Dirt Dog’s Guide to Sunwell Quests

I wanted to make sure everyone had the chance to see this great guide to the entire unlocking of the Sunwell quests and stages, from Dirt Dog Gaming.

I know that, as someone that did not go into the PTR, I wandered around last night doing what I could find, unsure of whether or not I was doing everything I could.

Thanks to Dirt Dog, I could start with part 1 and see what is open at the very beginning, what I’m suppsoed to do in each quest, and I can get the feel of how things will grow as each stage unlocks. And, frankly, what the hell the ‘stages’ are anyway.

But the prize is on part 9, where he creates an awesome chart showing all available quests, by stage, so you can see just what you can do. Everywhere.

Rock on.


One thought on “Dirt Dog’s Guide to Sunwell Quests

  1. I think the waiting was a smart move. I saw more horde and alliance in the same place than i have ever seen before. I also think there may have been a record amount of player skeletons on the ground as well.


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