Gearing up – buying or raiding?

I’m just kind of curious… I am going to write up a ‘what Druids can look forward to in 2.4′ article for WoW Insider, kinda assuming we’re getting the patch live tomorrow.

While I’m looking at all this stuff, I was wondering.

How many of you, whether a druid or otherwise, are really looking forward to the new 5 man and 25 man instance/raids on the Magisters’ Terrace for new gear, and how many of you are looking solely at new Badge of Justice rewards?

I know that I had blown off really looking at the new Badge rewards too closely, simply because the cheapest thing I thought I saw that was a big upgrade was a minimum of 100 Badges.

But really, after looking at the great roundup that Allison did last week covering every new Badge reward that druids of all specs can look forward to, it made me wonder.

I have assumed the big news was (at my level) we had a new 5 man instance to delve into, and that raiders got a new 25 to tear up.

Are you most excited by the instances? The new content? Or are you most excited to have new purchaseable gear upgrades to save up for?

Me, I’ve been looking forward to having some new daily quests, a new reputation grind for what sound like sweet rewards, and a new 5 man instance to tackle.

The Badge rewards, frankly, are expensive enough that I can’t find myself getting too worked up over them.

LOL. At the same time, I’m sitting on a little over 80 Badges, Badges I was planning on using to buy a Waistguard of the Great Beast, the last tanking upgrade from the old rewards I was saving for, because I haven’t done the Rawr analysis to see if the belt is a better upgrade for me over the new chest or leggings… but I don’t want to use those Badges just yet until I know for sure.

So, instead of getting all worked up about something that’ll take a long time to get enough Badges for… I’m all stoked about getting out there and hitting the dailies, and doing the new instance for the first time.

How about you? Would you rather that Blizzard continue the path of Badge rewards, or would you rather have more instances to run in the hopes of getting that one to three drops that you can use, whether from regular or heroic modes? And once you do get your drops… do you go back to those isntances for any reason other than to farm Badges?


17 thoughts on “Gearing up – buying or raiding?

  1. I’m looking forward to Magister’s Terrace the most. 5-man + the rare 10 / 25 man PuG content is the extent of what I can experience.

    “Would you rather that Blizzard continue the path of Badge rewards, or would you rather have more instances to run in the hopes of getting that one to three drops that you can use, whether from regular or heroic modes?”

    Both. 🙂 Keep adding gear upgrades available through badges, but every 25 man raid instance added to WoW should get a 5 man counterpart.


  2. Although I do love the badge gear rewards, I can’t wait for the five-man. I started playing last May well after the expansion came out and basically whenever I got around to somewhere it had already been done before and strats laid out months ago. Now I will be going into the dungeon like most people were when the expansion first came out, which will be exhilarating to learn something on my own for once.

    Tomorrow will definitely be Magister’s Terrace day for me =D


  3. I love badge rewards. I’m a moonkin, and we’re not going to see plentiful leather spell damage gear outside of badges. Part of the reason I like badge rewards is that you can run any instance with people and still ‘benefit’ from the run. Also, if you’re farming for a specific drop, even runs that don’t yield that drop still provide you with benefit. Overall, I think it’s a much more relaxed system that tends to let instances be a fun time.

    With progressing badge rewards, it’s also beneficial for higher geared players to play with lower geared players. It’s nice to be able to play with my Tier 6 guildies, even though I’m a casual cookie who goes to Kara every now and then. Without badges, they’d have no reason to run five mans that they’ve run hundreds of times before, and would instead work on alts. Everyone wins when everyone gets badges, instead of four shards and a lot of frustration.


  4. BBB–

    I’m looking forward to both, but what I’ve concentrated most on is the badge gear. One reason for that is that the gear is SOOO GOOD and also because it’s something I can kind of prepare for now before the patch. Also, I did a post about the Druid gear on my blog if you want to take a look. 🙂


  5. I’m most excited about the new 5-man, especially some of the heroic drops. The lock trinket especially has me drooling, it’s so sick looking. Because of my schedule 5-mans are my bread and butter. I was able to save up for the Icon of the Silver Crescent from the old rewards, but tha was just 41 badges. The thought of saving up 100 badges or more makes me cringe.

    Really though, 100 badges is pretty reasonable to any guild routinely clearing Karazhan. 22 badges per run racks up pretty quickly. 5 weeks of Kara for a BT-equivalent piece of gear seems like a good deal. Tobold’s blog had an article recently that applauded the notion, as it provided experienced raiders with tangible rewards for going “back” to Kara with newer guild members.

    Love the blog btw.


  6. I get depressed when I look at the badge rewards (could really use gloves & chest – no luck with T4 anyway) and then my badge count (22? 24? Something like that.)

    I can’t wait to try and tackle the new instance though – sounds like they have familiar mechanics.


  7. I’m looking forward to the badge rewards. Magister’s Terrace has one upgrade that I’ll be fighting with basically everyone and their dog for, and that’s on heroic – and MT is apparently a real bastard for druids thanks to the tons and tons of magic damage. It’s unlikely I’ll be downing anything in Sunwell any time soon. I am looking forward to actually being able to eat KT’s head, but new 5-mans aren’t that interesting to me.

