Kara Part 2

Ok, BBB is having a horrible day at work today, so he asked (ok, made) me write the post for today.   Last night, we went back into Kara for part 2 with our group from last Wednesday (minus 1 player and the addition of a new mage).  It was a very successful and smooth run (at least that’s what they all said and since it’s only my 2nd time in there, I’m going to believe them).

We started out doing Maiden.  We had skipped her last week while doing Attumen, Moroes, Opera and Curator.  We downed Maiden the first time with no issues at all.  Very smooth and fast fight.

Then killed all the trash on the way to Illhoof.  Again, downed him the first time with BBB tanking BOTH Illhoof and Kil’rek on his own.  Our mages kept getting sacrified and were excellent at using ice block to quickly stop that and get back to the fighting.  And yay, Illhoof dropped the Xavian Stilleto that only I could use (which was an upgrade from my Felsteel Whisper Knives.

Then it was on to Shade of Aran.  I personally hate this fight because there’s so much to remember (and the pressure of not moving during flame wreath which would lead to never-ending ribbing from the rest of the party is terrible) and instead, I died within the first arcane explosion.  Almost made it to the wall when I exploded. 😦  However, a few moments later, BBB took a quick pause from fighting to rez me. Yay, I was back in the fight and ready to take him down.  Got him to about 50% when suddenly BBB said “oh shit” and was dead himself.  The rest of us kept up the fight and we were down to 1% when Gerolan and I saw another arcane explosion coming and both made the unannounced decision to just keep whaling away on him instead of running for the walls.  And he went down!  He did not drop any rogue loot, but I did get Medivh’s Journal which I needed for my quest.

On we went to more trash and then the Chess event.  Now I have to say, I played Chess a long time ago (but don’t remember much), but as Teysa said when explaining it to our new mage – “do you know how to play chess?  Well, this is nothing like that.”  lol  I just can’t seem to get the hang of it.  This time I was a horsie and had finally gotten within range of the Warchief when I got killed and moved a few times with a new pawn when the rest of the team got the win.  And yay, more rogue loot.  I got the Girdle of Treachery to replace a horrible old green belt that I was still wearing (my last green piece).  BBB generously let me have it when it would have been a really big upgrade for his kitty set.  Thanks dear!

Since we had no offtank, we decided to bypass Netherspite completely (and the guild always bypasses Nightbane – however, I’ll have that quest soon so they’ll have to give in for one night and do it) 🙂  So it was off to Prince.  Remember, how I said above that I hate the Shade of Aran fight?  Well, I really hate the Prince fight.  As with last time, I quickly died when I got enfeebled.  I ran and ran and my poor corpse showed my sword hand literally almost touching Gerolan’s foot.  I was this close to safety when I died with my back to Prince.  Turned my view and watched as the team took him down on the first try (and I have to admit, I did feel slightly better when Teysa, the other melee DPS, died a short time after I did).  However, after being rezzed by BBB at the end of the fight, I watched with glee as the Ring of a Thousand Marks dropped and I was the only one who could use it (that didn’t already have it).  Yay, again the rogue got lovin!  3 epics in one night!   Woohoo!

BBB then escorted me to the library to turn Medivh’s journal in since the instance would be resetting tomorrow.  We got down there and ran in only to find out that there was one anomaly with the 3 mana worms (can’t remember the technical term for those guys) that we had bypassed before and they were standing right next to the NPC that I had to turn my quest in to.  First, BBB said it just wasn’t going to happen for me to turn my quest in and then a devious plan sprung to his mind.   So I stealthed over to the NPC and BBB taunted the anomaly the group over to him (preparing to take the fall so I could turn my quest in).  However, the mana worms decided to stay right where they were.  I did manage to turn my quest in just as all three of them ganged up and killed me.

Ran back from the graveyard and then it was off to read the journal at the master’s terrace.  Teysa still had that quest in his log, so we all watched the dialogue between Medivh and the dragon (forget his name too) and got our quests complete together.  BBB and I headed outside to turn my quest in, ran and got the bone from behind the summoning stone and then realized the next part of the chain, after a quick stop in Netherstorm, would be to do a heroic Shattered Halls and heroic Setthek Halls run.  Decided that will probably sit in my quest log for a bit, especially with the patch coming out soon and lots of new stuff to do.

But overall, a wonderfully successful evening.  I got lots of loot (which is always nice for an undergeared person), and a few other teammates got pieces they had either been wanting for awhile or could really use (as newer Kara players like myself).  And even better, I’m starting to get a much better sense of all the different bosses and what abilities work better with some than others.  I’ll definitely be back to Kara again (esp as I still have a helm, gloves, a chestpiece, boots, and a trinket on my wish list of rogue goodies).

Anyone else have a successful raid in the last week that they want to share or make others jealous with the cool loot that dropped for them?



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  1. On my very first kara run, I also got three epic drops, The Vambraces of Courage, the epic plate belt off Moroes, and the Wrynn Dynasty Greaves.
    My guild immediately began joking that now I could never leave them for another guild.


