Sorry for the silence

AOL recently rolled out new guidelines on how WoW Insider articles need to be written, and since I have an article due tomorrow I’m finding myself having to do massive research to make sure I get it all right.

I will say, when I first heard about the new direction WoW Insider was going to take, I was pretty skeptical.

But the more I tear into this, the more excited I’m getting. I think that the new content is, if anything, going to be even more popular than what we’ve done in the past. And considering the massive market in Asia, I can certainly see the reasoning behind the changes.

Anyway, between the new article changes and my normal work, I’m pretty swamped. But tune in tomorrow to WI, and you’ll see that I’ve been working my big bear butt off.

I hope you had fun this weekend, guys.


6 thoughts on “Sorry for the silence

  1. If it just stops Mike QQ Shramm from making vapid filler posts, inane and missing-the-point reblogging or outright trolling his readership to meet his 50 posts / month quota, I’m eager to see the results.


  2. Good to hear there are changes coming to WoWInsider. As of late, I’ve grown tired of some (ok all) of their rambllings and postings, to the point that I’ve almost decided to avoid them. I’ll keep an eye to see if things improve, but honestly, they’re on thin ice. The whole hybrid debacle with Prot Pallys kinda tweaked me a little, especially since I have a prot pally and will be tanking once I get to Outland.
    Keep up the good work!


  3. BBB, if you don’t mind Guest Posts, I’d be honored to help fill the gaps created from your WoWi commitment. As you may know, I’m a 70 Bear (Nocturneus: Exodar) that is raiding TK and SSC and we’ll be heading into Hyjal this weekend.

    On an unrelated note… every raider MUST get the mod named minnaplan. What it does is provide a map of each raid dungeon and it gives your raid leader markers of every raid member and you can see (in real time) where they want you positioned. It really kicks butt!


  4. To be honest, I get far more out of individual blogs than I do from WoWInsider. For the most part, the bloggers I read (such as BBB) tend to spend much time doing well reasoned writing for their local blogs. Then we have WoWInsider, where some of the bloggers write well reasoned posts but some individuals just post vapid empty headed opinions based on what they want to think rather than anything that actually applies to the game.


  5. @ Mike : A BBB fan might not be a WoWi fan or a Mike fan. Tough crowd or just different crowd? 🙂

    Don’t worry BBB! I will troll WoWi for your articles even if I have to skim through some lame stuff. There are a few good bloggers over there! It can be saved!


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