    But the badge loots? They are dreamy. I hate the random bits of haste on them, but the chest is a great alternative to a piece I won’t likely see for some time. I end up doing usually a heroic a day, and that + the raid bosses dropping heroics + kara is likely going to be about 50 badges a week. Two weeks to get T5-level chestpieces? A week to get the best tanking ring in the game? Sign me up!


  8. Well, I hope Blizzard is learning, and implementing better itemization methods (I said Methods!) in WOTLK. The Badge system isn’t ideal, as it take the more outlandish offspecs 5 times as much playtime to get comparable gear than his/her more standard specced peer. It also keeps us in Karazhan, filling up runs that other players and less geared alts could benefit more from.

    Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the Badge system. I geared my tankadin and moonkin in complete badge sets. But it’s hardly ideal.

    In the future, I’d hope that they make more variable turn-in gear, using the sunmote process with more generic reputation items. Consider the Depleted items from Ogri’La, and imagine them dropping in dungeons. An “Eroded Weapon” with +80 attack power and 35 stamina becomes ideal if NPCs allow you the choice to add an additional +35 agility OR +35 strength OR even +25 defense rating for the turn-in price of 30 arrakoa feather-like reputation items and 10 gold. The result is an itemized weapon ideal for tanks, warriors, hunters, at least one kind of rogue, ret paladins, and enh shamans. Similarly, “eroded polearms” could be modified to become feral tanking or feral dps staves.


    As for 2.4, I’m currently rerolled as a resto shaman for the red team. I’m not hot for the new patch. I’m excited for new dailies, as sad as that may be. Of course, if having a major quest hub away from shattrath means less congestion, I’ll be a very happy Tauren.


  9. Oh yeah – another thing I’m looking forward to is honor gear. S2 becoming purchasable with honor will be very nice. I don’t know whether we’ll have a new belt/boot/glove set, but being able to get the S2 weapon without arena points is going to be nice, at least for dps.


  10. Meh, I’m more excited about the new instance than the badge rewards. I love getting new leatherworking patterns though.


  11. I am more excited for the 5-man, mainly because I am a true casual player. I rarely have the time to run heroics (let alone raid Kara), and when I do, it’s usually a pug that doesn’t make it too far in before someone DC’s or what not.

    This basically puts the badge rewards out of reach, though I plan on trying for the swords at least.

    Can’t wait to try the Magister’s Terrace…sounds really cool. And I want that phoenix pet 😛


  12. As soon as Magister’s Terrace is open I will be running it on heroic daily until the warlock trinket drops. Have you seen that thing?! Sexy!

    And I go back and forth on the badge rewards. It sucks that people will be able to grind out gear that others have literally raided months to get, but it’s also nice that we won’t have to hope and pray for that one drop to happen on our umpteenth kill of Curator, or Leotheras the Blind, or Shade of Akama… From the looks of things the badge gear is mostly going to be there to keep guilds from having to farm Black Temple for months to get geared enough to handle even the first few Sunwell Plateau bosses. Take Brutallis: 10 million health and a 6 minute enrage timer… insane.


  13. I’m stoked for the badge rewards. Need to ditch the Clefthoof armor set. Been preparing with Kara badges (145 currently). New alchemist stone is nice too. Although I am also looking forward to the new rep grind too.


  14. I really can’t say I’m excited for any of the upcoming content. Yes, the badge gear interests me (at least the chest since I’m not likely to see Magtheridon, ever), though I have to wonder a little why there’s no tanking shoulders from badges yet and why haste, of all things, since this is pretty precisely oriented to ferals otherwise.

    The idea of a new 5-man interests me more. I think this is the first time since Dire Maul they’ve added a non-raid instance in a non-expansion patch. This is especially nice for people like me, who have a lot of time on their hands to play but are unable to raid due to a set schedule available. I will LOVE to see new content, as I’m never going to see the inside of BT, Hyjal, or TK, and SSC depends on how lucky I am to pug a slot with one guild I know when my schedule coincides with theirs.


  15. Pfft, I’m just stoked on the leatherworking mayhem that will be the new epic patterns and lack of BoP on the nethers and vortexs. Though I’m also fairly certain that the AH will be filling up with plenty of the crafted BoE epics with this new turn of events, I’ll be taking part in it, that’s for sure 😛

    Good Hunting,


  16. FYI, I’d say that the Waistguard of the Great Beast just became worthless, as 30 Badges will now buy you the 2x Nether Vortex that you need to have a raider craft you the Belt of Natural Power. Half the price, and a better piece.

    Oh, and I’m looking forward to both the 5-man and the Badge rewards. I’m realitic enough to know that I’m probably not getting into BT, much less an instance scaled *above* that, until WotLK. 🙂


  17. as someone with less time and no time to raid the badge rewards are a great idea.

    sure it will take me a while to amass 30 /50 / 70 badges but at least i know i will amass them in time and can look forward to choosing some nice items where as i know 110% guaranteed that i’m never going to see the inside of SSC let alone MH/BT.


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