A little bit of talk about PvP gear

Our server hit Phase 3 last night at around 8:30 PM.

Knowing as I do that the new Badge reward vendor won’t have the goods until we meet her extortion… I mean, until we build her an anvil… I went on over to do my part and do her Daily quest.

A personal request; if you take the time to actually READ the daily quest, the keys you’re looking for drop off the Myrmidons. Just the Myrmidons. ONLY the Myrmidons. Those are the big scaly ones with big pointy things, okay?

I got sick of seeing crying on general about key drop rates after 30 seconds on the Isle of QQ.

I, on the other hand, killed six Myrmidons and got 4 keys. So I used 3 and saved one for the next day. Nice that they go right into your keyring, no cluttering up bag space. And also nice that you can farm the keys in advance.

After doing that quest and the “light the ships on fire and fight 400 players for respawns on a single tiny ship” quest, I went exploring the new Armory on the Isle of QQ.

There are three floors to the Armory, and on the very topmost floor are 4 vendors. And these vendors, bless their little black hearts, sell PvP gear.

Epic PvP gear.

In 2.4, if you remember, they released sets of PvP gear, blues, purchasable for gold if you had Honored rep with each Outlands faction. Different factions have different pieces of gear, and if you want an entire set, you’ll have to visit each Faction Quartermaster.

This is pretty win, since having Resilience on these pieces, decent armor and Agility and Stam make them pretty darn strong for starting tanking. 

I mentioned it in my last serious WoW Insider article. I like that I can have a matching set of PvP gear, true starter stuff, so at least I last longer than a lit match in a wind tunnel. And having something to fill out my tanking set until I can get better upgrades is awesome.

Well, the new vendors on the Isle of QQ that appear when the Armory is captured sell epic PvP gear. They are called ‘Exotic Gear Purveyors’.

They have PvP stuff for sale in exchange for Tier 4 or Tier 5 armor tokens. This is pretty amazing, since I know for a fact that in my guild, Karazhan runs have often dropped tokens no one could use, so they get passed out for off-spec gear or simply vendored.

I imagine this happens in more progressed raiding guilds as well.

Now, thats pretty sweet for folks. You raid all the damn time, you have zero time to run Battlegrounds for honor, and so you can’t get the PvP gear for some cooldown fighting in between raids. Now, you can turn in those pesky extra Tier tokens!

Yeah, right. Like I’m ever going to worry about having too many Tier 5 tokens.

But guess what? They have Epic PvP gear that you can buy that does NOT take Tier tokens. Instead, you buy the pieces with… Badges of Justice.

That’s right. The Veteran’s armor pieces are there, available for varying amounts of Badges of Justice.

Kayri sells all of the various Bracer, Belt and Boot pieces of Veterans’ epic PvP gear, the pieces that match in color and appearance to the Season 2 Arena gear.

If you HAVE been farming your honor, and you’re just waiting for the chance to buy your Arena S2 gear when it goes live for Honor and Marks, then awesome! You can fill out the complete set in appearance. 

Now, I don’t PvP. So I look at the pieces in terms of PvE utility.

The two sets Feral Druids would be interested in would be the Veteran’s Dragonhide for tanking, and Veteran’s Leather for Kitty form. 

It is Boot, Belt and Bracers. Not Shoulders, which would make me weep with joy.

But let’s be honest. If you ARE running Heroics, or you’re running the early ranges of Karazhan, then you’ve got Badges of Justice coming in. Do your three Daily quests in Shattrath that net you the bags, and you get a chance of a Badge of Justice in them. I know I’ve gotten at least 5 Badges just from the Quests.

Well, these are pretty damn good Tanking Druid pieces. If you are weak in one area, picking up a piece that has strong armor, high Agility, high Stamina and Resilience to buff up your uncrittable for 25 or 40 Badges is pretty win.

If you want to know how gear stacks up, go check them out in Rawr compared to your existing stuff, see what you think.


11 thoughts on “A little bit of talk about PvP gear

  1. Just to clarify something here. The Arena Equipment (Season 1 -3) is not on the same slots as the vindicator or veterans stuff. I.e. you cannot replace them with each other. The vindicator stuff is optical the same as the Season 3. Therefore, once you have all 5 Season 3 items and the vindicator boots and bracers (+ trinket and ring) you have the complete set. The veterans set is the same for the season 2 stuff.


