I want /PvF!

face-smash.jpgDamn straight, I want it!

Want what? Huh?

Well, let’s set the stage. It’s an all too familiar story. Bellwether talked about it here, I mentioned it way back there, but everyone sees it at some point in the game.

You’re moving along, minding your own business, and some other player finds a way to screw with you in the game, compete with you for herbing the mobs you downed, whatever.

But more than anything else, they taunt you, they crowd you, they compete with who can tag a mob first and then maybe Feign Death or Vanish when pulling a train so the mobs aggro on you when you’re busy, whatever. They try to ruin your fun to swell their own pathetic little egos.

And then they whisper you to gloat about it, or threaten you in an attempt to intimidate you.

That’s right, I’m taking about asshats from your own faction messing with you. Asshats that you are blocked from retaliating against, except for a whining /report.

So Blizzard, I’m asking you… I’m begging you… Wrath of the Lich King is coming. You’re working on all different sorts of things. You’re playtesting all sorts of different stuff.

So please, at least CONSIDER it…

Give us PvF.

Player vs own Faction.

If some asshat from your own faction is being a dick, please give us some way to attack him, kill him, and camp his ass. Please.

Let us flag PvF, and if someone whispers us, let us attack them in return.


I would suggest that, for fun, if you flag PvF, you can only be whispered by people in the same zone. That way, you can talk in Guild chat, custom chat channels or Party or Raid chat without hindrance.

But if someone whispers you, you know they are in the same zone, and you can hunt them down and kill them.

Please. I’m BEGGING you!


20 thoughts on “I want /PvF!

  1. Never! That’s the whole point… /whisper someone at your own risk!

    We can /flag PvP and someone else can attack us… and when they do, they automatically get flagged.

    That’s what I dream of… you flag PvF, and if someone whispers you, they automatically get flagged.

    You don’t want to get flagged PvP? Don’t attack someone else flagged. You don’t want to get flagged PvF? Don’t whisper someone flagged.


  2. Hmmm…. so what you’re saying is, if someone is an asshat or bully, they are likely to want to be OPed and pick on someone weaker than them so they don’t have to worry about consequences.

    Shhh… stop busting my bubble, that’s what playtesting is for.

    Darn it, there should be some way to hold an assaht responsible for their actions, and smack them down in response to their instigating crap.

    WTB someone smarter than me to design reatliation. PST.


  3. My own recent experience of grief was not alliance based, but horde. While doing one of the dailies a horde player took it upon himself to draw flak fire on top of me while banishing 5 demons in bear form. He would mount his bird and hover next to me and wait for the flak to hit which also hit me too. Yes, I could have gone PvP on his ass, but he had company and I was alone. *growls*


  4. See the problem is you are on a PVE server….on PVP, like mine, we have…

    *low whisper* A scratching service.

    The scratching service is simple in principle. Find a horde friend. Mark location of asshat. Send coordinates to horde friend. Sit under a picnic basket and watch the show.

    Oh, if you want to add spice to the mix, bring a rezzer. Have said rezzer bring asshat from the dead with a rank 1 spell then try not to wet yourself with laughter as horde friend one-shots asshat again.

    Hours of fun, I tell you.

    However on a PVE… things are a little trickier…. hmmm not sure what the best course of action would be…but I do wish Blizz would create the PVF feature. It would save us to find a horde middleman.


  5. How about Blizzard making a PC smackdown penalty.

    If you are an asshat then Blizzard marks you with the Asshat flag where anyone can beat down your toon at will.
    It lasts for 24 playing hours, and if you are AFK for 5 minutes, then it adds the AFK time back to the penalty time.
    It breaks all of your equipment and makes it unrepairable for the penalty period.
    It locks you out of your bank and guild vault. And keeps you from making or deleting any toons until the penalty is paid in full.


  6. Okay Raymond, this ain’t cranky poker.

    You saw my mini-rant and raised a whole stack of flat-out crazy.

    I fold.


  7. Yes, I yearn for the day that I can earth shock my own faction members, just to keep them from doing stupid things in battlegrounds — like capping FWGY before RH. That would make me happy….


