Planning your gear upgrades

Patch 2.4 is here. Yeah, yeah, I know. No shit, Sherlock, what gave me the first clue? Maybe the 261MB download?

Anyway, one thing everyone agrees on is that we have accessibility to new gear. New badge rewards, new crafted recipes, new instances, the whole dealio.

Everyone I know is at different levels of gear or progression. Some of you are raiding BT and now the Sunwell, and come along here to lolzers at me or help guide us with your insight, others are at about the same level, and others are still enjoying leveling your druids up through the game.

So the challenge I have is to decide how to help folks see where their current gear may rank compared to the new stuff, and assist everyone in finding upgrades.

And I mean everyone. Not just druids, but as many folks as possible.

Well, there is a tool I’m using that seems like a brilliant, godlike tool for fine tuning your needs and finding new gear.

The website is Loot Rank.

What Loot Rank has done, and it’s brilliant, is they have set up a search form that you can personally customize by individual item characteristics, and then search for how items rank up by YOUR importance.

It uses the idea that is the foundation behind item ranking systems such as the Agility Equivalency Point system as shown so well for rogue gear on, or the ranking system Emmerald has used for Feral kitty and bear druid gear comparisons.

And the beauty of it is that it is a blank canvas for you to use. You can configure the rankings to tweak it towards whatever class and spec you prefer, and save that as a template for your own needs, and refer to it frequently as you level.

Now, you can create your own template this way, but for the ‘get it and go’ user, there are already some templates that have been submitted in the forums by users for most classes.

I am going to link the templates here that I am going to personally find the most useful, and I hope they help you as well. But  encourage you to explore the forums, check out the other templates, and examine the math and concepts behind these templates so you can decide on your own whether the importance they give to certain stats matches your own opinion.

Feral Kitty DPS Druid

Feral Bear Tank Druid

Sword Spec Combat Rogue

Shadow Priest

Again… it may not be perfect, but as far as I know, right now it is the best I can find in a ranking system that includes the new gear. I hope you find it useful.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Don’t forget that not only are Primal Nethers able to be purchased for 10 Badges of Justice each, but Nether Vortexes are able to be purchased for 15 Badges. And they are Bind on Equip, not BOP. So now you can look through all that awesome crafted gear you used to think was forever beyond your reach, like the Belt of Blasting or the Belt of Natural Power, and be able to gather ALL of the mats for it, and ask a higher progressed crafter from another guild to make it for you for a flat fee. No more trying to find a guild that has loose Nether Vortexes to make non-guildies items.

A very big B^3 thank you to Ribeye for pointing that out. 

9 thoughts on “Planning your gear upgrades

  1. ME TOO! ME TOO! *jumps up and down*

    After reading these comments yesterday I felt compelled to gather the mats for the BoNP last night and am now the proud owner of a belt I didn’t think I would ever see/get. I had my sights set on saving the badges for the Waistguard of the Great Beast. Given the cost of the mats (easily made up by doing the dailies) vs the amount of time it would take for me, a casual player, to gather 60badges it was definitely a no brainer. I bought both vortexes off the AH for about 550g total and didn’t have to waste a single badge *teases BBB*. So thanks Bcubed and everyone else for getting me motivated so I could finally retire my Manimals Cinch.


  2. Thanks for the shoutout, BBB I feel special now! I *just* got my Belt of Natural Power today and couldn’t be happier! 🙂 Never would have imagined I’d be vendoring my Tree-Mender’s belt so quickly!

    Side note, I’ve also found to be useful for gear ranking, though it takes some time to monkey around with it and get the weightings right; some item slots (rings and trinkets, specifically) don’t seem to rank quite right no matter what you do – but cross-referencing these sorts of things inevitably proves helpful if nothing else. Keep up the good work!


  3. Ah, that’d make sense. No, that’s probably Emmerald’s math, but his math was something I disagreed with already; he doesn’t favor armor all that much and does favor agility quite a bit (though not as much as str some times, for some reason).

    The more I play with Rawr the more valuable I find it.

    On our server, nether vortexes were going for 200g a pop. Given that that’s about 2 hours of dailies, that seems a lot better than the 30 badges required. I’m licking my chops at getting the Natural Power belt.


  4. LOL Kal.. I didn’t WRITE the filter/templates, I linked to em from the forums.

    From what I saw in the template descriptions, the Druid ones are using Emmeralds math. Maybe it’s not implemented right, I dunno.

    I just like being able to call up a quick list that throws the new gear up there in a list alongside already known gear, so i can easily see the astats side by side.

    Seeing as how I have endorsed Rawr plenty of times in the past, I figured I’d be cut some slack on that one. I’m more looking for a quick list that I can refer to that shows where stuff is coming from, shows the stats for me, and reminds me what crafted BOE gear is out there that might use Vortexes that I long ago stopped worrying about as being out of my grasp, lol.

    I can’t wait to gather the mats and vortexes for Natural Power and Belt of Blasting, personally. It’s gonna feel real good. 🙂


  5. I think I’ll be sticking with Rawr, at least for bear/cat decisions. Not being able to judge whether more resilience/defense is valuable at a given time makes for some odd results, like the most optimal thing to socket being enduring talasites or not favoring armor so much that the engineering goggles become better tanking goggles than the stag helm.

    And on a side note – you really favor agility over stam that much? That’s kinda surprising.


  6. That is a very useful tool. Thank you for the linkage, and the pre-mades. Funny, with a feral druid and a shadow priest, I almost feel like you made those just for lil’ old me. 😉 (Don’t say anything. Let me keep my happy certainty that the world revolves around my righteous self.) I’m using it to help me decide where best to spend my little cashwad of Badges.



  7. …it would also be nice if Loot Rank evaluated the various “of the XXX” greens. As it stands now, it just evaluates the “base” stats of those items. Not the value of each of the “” available.

    So, using your Kitty weights, it gives Staff of Beasts more points than “Swarming Sting-Staff”. Even though Swarming Sting-Staff of the Tiger provides more +agi and +str than the Staff of Beasts.


  8. My only complaint with Loot Rank is the lack of an iLevel filter. I was recently trying to build up my healing kit a bit (though someone who is just about to hit lvl 70 would have similar issues with kitty and tanking gear). I wanted to include quest rewards, world drops and crafted items. The first 6-10 items for each slot ended up being stuff way too high-end for me to even consider. Had I had some means to set a limit on the iLevel (90-120) it would have been great. I had to show the top 20 for each slot just to get a usable list.


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