page, one word made me spew my coffee… because I see it all the time, and I form an entire encyclopedia of assumptions the second I see it…


Omigod, yes. Lolwut, or wut, the defining mating calls of the utter moron when faced with questions too complex to process… questions like “Are you keyed for Karazhan”, “Can you chain trap?”, and my all time favorite, “Why do you want to raid with us?”

I prefer seeing them use lolwut, personally, since it is their way of trying to imply that not only are you asking a stupid question, but omigod what a noob you are for asking them the question.

Anyway, go read her latest funny. Will you learn anything? Maybe not… but this is what I want in my morning reading… to be entertained. Highly entertained.

Damn, I hope that she keeps the series alive.