No patch 2.4 today, but you could listen to a podcast

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m sad too. Well, not really. Cassie is glad, because she wants to get more stuff done in the current game now that she’s 70 before they open a whole new area to grind and quest and run 5 mans in.

And I can agree with her, to the extent that I’m already too damn busy to play my Priest, which is what I really want to do. Add in a new faction grind with awesome rewards, and Badge rewards to work towards to improve my tanking, and supporting our guilds’ raid objectives, and yeah… I’m not feeling too sad the patch is delayed either.

But you wanna hear a secret? Psst. Kid. Come on over here.

{I just don’t want all my addons broken, damnit.}

But if you are without things to do, and you are sad without new content, I offer to you an alternative; download the latest WI podcast. I prefer iTunes myself.

Since you’re here, you must at least tolerate my rambling, so why not listen to the show? 

And honestly, I never get any feedback on these things. So if you liked it, or you think it sucked, pelase let me know. And say why? A simple “Dude, U suxxor” doesn’t help.

And if you’re harsh enough, it’s likely I’ll be horribly scarred, my fragile ego will burst, and you’ll be saved from more of these things. So rock on.

I haven’t listened to it, for the usual reasons, but at the time I had a blast. We were exceptionally rowdie 100% of the time.

And from what I remember, I ripped on Mike a good deal. Especially on his Hunter. Most especially on his Hunter. OMIGOD his Hunter.

Someones’ gonna have to hold BRK back and hit him with a Tranquilizing Shot after he finds out how that man plays his Hunter. 


6 thoughts on “No patch 2.4 today, but you could listen to a podcast

  1. Mike needs the stuffing taken out of him now and then. He is mean to Paladins. <.< Good show BBB!

    As for addons… the sooner the patch comes… the sooner our addons break… and the sooner they are forced to be fixed! 😀 (I was really hoping for a long Easter weekend on Sunwell Isle. Oh well!)


  2. AMG. “I hear you saying prot warriors are the best…”

    l2listen, imo

    okay, Bear, I stayed up past my bedtime to listen to this. And I have no complaints. Keep doing it. Yay!


  3. I have always heard that Prot. Warriors are the best boss tanks and Prot. Paladins are the best mob tanks. Prot. Warriors get abilities like shield wall, spell reflect and shield bash. With so many useful abilities, I can see why the are considered the best end-game boss tanks.

    Paladins have their AOE, blessings and seals/judgements that accompany their AOE. Throw in some spell damage and you have a tank that can hold a large number of mobs while they are Seeded by Locks and AOE’d by other casters.

    So, where does that leave Feral Druids? According to most of whom I have asked this question, this is what they tell me…

    Well, we can off-tank. We can effectively hold 3-mobs, more provided they are not being DPSed. We can change over to a DPS role when needed. We can spot-heal if desperately needed. But we will never be an MT and we will never be a group tank (if the group is more than 3.)

    Well, as much as I agree with the role of Prot. Warriors and Paladins, I am here to tell you that I am very much MT-capable and have fulfilled that role on many occasions. Here are some of the bosses I have tanked…

    1. Every boss in Karazhan
    2. High-King Mulgar (Gruul’s Lair)
    3. Gruul the Dragonkiller (Gruul’s Lair)
    4. Void Reaver (TK – The Eye)
    5. A’lar (TK – The Eye)
    6. Lurker (SSC)
    7. Moragrim Tidewalker (SSC)
    8. Leothoras the Blind (SSC)
    9. Lord Karathress (SSC)
    10. Nalorakk (Zul’Aman)
    11. Jan’Alai (Zul’Aman)
    12. Halazzi (Zul’Aman)
    13. Hex Lord Malacrass (Zul’Aman)

    In addition, I have MT’d every 5-man Heroic, including Shattered Halls, which is really where a Pally tank can showcase his abilities.

    Btw, I am now rocking 2-Tier 4 pieces (Gloves and Helm) and 2-Tier 5 pieces (Shoulders & Leggings) in my tank set. I broke the 30K unbuffed armor mark, I have 38% dodge unbuffed, but my defense is down to 398. I guess I am going to have to play with my sockets a bit. Plus, when I get rid of my last Heavy Clefthoof set piece (boots), I will lose even more defense, so it’s getting tricky. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be glad to entertain them. 🙂

    OFF-TOPIC DISCUSSION: My guild was supposed to raid last night and did not have enough signed up. Because of that, we had 2 people leave the guild. Have you had this problem yet, BBB?

    I mean, we are well organized. We use Group Calendar for event management and we use Suicide Kings Geo (SKG Geo) for loot distribution (Better than DKP IMHO), plus we have a well-designed website, and with all of that we still get people saying “Oh, there is a raid tonight?” or “I forgot” or “I signed up last week but forgot to remove my named after I realized I wouldn’t be good.” – WTF?

    Its to the point now where we are recruiting to over-fill spots and now to replace casualties.


  4. Great show in WI. I just finished listening to the podcast and loved it. It was a very crazy show with a lot of fun stuff. I don’t think your points were received by Mike, but I think he was just trying to get you guys to say what he thought was the best tank in the game. Oh well, it is his show. Good show and I hope you get to do more with them.



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