Stardate 3.12 update

Sorry for the lame title, brain is tired.

Last night, like so many other servers, the Kael’thas (US) server experienced horrible lag.

Unlike most folks, I did not proceed to rant on the /1 General tab in Shattrath about how much Blizzard screws me for my $15 a month. Lolwut?

Okay, I have to stop doing that. Sorry.

On the other hand, it really sucked, because Cassieann and I wanted to get a group to go in and get her Karazhan attunement keyfrags 2 and 3. The lag damn near crushed those plans.

You might think we stealthed the Steamvaults first and got that out of the way, but nope, instead we headed out to Netherstorm where we knocked out a few quests before looking for a group.

Well, I can’t really say much about the lag, because I was supposed to run Zul’aman last night, but the lag was just too horrible. I bet we do something tonight, though, if it gets fixed.

Long story short(er), some outstanding guildies dropped their alt leveling to help. (and by damn I am NOT going to be bitter about having been blown past in levels by both of them… okay, I am bitter. My Shadow Priest is just barely 61, and both Amberlie and Arthallis are 66 by now. Damn it. We were even at 54.)

So, despite the lag, we nailed down the Arcatraz keyfrag and THEN we stealthed the Steamvaults. Where I died tanking the key guardian getting the keyfrag by drowning. When I told Cassie to break for the surface, she said “Oh I’m fine… I used a Nagrand Cherry.”


Keep those Arena Team names coming in on the original post, I’m really enjoying them…. and you’d probably be surprised which ones make me laugh the hardest.

We’ll be going through and making a decision Friday morning, so you’ve got plenty of time!

Oh, and I was contacted by a reader who volunteered her services to sing 4 Haelz’ Feralicious… if that comes true, oh what a beautiful day it will be.


5 thoughts on “Stardate 3.12 update

  1. 1. If it wasn’t for your lack of watching your wife aggro, you too would be 66, along with Amberlie and Arthallis. w00t! – LOL, J/k

    2. You….. drowned?!? U NUB!!!!!!!

    3. I call Nagrand Cherries “Sh*t Cherries” simply because of the quest from which they are obtained.

    4. YOU DROWNED?!?!?! NUB NUB NUB NUB! You could have probably tanked that garbage mob in sea cow form…. NUB!



  2. I love drowning as a druid. Really, really hard to live down, but something I’ve done more than once. >_> I tend to forget that I do have to worry about drowning when I’m trying really hard to kill something [ such as farming for water elementals ].

    (Mess is right, actually. You probably could have after two hits in bear. xD They die easily enough.)


  3. Sadly, it was not one of my finer moments. I tried to make the surface, and died scant feet away, tired and burnt out… and then stared feebly at the Manatee form icon on my shiftbar.

    I don’t know why I didn’t hit it. It just never even occured to me until it was too late.

    I’d like to blame it on something, like a ‘senior moment’, but it was just a good old fashioned brain fart.

    Your chidings and shouts of noob are well deserved.


  4. With the slow start of the awards shows season due to the writer strike how about you guys take the suggestion list and give some best of categories on the runner ups and then the final winner getting all of the BBB cool points.


  5. 54 seemed so long ago, didn’t it? Me and Ryn have no problems helping you catch up either. Boomkin, SPriest, and a Sub Rouge. No one is safe :p


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