Bears’ Night Out!

I’m just looking to see if there would be any interest for those folks local to the Twin Cities, Minnesota area to get together with the Big Bear Butt for a few Guinness (Or beverage of choice), Irish Music, and general shooting of the breeze.

I typically leave the house at least twice a year, whether I like it or not, to partake of Guinness in the company of strangers and friends and listen to the Tim Malloys, the finest band in all of history, break out with the music and song.

I feel one of those times is almost upon me, and while I know that quite a few of my readers may not quite be of a legal age to partake of the alcohol, and fewer still may live in this area of the world… well, you never know. There might be some who are, and do, and might just feel like showing up.

My first, tentative idea, is to think about going out Friday evening, April 11th, to Kieran’s Irish Pub in downtown Minneapolis, there to see the Tim Malloys who will take the stage around about 9ish.

Now, my other idea, now that the weather is turning warmer, is to have a more open environment, where folks of all ages would be welcome (as well as their parents, of course), at one of the area picnic parks, there to have both Guinness and beverages more appropriate for the under age crowd available, and shoot the bull and listen to the Malloys on a boombox. Maybe grill some burgers and brats, you know.

So, let me know what you think, cause come hell or high water, I’m gonna have me some Guinness and listen to the Tims in the very near future. And I’d hope that some of y’all could be there.

I now return you to your normally scheduled MrT run.


Edited by Cassieann:

As an extension to BBB’s idea above for those that aren’t local to our real hometown, I had the following idea:

Now that everyone on the server is descending upon the new Isle to do questing and check things out, it suddenly feels like there’s a lot more players in the game.  Just tons and tons of people running all over the same place, rather than spread out around the world.  BBB and I would love to have the chance to spot readers in the game.  So if you’re on the Kael’thas US Server, let us know your character name (and maybe guild to make you easier to spot) here and we’ll keep our eyes open for you in the game and hopefully get a chance to say hello to you “in person.”


14 thoughts on “Bears’ Night Out!

  1. That sounds like great fun! Sadly, I’ll miss that particular concert of the Tims. I’d be up for a picnic-type deal though once the weather turns…


  2. Aww… I’ve been reading this blog for a while now and it’s the first thing I check every morning when I get to work being a Druid Tank myself.

    I live in Sydney but was just in Minnesota last week for a few days for work…. wonder if I can get over there again so quickly after the last time?

    Anyway have a great time whatever it is you end up doing!


  3. You know, I’m living in belgium at the moment, will be moving to the US soon for work, and I actually would consider coming over for this night out. But the timing will have to be after the bliz con as I’m planning on going to that first.

    Slán Go Foill agus Slainte


  4. It looks like having smoe kind of ‘Bear in the park’ thing closer to actual Springtime would be a better idea.

    And please… don’t plan on doing any traveling to come, that would be silly. 🙂

    On a lighter note, here I am thinking the idea was neat and fun, and then I see BRK already had it, and is going beyond the local for an apparently international congregation of BRK fanatics. Which, when I stop to think about it, should be expected.

    He does lead the way… I think locally, he thinks globally.

    But only TJ has her own live TV show. Hah!


  5. I play on Wildhammer [Horde]. I am a resident of Minnesota, all 45 years of my life. Would love to attend the get together, however I live in St.Cloud and have prior commitments that evening.

    Great job with the website I attempt to read it everyday.


  6. Minnesota? Neat! that’s where I live! 😛

    I’ll follow closely for the date and time, and hopefully me and my shadow-priesty wife will drp by to say hi!



  7. krike yes!

    you got a few of us ‘sota-heads tuning into the wowinsiderpods & my buddy, the bear is, a regular reader here – heck, i’m going over to Kieran’s for lunch today even – we’ll see ya in the park when it happens.

    til then, wishing we were back home in derry,
    your soon to be rl friends from


  8. Another bear here living in the Twin Cities area (Cottage Grove).

    Sounds like it would be a fun time, keep us updated on the time/date and I’ll see if I can show up!


  9. I play a bear tank, but more importantly, am a fan of the Tims (and Guinness). I don’t know if we’ll make it to Kierans that night (will try) but will probably see you around.


  10. I’m a tree that lives in Bloomington, I’d be awesome to meet up at a park or someplace. My huband plays a hunter, so he would come too. 🙂 Sounds like we’re at around the same progression with our guilds and stuff as well. I love you site because it gives me a lot of insight into being a bear – which I sorely need as I’ve been resto the entire time (I know, I even leveled as resto, what a fool!). 🙂


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