Sidhe Devils now accepting new members

Okay, everyone’s response has been more than overwhelming.

Srs. Thank you!

We’ve had offers to have us join cool sounding guilds on a lot of servers, offers to make alts and join guilds on PvP servers, and many suggestions to form our own guild.

For now, I have no plans to change servers. No matter how awesome your guild sounds, and I’ve read some really neat sounding guild descriptions from wonderful people, I am just not ready to up and leave so many friends I’ve made on this server.

I do reserve the right to make alts on another server to say hi to you, though. 

Right now Cassieann and I have returned to our alt guild, Sidhe Devils, that we share with the alts of our friends Ina, Mark, Andy and James.

Originally, Sidhe Devils was to be a joke guild to screw with other uptight players. We each made female night elf alts, joined Sidhe Devils, and had a bunny rabbit pet. The idea was, someday we were going to do full raids with female night elves with bunnies out, and irritate the stuffy hardcore guilds.

Since then, it has stayed a fun light hearted ‘staying in touch with friends’ alt guild.

Well, we are going to keep it that way, as a friendly, casual guild. We are just opening it up to new friends-to-be, that’s all.

Cassieann is done with writing a nice pleasant charter, and she has already added a ‘Guild’ tab on the blog frontpage.

If you are on Kael’thas (US), and you are interested in joining us, knowing full well there are at the moment a total of TWO active people in Sidhe Devils, then visit the guild tab to read the charter and see instructions on how to ask for an invite.

And while Cassie and I, and the Kael’thas realm are all on Central Time, our best friends Ina, Mark and Andy all live in Singapore, so if you happen to be on Kael’thas at a really wierd server time, don’t feel excluded. I bet they’d love a few more people to hang out with. 🙂

I intend to get a Ventrilo server and guild website that has forums going, because I like to be able to chat with my friends worldwide. But that kinda stuff takes time, and there is only so much Cassieann… umm, I mean I… can do in one day.

To quote Ferris Beuller… “Life moves pretty fast…”

 Wish us luck, folks!

25 thoughts on “Sidhe Devils now accepting new members

  1. Once I heard that Mr & Mrs BBB were leaving Legatum I made my apologies and did the same. I was never online at the right time (time zone difference) and having 3 kids means that I can only really play casually anyway. I’m delighted that Sidhe Devils will start to grow.

    I’m one of the Singapore gang in Sidhe Devils btw… and yes, being in a different time zone means it’s usually very quiet when we play. So if you’re an insomniac, come and hang out. As Wind says, we could use the company. Bunnies optional, but preferred =)

    And Cassie… that guild charter… wow! Great work! I’d better do my homework and read it.


  2. I also wanted to add about the drama aspect…I have learned to just ignore it. Drama only exists if you involve urself in it. “Ignorance is Bliss”.
    Oh yea, For the anonymous commenters: Step up and say what you want to, if you dont agree with BBB, just say it, but dont hide behind an anonymous name.


  3. You are correct. Legatum has progressed to a raiding guild. I am not into hardcore raiding. I can’t even say I am a social player, b/c I have few friends I even talk to and I am not into the whole TS thing. I enjoy playing on my alt, mostly. DOing my own thing, clearing my mind of the day’s aggravations. I even take breaks from this game and vent on Xbox games.

    If asked to fill in on a raid with Bella, I will depending on my mood. I dont think anyone is forced into raiding. Plus I told Whirl from the start of this guild. The days I do feel like having some fun and raiding, I practically have to beg Whirl to get in on runs. Mostly never getting in. To me, it’s okay. I dont want to step on the toes of the hardcore players b/c I am iffy about raiding most of the time. There are many lowlevels who are here for the social aspect as well. Our guild charter is being re-vamped. I understand the reason for you and Cassieann leaving and that is fine. Your kid comes first and that is something no one can argue. I just dont agree with the excuse of us not being a social guild. I wish you both the best of luck! You have helped me out in the past and to that I say thank you. Sorry I wasnt more social, but I am not much of a WOW addict…it’s all still a foreign language to me. Keep in touch.


  4. Dang, wish it was a horde guild, I’d roll a druid named ConfusedWalkingBeef and come shoot the bull… sorry, just had to.


