Well, it’s been done to us

Yep, I mentioned yesterday that WoW Insider was going through a change, and I was having to work more to get up to speed.

The most awesome thing is, you folks think they’re joking.

Yes, it is April 1st. No kidding, really? Wow.

The point you are missing is, AOL owns WoW Insider and Weblogs, Inc. And AOL looks at demographics. And no matter how many players WoW currently has, they have made the decision, based on demographics data from the popularity of Hello Kitty among the various countries that MMOs are popular in, and they have decided to shift the focus of the site towards a full support of Hello Kitty Online to become the leading content provider in advance of the wave.

And no, I’m not happy about it.

The reasoning seems to be that the target audience of Hello Kitty Online will be more likely to seek out tips and guidance about different aspects of the game than the typical WoW player that knows how to take full advantage of Wikis and database knowledge based websites like thottbot or wowhead for answers.

I promise you, I have absolutely NO intention of quitting WoW. This blog will continue to be WoW based, although I make no promises about my crankiness. It seems to fluctuate like phases of the moon.

But WoW Insider is now HKO Insider, and thanks to this genius freaking move, I now get to spend my time in the Hello Kitty Online beta, so I can continue to write articles and get paid for it.

Sigh. At least I still get paid.

I wonder if I can get a discount on Hello Kitty panties for Casseiann?


14 thoughts on “Well, it’s been done to us

  1. It started out as an average day. I woke up late, fed the dog, and headed out to my job. Already thinking about what the Cow (Itok – Feral Druid) was going to do tonight. I sneak in 30 mins late and am excited that nobody has taken notice. Normally I wait until mid day before I check in on your blog. Well its 7:34 and everyone knows I am late as I laughed so hard at your post. Perfect way to start out the day, well other than having to wait another 30 mins before I can Cow it up.



  2. And I am suitably impressed that BBB has kept the traditional tone in this latest of posts. It will be a sad day when Hello Kitty Online calls away my other dearest guildmates, but, as a wise man once said. “This too shall pass”.

    Keep up the great posts! πŸ™‚


  3. In reality it won’t be that much of a change for the feral druid community. We play as cute animals all the time anyways.

    I’m really looking forward to the evolution of the blog as you explore more of the Kitty side of feral!

    ps IRL i have several Hello Kitty Homme handkerchiefs. I’m not kidding. They were on sale.


  4. WoW. Make that WOW! I had no idea that there even was a Hello Kitty online! Thank you so much for this blog – after trying to get back into WoW following a long absence, reading this blog is simply awesome for tips and insight.

    And now, you’ve done it again! What can I say? I followed the link to the Hello Kitty site, and I was so impressed that I have decided to abandon my feral druid and cat form for the cat form of Hello Kitty Online! It looks awesome, the music is much more friendly then the WoW music, and I like the fact that I don’t have to kill anything. At least not yet right?

    In anticipation of possible WoW withdrawals, I have even drafted a letter to the HKO folks to ask if they would consider renaming the site to Hello Feral Kitty Online. Wouldn’t that be cool? I also know that DPS gear won’t be an issue for that site, so I am working (very hard btw) on a concept that would be something like HPS which would be Happiness Per Second. They could have a button bar and you would spam out Head Tilt (3 second cooldown) which would cause HK to tilt the head from side to side. Stuff like that.

    Hello Feral Kitty!


  5. Thank God April Fool’s only lasts a day.

    You guys have singlehandedly ruined the WoW blogosphere for today.


  6. Actually, I think tonight when I log into the beta, I’m going to ahve to make a new Best Pet Friend called Littlekittybutt.

    That’s the best.

    damn it, I’m supposed to raid tonight! I don’t want to play HKO!

    You people are mean.


  7. I can just imagine the LFG chat window.

    LF tank for GumdropIsle, must be specced for cuteness, and we’re gtg
    Need 2 more Hugs for Litter Labs, pst

    Would the warlock equivalent class be one of those goth hello kitties I see at Hot Topic? Would it be called a goth-kitty? Emo-kitty?

    omg I am so rolling an Emo-kitty.


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