  8. I think a variation on George Carlin’s “Stupid Driver’s” might work…
    It works something like this:
    You buy the “BRK’s Asshat Skewering Crossbow” or “Cassieann’s Throw-down Throwing Dagger” or or “Ratshag’s Diplomatic Axe” or “TJ’s Demonic Up-yours Stick” wand from a some vendor (Cost 250G or thereabout). Equipping the gear flags you PvF. Gear can only be used for flagging asshats; does no damage to mobs. no questing no anything else. Once flagged PvF you have to wait 30 seconds before you can use that gear. This gives asshat a chance to apologize before getting tagged. If asshat gets up in your grill you can hit them with that piece of gear. Each time you hit someone it costs you between 10 and 100 gold, maybe a sliding scale based on frequency of use or perhaps a random amount in that cost range. You can only tag same player once every 24 hours (or some other limiter). Once tagged, you can opt to send a zone yell goes out “player1 has tagged player2 as an asshat,” but that protects them from being tagged for 30 minutes. Other than the optional zone yell, no one knows except the tagged player whose been tagged as an asshat. If asshat gets tagged, say, by 2 others inside 48 hours 50% of the initial cost of tagging asshat is refunded to you and they get a 4 hour “I’m an asshat” debuff that increases damage taken by 10%, increases cost of repairs by 25% and increases the AH cut on any of their auctions by 15%. Like Rez sickness it does not countdown while logged out. The others that tag the asshat cannot be on your friends list or in your guild.
    Oh well. Like this will ever happen….
    – e


  9. I’ve always thought something like this would be a great addition to the handling of spam reports. When everyone reports the spammer standing in the Auction House doing /says encouraging you to buy their gold, instead of immediately disconnecting and banning them mark them Free-For-All PvP or otherwise hostile to other players. Let us work out some frustration on them, then DC and ban them.


  10. LOL… I was on a mean streak one week cause real life was stressing me out hardcore. So I was in a rush to get dailies done, was in skettis.. saw that some alliance were taking their sweet time.. (all 3 of them…). So I dragged some more mobs to them and watched them die.

    PvF would never work.. although it would be fun.. it just wouldn’t work. It would be worse then alliance vs horde. I think they need to make a grandiose arena where you can get prizes. A free for all arena with obsticles, but give marks that buy worthwhile prizes. Like s1 arena gear.


  11. I’ve yearned for this feature since I first started playing WoW in beta years and years ago. I like the idea of the whisper feature, but far too often the idiots do whatever they do with no communication at all towards the player they’ve just pissed off. Surely, there has to be a way where you can declare war on a player and just attack them. I mean, you can do it with a faction using the reputation panel, right? Why not make it a player thing and you can declare war on a player or a guild and just beat the crap out of them.


    One can dream…


  12. bah…I agree. PvF. would be very fun. just think…humans invade Ironforge! Tauren take over Undercity!…Film at 11!!! I love it!


  13. There is no way to combat asshats without giving them the tools to do the same thing to you.

    If anything a PvA server could be created but then it would be PvP on ludicrous speed.

    PvE serves can use something like a scratching service. But because you are PvE you have to use bait. A lower lvl Horde wandering around flagged so the asshat will attack and flag himself. Then it’s open season. You have the benefit of better communication as players can have both Alliance and Horde characters on the same account.


  14. Haha it’s called Gurubashi. Just hang out in there 24-7.

    But a FFA server would definitely be an interesting way to play. I wonder if it would cut down on the jerks or just give them more opportunity to be jerks.


  15. Personally I find out the asshats guild, find out who the GL is and send him a mail saying that one of his members is an asshat. Also specifically with herbing trees etc and skinning I find the best way is that if someone is hanging around, dont loot at all…run away from the mob and then drop into stealth and sneak back as soon as they get bored and leave just pop up and start herbing/skinning.


  16. The worst part with rude ppl is that they can destroy a whole evening in 5 seconds flat.

    Was with my then lvl 55-ish lock in SW att midnight putting stuff in the bank when a 23 druid walked up and whsiperd for help in Stockade. “I need to lvl – come help me”. I answered politely “Sorry, off to bed”. The answer came after 5 sec: “Your gear suck anyway!”

    That comment lingered longer than the memory of previously taking on 4 mobs at once practicing mutli-mob fearing.

    @sshat flag – I’m all for it!!! 🙂


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