  5. BBB – I JUST made a Shammy alt (Draenei) who is level 12. Come play. Together we can rule the world! MUWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA

    Server: Exodar — Name: Crushmonkey


  6. Well, I certainly wish you and your guild the best of luck. Don’t tempt me to reroll, again. I have too many alts in too many places, as it is. 🙂 Do be sure to say ‘hi’ if you ever find yourself on Proudmoore.

    Best wishes,


  7. I’ve been wanting to roll an alt Paladin, so I may end up doing that on Kael’Thas. Good luck in the mean time, guys 😀


  8. Lawl! Someone with the name Anonymous stands out like a sore thumb in here… and of course it turns out to be a gutless prick.

    What, you want to take a shot at something, and you can’t even use your WoW alias?


    That’s as funny as Irv whispering me out of the blue yesterday to say that he got one of the three Tier 4 shoulder tokens from High King Maulgor on Wednesday nights run… not to say Hi, or to say he was sorry I was gone, just to link his new shoulders… and when I said grats, honestly glad that his warrior won them, he replied… “Yep, all three drops were Warrior/Priest/Druid.. Fan got HIS too”… like, nyah nyah! lolz.

    When I replied that “Yeah, I knew Druid shoulders would drop, that was the whole point of my not raiding that night, Irv”, he never, ever replied again. I suppose it’s no fun gloating to someone that honestly didn’t WANT to steal the shoulders before gquiting.

    I wrote the Legatum Charter. Since Legatum doesn’t actually roll the way the Charter they use says, maybe they should write their own charter.

    Or have the guts to post their name when they troll.


  9. Damn… I’d consider rolling an ally toon to come hang out (or moving one of my “failed” experiments that way ). Any interest in a 55 warrior who’s embarrasingly undergeared because I got right up to the point of DELETE, and couldn’t pull the trigger, or a young dwarven hunter, has pig, will travel? Congrats and best of luck on your new adventure. I think you’ll enjoy your WoW time again!


  10. To Anonymous:

    Yes, we used parts of the legatum charter, which BBB personally wrote the draft of for the guild before the other officers made a few changes. Since it was his hard work, yes, we used some of it. However, it’s a whole lot nicer, friendly and a true social guild. Not one that says they are not a raiding guild, but really is.

    Thanks for stopping by to see what we’re up to now that we aren’t part of Legatum anymore. We appreciate the interest!



  11. I’m a touch surprised you went for this option. If you are running the show, you can dictate the level of casual-ness and vibe, and you’ll be happier. But, all guilds put an onus on your time commitment – you’re already talking about setting up a Vent server, forums and the maintenance that this entails (new users needing forum accounts, or having probs with signing in) can be a bit of an ongoing burden. To me it doesn’t sounds like your commitment level is going to go down a lot. If anything, maybe the opposite. There are a whole lot of new pressures being the main man, even if it is a casual guild – pressures that even officers don’t realise. I hope it works out well for you though.


  12. Hmm… I’ve been looking for a guild just like you describe.

    Maybe I’ll move my 66 PvE pally over there and for the moment leave my Feral Druid on the PvP server.

    After all, bears do need someone to heal them. 🙂


  13. My two cents would be to just chill out for a bit. Take a step back from the whole guild thing and goof around. Leave the Sidhe Devils as is for a couple weeks until you clear out the stress.


  14. How about if we create new toons on Kael’Thas just to get into your guild and hang out? I’m sure there are lots of us that would do just that.

    Just a thought.


  15. Let me put it this way… my last post had 62 comments last I looked, many of them very nicely worded suggestions as to where we could go next.

    Cassie suggested we expand Sidhe Devils a little, and I thought it would be a good idea to mention it quickly, before I really started feeling horrible at passing up all the nice offers for a home.

    On the other hand… Guild Leader stress is going to kill me now, we all know it.


  16. Whow that was a fast move 🙂 But I am sure you’re doing the right thing here. I wish I could create charaters on US servers, I’d love to say hello 🙂

    Good Luck and muchos success to you all!


  17. Ha…I don’t think I ever told you, Bear, I made a female Night Elf Rogue on Kael’thas a little while ago just to say hi, but whenever I was on you were always raiding 😛


  18. WOW I think you guys move even faster!
    Way to go!
    I really like your Guild Charter (and the ranks, lol).

    For some reason you always seemed more like a guild leader than an officer to me. But that’s just from reading a blog!


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