  2. I got the squid-head staff last night 😀 It seems like all that will drop for me now is off-spec gear, and those who still have upgrades for me (like Prince) refuse to drop their stuff. It’s a sure sign I need to get out of that place!

    Congratulations on your drops! You’ll be an epic rogue in no time 😉


  3. Last week I finally got *drum roll* my Pocket Watch from Moroes! That took months to get. And also got the gilded thorium cloak even though I think I’m going to get the badge cloak at some point to replace it after I spend some badges on new stuff when it’s unlocked. Now I just need my T4 gloves (which I only saw drop the first run I ever did in Kara when I wasn’t the MT), T4 helm, and I think that’s it for tanking.

    And good job on your first run through. Dieing during enfeeble is a right of passage all melee DPSers must make, lol. Thankfully druid DPSers don’t die in Shade’s arcane explosion because of shapeshifting =D


  4. Irv, Lights Justice did not drop off Prince. Alareus the mage did get his T4 helm on his very first run, though.

    On the other hand Shard of the Virtuous dropped from Maiden and Caladorn ecstatically grabbed ‘er up.

    It is so damn nice to see people able to use the gear that drops on these runs.


  5. /Puts the knife I was going to cutmyself with in the drawer 😀

    Grats to cassie and I am glad cally got his Shard.

    Cassie seems so damn lucky like 10 drops out of every run in kara hehe.

    Grats again


  6. I don’t get to raid regularly, so all my Kara runs are in PuGs. I’m on my Paladin as either Holy or Prot, but I grab whatever gear I can. Now, because it’s a PUG, I can roll on pretty much ANYTHING I will use. Luckily the guys I run with all know me and I’m nice enough not to just roll on everything.

    However, there are times I really want to scream at the dice gods. I’ve lost the Ribbon of Sacrifice to two different Retribution Paladins. I’ve lost T4 gloves to another player who wanted another set of gloves for their offset. In fact, even though I’m exalted with the Violet Eye, I only have one piece of Tier gear from Kara (the helm), which I haven’t even exchanged for gear because I can’t decide which spec I want it for.

    That’s not to say I don’t get any gear from Kara. My healing set has 3 Kara pieces (weapon, shield, gloves), my tanking set has 4 (cape, 2xboots, chest), and I even have some spell damage and ret gear.

    Anyway (guess I wanted to vent there, sorry)…

    As for silly loot in the last week, I went on a Heroic Setthek Halls run last week. This run was so that a druid could get his epic flight form, so we were going to be summoning the bird boss. A Hunter joined us. This guy is in T5 / T6 loot, and he came EXCLUSIVELY for the chance at the bird mount.

    By the time I joined the group, they had been at it for nearly 3 hours (bad tank), and were finally a few pulls from the boss. We down the bird after a wipe, and sure enough… the mount. I passed since that’s what was agreed on beforehand. The (replacement) tank, rolled and won.

    Amusingly enough, the Hunter is in my main guild. And so is the tank that ninjar’d his mount. The two are still fighting over it. 🙂


  7. Oh, ouch. Man, those rare drops that take some serious play sure can cause the strife.

    I can only imagine the fights as PUGs go into the 5 man Magisters’ Terrace, and the Phoenix Pet drops from the final boss.


  8. Gratz on the new loot. My mage is pretty has pretty much all kara gear but I get vicarious enjoyment when I don’t have to shard something. It’s great seeing loot go to the newer members.

    Mitch. We have been running Kara weekly since October and our MT has yet to see the pocketwatch drop even once. Gratz on that.

    One question, why is it that you guys skip nightbane, regularly? We love farming the guy…Once a guild/raid can handle one cycle it is rinse and repeat. Sure, it’s a long fight that consumes mana pots, etc…but there’s only two pulls to him so it balances out. We’ve done it with a group of dpsers where everyone was around 500dps or more and we’ve downed him where 4/5 dpsers were between in the 2 and 300s…we’ve also done it where we aoe the skellies and single target them, so lots of variety — if you need tips or our basic strat just let me know.


  9. Thanks Alex, and sorry it hasn’t dropped for you guys yet >.< That’s a ridiculous wait for one drop and why I welcome the badge rewards as compared to tight-***es that prefer to let the RNG decide things. I’ll have my character /pray for you guys, lol. Good luck.

    We are kind of stuck with Nightbane though. The first few times we tried it we got to the third flight phase a couple times and my problem was re-establishing aggro on Nightbane when he landed, but now we have that problem solved since he lands the same place. And we make sure no was does anything until they at least see the mangle debuff or a lacerate or two. But now we can’t handle the skellies 😦

    Next time we try it I’m going to get initial hate on me the best i can with swipes and at the same time mark one as skull so we can burn them down asap rather than having people all attacking different skeletons. It’s impossible for me to keep aggro like that as a bear when everyone is attacking everything. I don’t understand how we have regressed though after handling it well the first few times. Ah well.


