Magisters’ Terrace impressions

Yesterday, I visited the new Isle (along with about 8 million others, it seems), and did a couple of the new daily quests.

Then, nothing would do but to go ahead and pull together a group to go try the new 5 man instance, Magisters’ Terrace.

We went in there with;

  1. Windshadow the feral tank
  2. Elystia the mage for ranged DPS and Sheep
  3. Jalard the moonkin druid for ranged DPS and Cyclone
  4. Cassieann the combat sword rogue for melee DPS and Sap
  5. Nali the resto druid

All of us are high end Kara geared, except perhaps for Cassie, and frankly I think her paired Blinkstrike and Latros’ swords with mongoose enchants, and the rest of her gear places her pretty strongly in center Kara gear herself.

So forgive me if I think that we were pretty well geared for the instance, but it was my original impression that the 5 man instance on normal mode was intended to be on par with Shadow Labyrynth or Shattered Halls.

Well, it’s true that none of us had studied before going in. That was a mistake. We went on in intending to explore, arrogant in our ability to master the instance with no wipes first try.

HAH! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahh! *&%* ($%(* $&*(-$^)*&%*&-ing instance run.

So, there are 4 bosses. The trash leading up to and in between the bosses are pretty simple and standard, except for one thing; they start in 4 man pulls, go up to 5 man pulls with imps, and end with a single 6 man (plus imp) pull immediately before the final boss, Kael’thas.

And the majority of these mobs are casters.

Now, let me tell you, I have never felt as incompetent as a tank as I did on that 6 man pull.

The first three bosses; easy.

Even though we didn’t know what the hell we were doing, I went to WoWWiki and quickly read the strats aloud for bosses 1 – 3, and we did it on the first shot (except for boss 1, which we accidentally kicked off early, and activated the barred door, locking 3 members of the party outside as me and Cassie got burnt down. Slowly. Very irritating. Word to the wise; make sure everyone is IN the damn room before aggroing him. Damn it. And watch LOS issues between melee DPS and healers if fighting on the stairs near the handrails).

Anyway, no, all of our problems really came from the damn trash. I definitely recommend making sure you study each mob to know who does what.

We finally nailed things down by having Cassie sap one, Ely sheep one, Jalard cyclone one, and then I took the last two LOS around a corner to make them come to melee range as ranged DPS burnt down the imps. Then we had seconds to bust the two I held before the cyclone came running for Jalard, then we had seconds before sap came running in for the healer, and then we could take down sheep at our leisure.

It seemed a mite tight, kept me nervous as hell as CC broke loose with previous mobs still alive and making me have to run like hell to pick up without breaking sheep or sap in the middle, basically very exciting, but working our asses off we got it done, and I think we all enjoyed the tension and the challenge.

And then we got past the third boss, the Priestess, and faced the single 6 mob pull prior to downing Kael’thas.

We. Were. Not. F%^*ing. Prepared.

Now, right before the third boss, our resto druid healer went offline and never came back, either to Teamspeak or to the game. Just gone. So we needed a replacement to down the Priestess, and Gerolan the master healing godlike Paladin I’ve mentioned in previous articles before agreed to come in. So we HAD heals.

So we were good to go. We went after the 6 mob pull. We died. We remarked, discussed CC. Tried again. Died.

I think we attempted the 6 mob (plus f&*#ing imp) pull 6 times. I honestly lost count. And we failed.

Gerolan had just been in a 5 man party that took this down with zero blips, so all I can say is, I obviously am NOT prepared, and I feel incompetent to do this run. I really do.

The pull consisted of a lot of casters, a lot of magic damage output, and if you fail the entire group respawns so you can’t whittle em down. It is clearly a gut check before they hand you Kael’thas.

And no matter how we tackled it last night, we COULD NOT down enough of the mobs I was tanking for me to be prepared to pick up the Demon succubi thing that Gerolan was fearing, or the Magister that was sapped, when they came loose.

I just COULD NOT git er done.

Sucked. Big time.

We finally gave up, to see if maybe a night of rest and stepping back a bit could bring a fresh perspective the next time.

Today, I’ve been reading the flow of chat from others that have gone in there… and overall, every single other person I’ve seen so far in forums talking about it has discussed difficulties in PUGs with downing Kael’thas… but not one other person seems to have had an issue with the 6 mob pull. No one has even mentioned it, as though it is beneath everyone else’s notice.

Granted, I don’t get to read my blog feeds and see what other bloggers are saying until I get home tonight. Maybe some other folks had a hangup too.

But holy shit WTF, am I really the only bad f&^%ing tank in the instance?

I mean, shit!

Yes, feral druids are susceptible to magic damage. I didn’t have stamina food, only Warp Burgers, so that didn’t help. I took my Earthen Elixir though.

That is still no excuse for not getting the job done. Not when I had some of the best players in the game in there with me. 

And not when it happened the same way each time… oops, too many mobs loose, oops mobs on the healer, oops healer dead, oops I’m dead, oops party wipe.

Anyone else? Anybody got a “I kicked it’s ass, it’s easy noob” story to share?


