Rejoice! The Scout Report is ALIVE!!!


That’s right, all of you wonderful, wonderful people!

The greatest WoW comic in all of existence (and yes, I know, that other one is awesome, and this other one is pretty damn good too) is alive!

Oh happy day, oh happy day. New episodes, oh happy day!

What’s that? You’ve never read The Scout Report?

Start from the beginning.

But make DAMN sure you take it slow, and read through the archives with care, savoring each one. Because when you’re done, you’re gonna cry for more.


5 thoughts on “Rejoice! The Scout Report is ALIVE!!!

  1. Hi! (relatively) long-time reader, first time commentor. Really had no idea there was such a druid blogging presence on the web. o.O Anyhoo, so very much enjoying The Scout Report and damned if I didn’t know so many of those wow comics that come up on the main site aren’t actually regular comics. Such as the following, which you may or may not already know of. Altzheimers is 42 kinds of (often druidic) awesomeness: cheers!


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