  10. Our strat on the skellies is for everyone to ‘hug the condom’ (the MT is marked with a condom) when nightbane takes off. As the skellies spawn they’ll spawn all on the same spot, and the MT/OT start cleaving/swiping as they can. This is even more trivial with consecrate and a paladin.

    Another way to make sure it works is to have challenging roar up (along with the warrior’s version) and grab all the skellies right away. That’s not so bad and means no one’s out of range.

    But the huddling works great. You do take some damage but it’s not something the healers can’t deal with.


  11. LOL. Thanks for the thoughts on the pocketwatch:)

    When nightbane lands, we usually have a hunter misdirect onto our main tank. If you don’t have one (and you gotta have on right? , I could see how that part is a pain. Even still,our rule of thumb is when is he about to land no heals, no bandages, nothing that would generate any aggro.

    The skelly phases are the toughest. We always collapse on the tank at the start of the air phase. It sounds like you have some mages (frost mage is great to have here for both frost nova and blizzard and frostbite effect on skellies that get away), so once the skellies spawn, throw out a frost nova. On top of that, another hunter with frost trap to slow them down if they start after the healers or other dps. If we have a pally tank and a couple of aoers it’s simple enough. If not, we single target them while the tank tries to grab as many as possible saving his taunt for one that runs away.

    Ideally, you hopefully have CT Raid or some other such feature on your raid mod that allows you to show the main and off tank’s target so dps can click on those quickly without having to try and figure out which one the tank is on. We also go old school and I main assist — this is on my mage. So on top of the basic status window for each raider there are three windows showing the tanks’ targets and my target. Ideally, all dps follows not the tanks target but mine as the main assist (I usually pick a tank’s target but sometimes tank ends up switching for good reason). This means even if the skelly isn’t actually being tanked it is still getting all of our dps so it never makes it very far even if it goes after a squishy. Splitting dps on skellies is doom unless you have a TON of dps.

    Hope that helps and good luck next time!


  12. My guild entered SSC for the first time on the weekend and successfully downed Hydross and Lurker. We were very very pleased. This huntard was even more pleased with the Ranger-Generals Chestguard which dropped from Hydros, I’m told that it is actually better than the T5 Hunter chest.

    Congrats on a successful Kara run Cassie and BBB – sounds like you are really enjoying yourself Cassie after your initial nervousness and that’s the most FTW of all 🙂


  13. My first ever venture into Kara was as a last minute replacement healer… to start on prince, a fairly interesting first fight for a healer! I got Light’s justice and the healing cloak aswell, haha!

    Also you dont need an OT for netherspite, there’s no harm in the red beam hitting him in the phase when your tank has the debuff, you just stand to the side and tank him as you would a normal boss, it just means your dps needs to watch the threatmeter to make sure they dont overtake the tank (esp blue beam dps) but then they should all be used to doing this for every other boss anyway.


  14. Thanks for the tips on Nightbane guys! I can’t believe none of us thought about the hunter dropping a frost trap!!! That would be helpful in case I lose control of one or two of them. Nightbane is on notice this week =D I’ve taken it a bit too personal that we haven’t downed him the last couple weeks so I’m going to try everything in my power and read every strat possible to beat this dragon out of his curse . . . or spell . . . or whatever he’s under.


  15. The trick to Nightbane is making sure that everybody stays alive the whole time. Fights like Shade and Prince you can afford to lose people on, but Nightbane is such a long fight (up to 10 min for new guilds) that if you lose a DPS early on it’s going to very seriously crunch your healers’ mana pools by the end. We do it with the Hunter’s frost trap, as mentioned above. It’s pretty easy if you’re tanking with Druids and Warriors, and have a Shaman along…1st Rain of Bones have your Warrior AOE taunt when all the skellies are out, 2nd Rain of Bones have your Druid AoE taunt, 3rd Rain of Bones have your Shaman drop their Earth Elemental. If you do it that way, the skellies are easy. The only thing that makes it challenging is that you don’t actually see the Charred Earth appear on the floor unless your spell detail is high enough (incidentally this is a major point of contention I have with Blizzard and some endgame raid encounters- with Akil’zon’s storm, Nightbane’s Charred Earth, and Gruul’s Cave In, you can’t see the relevant graphic effect unless your settings are high enough. This is extremely problematic for people with older systems).


  16. yeah had a good week last week.

    not by any means in the same laegue as the rest of you being a casual casual player who only runs some 5 mans when wife and baby permits.

    so last week i finally started to run heroics with a priest friend and a few others i know who are in bigger guilds.

    got a primal nether from heroic SP which allowed me to make my Boots of Natural Grace.

    then went to Heroic BM – jeez thats hard although no one in the grp had done heroic b4 – we only downed 1 boss and just failed to get to the 2nd when time was running out for a couple of people. Still the boss we did kill dropped an Epic Gem with Hit and Agi which no one esle needed so i got it for my Shadowprowler’s Chestguard 🙂

    So i’m finally the proud holder of some badges and am working my way towards a lot more for all the droolworthy items i see from the Shatt person and now i see even more droolworthy stuff in 2.4 !


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