57 thoughts on “Magisters’ Terrace impressions

  1. well for all of those talking here im a balance druid on shandris realm whit fair gear :p ( yeah right) on my frist try the group was

    Hoot–prot war
    coralblue-holy priest
    and me–balance druid

    happens that we had some problens whit the mana things there and wipe twice but we talked about pull them to the hall and took down everything just before the doors in first boss close leaving drag and rosalie outside well that was time for a starfire and DoT marathon. and we got it down fast that was our only problem right ther in this group

    second time there

    bornah–prot war
    blackthom-holy priest
    again me- balance druid

    this time whit a little more exp we manage to get to kael whit no problems then our healer died follow by hunter mage and war. he was at 23% and then again marathon or DoTs and starfire whit a couple of moonfire everytime to keep the DoT coming and that was so far our problem thanks god my rez was 1 min CD and we finish the run whit a score of just 1 death of each player ( i died on the priestess pull)


  2. Hey,

    Man this makes me feel better,

    I am a kinda new decently geared feral tank, and man that last pull raped me. First time i did it we had to shammies..double fire ele ftw.

    2nd group was

    Druid tank
    Priest healer
    Mage sheep
    Shammy-untankable damage spikes (though he kinda pwned)

    we wiped allot on the way there mostly because i didn’t know where not to step and aggro to much. W/e that’s practice but that last

    I just couldn’t keep aggro. At all. If you ever can get a recomended group and a cc order it would be amazing!

    thanks =)


  3. My guild (warrior tank, warrior DPS, affliction lock, mage, pally) gave up on that last 6-pull as well, although I think that was just as much about the lateness of the hour by then, and our being completely demoralized by wiping what seemed like two dozen times already. We made a mistake by not starting the run until 10pm. By 1:30am I was ready to hurl the computer out the window, so it was time to take a breather.

    Anyway, we might try it again tonight. The AOE squishes my succubus every time, meaning the seduce is useless as CC in the hallway. So I think the way to try it (if we get that far again) is to pull the group out into the courtyard where you face Boss #3.


  4. This instance I have now run 8 times, as a feral tank. I’ve run heroic twice and regular once. Each time has been a different setup. Heroic is vastly different to regular in the mob hit points and the second boss. Other than that its not really that bad. I would REALLY recommend you bringing one renewable CC and one other CC to complete it due to the large trash packs. The problem with heroic is that if your group together cannot output 3k+ dps you are not going to get past large parts of it. That being said the only two real blocks I ran into were: a heroic group with players mostly in prekara blues and a few badge items not doing enough dps to bring down the second boss. The other was non heroic with a nearly all melee group. Fury warrior, bear tank, Beast Hunter, Paladin and Rogue. This group simply cannot bring down Kael. The hunter was SSC/TK/ZA geared, the tank was mostly T6 geared, the rogue SSC/badge geared, the warrior kara/badge geared and the Pally SSC/badge geared. There is just no way a melee heavy group with a pally healer can take care of the adds. Other than that, yes, I am pretty sure with good execution you can make any group work in there.


  5. Ran MrT first time yesterday, as tank with an über group (or so I thought). Totally undergeared compared to them, just attained uncrittable status. Had 13600 HP / 18700 armor / 416 Def. Had read about the hell it was in this thread, so I was skeptic. We had a Warlock / Mage / Druid healer / shadow Priest /, and me Feral tank. We wiped 3 times. One time on the first 5 man pull, as I didn’t knew what LOS meant. Lol, the Mage almost fired me, as main target was always the magisters and I couldn’t reel him in. Next wipe was at the fountain courtyard, were I accidently went after a magister who had fled to the fountain, and then accidently pulled another 5-man mob.

    Last wipe was on the 6-man pull, but at least we only wiped once there. All bosses went down pretty easy the first time. We had very good DPS, and the other guys knew the instance well. The Cc we had was perfect. Sheep, enslave succbus and charm and finally MC. We actually had too much CC at some mobs, were I had to targets, 3 were Cc’ed and the last one was killed almost instantly.

    But true, as a tank, the place sucketh big time. The bosses are easy, as you only have one goal as a tank, the DPS classes are doing all the work. The trash is tough as it’s very tightly packed, and because you are using LOS all the time, your TABbing finger needs to be fast…Other than that it’s fast and pretty in there. I’d call it mini-Kara.

    Will surely go there soon again, at least for the epic pants and the epic cloak. Got the
    blue kitty pants from Fireheart, but not as good as the Skystalker’s Leggings of the Beast


  6. My first run of the normal MrT was a success as a bear tank (Yoru @ Draenor).
    We did have a few wipes but normal for a first. We (guildes) had a hunter, lock, priest, mage and feral tank (me) all in KZ and arena gear.

    We wiped a few times on the 6 pack but finally beat them and wiped on Kael once. Man, watch for those bubbles. lol.

    The 6 pack had me worried for a bit. Thank god for swipe, roar and good guildies.


  7. Just to give an update on how our first run last week went.

    Our group as mentioned before:

    1 Worrior (tank)
    1 Priest (healing – with a pvp spec)
    1 Mage (sheep)
    1 Hunter (trap)
    1 Rogue (me, pvp spec, arena gear)

    We wiped a total of four times. One time at the second boss, because we did not kill the adds quick enough. Another wipe at the second boss, because we pulled him while still fighting another group… And two more wipes at the last boss. Our priest thought it would be funny to fly into the bubbles, i.e. not funny! We never wiped on any of the trash groups. Our strategy was always to sap one, sheep one and trap a third one. Our tank took two and I killed the imp and the succubus. Once these two were dead the main target was already down and the sap came. Still only two at the same time. Overall very easy to manage. However, I am not so sure anymore, if our gear is as bad as I thought. The season three stuff must be really competitive…

    Good luck to all and good luck to us, as we will try to get through the heroic one on Wednesday…


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