Make sure you read the patch notes

I found it funny that the patch notes, at least for hunters, show a change that almost seem directly inspired by Scott Kurtz’s WoW comic Ding!.

Check it out. First, the comic in question that talks about Hunters.

And then, check out the patch notes, and specifically read the section about Hunter changes.

And I quote from the patch notes;



12 thoughts on “Make sure you read the patch notes

  1. I can’t believe you seriously HAD to bust it out and ruin it for everyone in the first comment.

    C’mon, you know most players these days weren’t here then.


  2. My favorite change –

    “Edwin Vancleef will occasionally shout “Hey you guys!” as players fight their way through Deadmines.”

    There were a couple great ones…but I think that was just hysterical. πŸ˜€


  3. P.S. I think the Multi-Shot change in the legit PTR patch notes is lame. If somebody’s dumb enough to CC something and use multi-shot, they should learn it the hard way. 😐


  4. Wait I’m confused… at work and I can only see limited things on my computer. Is the patch going live today or are we going to have to wait another week or five?


  5. heheheheheheh….

    Thank you BBB….it took me awhile…’bout 2 minutes or so…to figure out that those notes were a joke. I was reading them thinking, “why this is FANTASTIC!!”



  6. Sorta like the fake Black Temple attunement chart they put out last April, i saw that and i was like “OMG I’m never gonna raid!”


  7. LOL I remember those April Fools patch notes. I love that Blizzard does stuff like that for the community, when they’re so stuffy the rest of the time. (I loved the [Tinfoil Hat] too!)

    As for my personal favorite, it’s got to be “Night Elves now lose a certain amount of experience when jumping.” ROF……. oh, wait, you play a Night Elf, don’t you, BBB? Sorry, hehe.

    And to the person above complaining about Multishot not breaking crowd control, I’ve got a thought for you to consider. Why would a Hunter CHOOSE to shoot an arrow into a crowd-controlled target in the first place? It’s obvious that, even though the PLAYER can’t control which targets are hit (except by positioning of course), the actual HUNTER must be aiming the arrows intentionally, or they would hit the floor. So, if the Hunter is AIMING the arrows (or bullets) intentionally, why wouldn’t s/he aim them at three non-controlled targets? Just a thought. IMHO this ability should have worked this way from the very beginning, as it’s just common sense. (Genuine area-of-effect things like Volley or Blizzard obviously a different case!)


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