  2. If you’re having trouble staying crit immune, the new “Glyph of the Gladiator” adds 18 stamina and 20 resilience to a head item, which is about twice as effective at getting crit immune compared to the the 16 def KoT Glyph.

    Available at Revered from the Shattered Sun (and that’s the EASIEST faction in the game.)

    I’m not Revered with Keepers of Time yet, so it is much better for tanking than any of my other options. (Might be worth adding to the starter gear list, if it isn’t already on there.)

    (In fact, based on emmerald’s regular gear formula, the stamina is worth 75 bear points vs. 84 bear points on the dodge + defense on the KoT Glyph, not counting any value from resilience, so for bears at the lower end, it might even be preferable.)


  3. I LOVE YOU! I was just browsing around for information about PVP-items yesterday, fearing I should get into this to get my gear up a knotch again. And now you and the comments helped me get some.



  4. I was pretty happy to pick up my 100 badge legs last night. If your server is busy just remember /target smith , Shift V and face away if their is pvp flags.

    As in all of the SSO quests random is random. I have found it better to pick a spot where their are 3 Myrmidons spawns in range of instant cast and just camp their. But last night was pretty typical 2 keys in 6 kills, 3rd 19 kills later. The boat is is pretty bad when you get 8-9 people per boat but its just kills. Lfg and with the instant respawn its done in less then a minute.


  5. Yep, Caelean is right, this is the only way to get these pieces of Veterans gear now.

    Also, yes only the Veterans is up fro Badges, the Vindicator uses Tier tokens.

    And Runycat, you busted me. I was too lazy to actually check to see if the key was still in my keyring after I turned in the quest. If yours disappeared when you turned in the quest, I bet mine did too.

    Karlenn, as things stand I have one Badge reward I’m waiting on, I’m going to buy the new 100 Badge leggings for bear tanking. I already have my Nethercleft Leg Armor, and I’m planning on getting the new Resilience chest enchant. With the enchant, plus the necklace off Maiden, I think I’ll keep uncrittable status after losing the Heavy Clefthoof Leggings. I already ahve the 75 Badge chest armor for tanking, so I’m kind of hanging on to it. We are also knocking down High King and Gruul every shot, and we downed Magtheridon last Friday, so I have a reasonable expectation of seeing the T4 shoulders soon.

    Oh, and I have no intention of taking the Tier4 Chest or Tier4 Leggings, because I have the 75 badge chest and I will have the 100 badge leggings. I’m just shooting for the shoulders.

    I have the 100 badges now. Honestly, once I have the shoulders and leggings and have the enchant, I’ll check my Rawr and see where I stand.

    Hope that answers your question.


  6. Actually, I’ve been WANTING the veteran’s gear for months. You can’t buy it anymore any other way.

    It isn’t as good at DPS or tanking as the S3 gear, but it has a bunch of +heal AND pretty darned good melee specs. Throw in the talent that adds agility to +heal, and they’re actually better than the Kodohide for a tank doing off-healing. So if you’re being a hybrid in either PvE or PvP, the veteran’s might be better than the vindicators.

    The S3 gear doesn’t have the +heal, but throws in more melee abilities.

    Now I just have to figure out if my gear is good enough to farm badges. 🙂 Soon as I get my Belt of Natural Power crafted, time to LFG Heroic..


  7. Huh. They’re only selling the veteran’s for badges? That’s kinda lame given that the vindicator’s are still available for honor and are in all ways better. Still, if you really need that extra hit…


  8. Of course you may also have gotten lucky on the key drop rates. My husband and I (who can and do read) do the Isle quests together, and our first night on the keys he got all of his in less than five minutes. We hung out killing Myrmidons for another ten – lots of fish oil but no keys for me. Our time was limited, so we finally gave up and decamped for the Outlands dailies. No, I wouldn’t complain about it on general chat, and I know “random” means random, but it was a little frustrating…maybe I’ll have better luck today.


  9. I paid my dues and ground out the Vindicator Dragonhide gear – and the Glad Shoulders. Its all very tasty for both Bear and Cat, but the lack of hit rating means that if I miss that first Mangle on a pull . . .

    But I suppose that it works for (what was) a quick and dirty way to be ready for 10mans.


  10. Interesting; I tried to stick around and collect a few extra keys the other night (as you can only keep getting them if you have the quest) and my extras disappeared the second that I turned the quest in. Were yours still in your inventory afterward?


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