Today, I give you… a link to a comic


Instead of a rant, I’m going to bring a smile to your face.

I know I will.

Just follow the link, and smile.

Trust me.

You’re just gonna love this.

 And a few strips later, we leave the sweet and cute and enter the realm of the wildly inappropriate, and yet hysterically funny.

SAdly, it’s the inappropriate one that’s WoW related.


2 thoughts on “Today, I give you… a link to a comic

  1. Hahahaha! I used to have a macro that when I popped Slice and Dice/Trinket at the same time using the macro, it would say “Rogues do it from the back!”

    I still believe that Daggers need to be buffed to do higher DPS then Swords but if your a nub and can’t stand at the back, then go swords cause you suck… not cause its better no matter where you stand. 😦


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