Okay, I can haz aspirin now?

polar_bear_headache.jpgI know the last Shifting Perspectives column over at WoW Insider was on April Fools day, and for SOME reason, you folks don’t seem to think it should count.

Whiny bitches.

A bear works and slaves over Hello Kitty for HOURS, and do I get any thanks? Hell no.

But fine. That’s okay. I’m not hurt. I’ll just… I’ll just…  {sniffle}

This week I’m dropping the bomb on your butts. You want Shifting Perspectives? I got your Shifting Perspectives right here.

At least, I will when that link goes live at 11:00 AM Eastern time this morning.

That post is my definitive answer to all the excellent folks that have been emailing me asking when I was planning on updating my feral bear tank gear guide.

Now, I know that SOME people are never satisfied. Even though that article weighs in at over 7000 words, someone is going to bitch that it doesn’t include a guide to bear tanking enchants, gems and consumables. Or that it doesn’t go past Kharazhan.

Well, the enchants and gems will get covered NEXT freaking week.

And gearing up past Kharazhan will come sometime in the future too.

Now, I have had some folks ask if I ever have any plans on doing a similar gear guide for kitty gear.

Yes, yes I do. As much as I talk and talk and talk about bear tanking because it is our feral role in groups, I know that I personally spend 90% of my play time solo in kitty form and shifting in and out of kitty. I can’t imagine I’m alone in that.

I think spending 90% of our feral playtime in one form makes it well worth talking about the gear we seek out for Kitty roles, and no, it ain’t the same as Rogues. So that will be going up either the next week or the one after.

And there will be the final installment of the bear tanking guide, too. /aspirin

So lay off, damn it! I’m working on it!

On a side topic, if you are interested in collaborating on a Resto Druid or Moonkin Druid gear guide up to and including Kharazhan, please let me know. I’d like to do one on WI soon, like in a month or so, and I think it would be very valuable to a lot of players. After all, Shifting Pespectives ain’t supposed to be all feral all the time.

Peace out!


19 thoughts on “Okay, I can haz aspirin now?

  1. Aw.


    If no one else wants to do it, I guess I could collaborate with you, Bear 😛 But I’m sure there’s plenty of other druids smarter than me who’d be much better choices for the Resto column (go go Phae!)


  2. TriB, thanks so much for the guide. Being one of the ones who emailed you about it, I am so very grateful. I now know what to spend and not to spend my badges on. Thanks again oh wise bear 🙂


  3. Aww, poor BBB.

    I can happily collaborate with you, if you want someone to look at the Balance side of things. Feather Duster is on hold at the moment but I’m working on a new project. I completely understand if you find someone slightly more well-known however 🙂

    Also note that shifting perspectives had a great series of articles on balance gear a few months ago: http://www.wowinsider.com/2007/08/28/shifting-perspectives-awesome-moonkin-gear-and-how-to-get-it-ea/


  4. Amanna is the awesome, I agree.

    And thank you to Nalik for giving me a heart attack. I clicked on that link to Boomkin gear, wondering how I missed an article from ‘a couple months ago’ when I’ve been writing this since last year, and the first thing I saw was a referecen to an earlier Shifting Perspectives bear tank gear guide I didn’t know existed.

    Thankfully, I think I am safe in saying that my new guide does provide more currently relevant options.

    Had a moment of pure panic at the thought that all of that work might have been duplicated effort. Gack.

    When the time comes Nalik, rest assured I’d love to work with you on it. I agree that the moonkin WI suggestions are good, but I have in mind another definitive 70 through karazhan guide that will asnwer questions on where Badge gear and crafted gear and quest rewards and drops all fit together.

    On the other hand… even knowing the feral stuff as intimately as I do, this guide was a piece of work. Moonkin fills me with ph3ar.


  5. Actually BBB, I may have just what you’re looking for for Resto, or at least a good chunk of the info to pull from:


    Yes yes, I’m not updating that site anymore . . . officially. However, with some encouragement from Amanna, I decided to go ahead and finish up the guide to healing gear that I’d started way back when. The only thing I haven’t done yet is added the 2.4 gear to the cloaks, and the 8 “main” slots (leather/cloth stuff). But weapons, accessories, etc have all been revamped, including the new 2.4 stuff. All the links are on the side bar.

    It’s a bit more extensive than what you’re looking for, and also doesn’t contain any real recommendations. But it’s a pretty complete listing of what’s available regardless of whether you primarily quest for gear, do 5-mans, collect badges, etc… it’s all there. And it goes through 10-mans as well. Hope it can be of some use to you.


  6. Ah, my definition of a couple of months ago may be slightly dodgy! Sorry for the heart attack. If your arm keeps tingling, go see a doctor 😉

    I’ve already looked at a lot of the info you may need – there wasn’t a lot of Balance info out there when I started raiding. Nasirah has done a lot of good stuff too – she really is the awesome 😀


  7. I’m sure you won’t have trouble finding all the help and resources you might need to put together a Resto Druid article. There are about a million resto druid blogs, including my own! 🙂


  8. One thing to realize that I know I missed even while wearing the set for a long time, the Windhawk stuff really is amazing, with the addition of spell damage to healing only stats the the damage is on par with many cloth pieces. also and here is my favorite part the Windhawk stuff though it is BOP is not unique so a moonkin who heals (and that should be all of them) can get great bang for thier buck by making 2 of each (bracers and belt, for sure chest not so much) and geming/enchanting one set for Damage and a second set for healing…


  9. Dang, man, is a whopper of an article. And of course, some buggers off the bat is saying “WTF? You left out Item X!” That’s WI comments fer ya…
    I knows I read several similar, if less ambitious, articles on warrior tank gear, both Matthew Rossi at WI and Brigin at The Positive Warrior, and I found these to be most helpfuls. I expects young rising bear cubs will be able to learn a lot of usefuls from this too. Well done.


  10. Well thanks to Bell & Nalik, but I am not nearly as “the awesome” as some other Resto’s out there (*cough*Phaelia*cough*Resto4Life*cough*). But, just thought I’d drop by to say I went ahead and added the 2.4 items to the rest of my guide… it’s easy when you’re not doing any real analysis, it’s just the formatting that takes the most time. lol

    And great, great article, BBB. I would be so intimidated to attempt something of that scope, but you did an awesome job with it.


  11. Huge article, absolutely wonderfully well done.

    BUT… I plan to do resto at 70. We have tanks coming out of our ears, but the limiting factor is not enough healers. So, WTB resto article!


  12. I guess the good news is that the list of upgrades post-Karazhan is about 15 items, at least for Bear form. We’ve got what, the T5 set (mostly), the T6 set (again, mostly), the greatstaff, the pillar of lol, a couple of necks and rings and maybe a trinket.

    It’s a pretty sad state.


  13. Okay, I had one excellent comment on that article so far about the neck piece for ferals from SSO exalted rep. It’s sounding like that is a damn nice item, especially for rogues who are scryer, or bear tanks that are aldor.

    The other items they have mentioned I examined at, and just didn’t take/include over some of the others you can get at the same effort level. The Charm of Alacrity got a mention because I am sick of getting personal emails asking me if it’s good at level 70 /facepalm.

    That SSO rep neck piece? Oversight. /shame.

    One thing I honestly don’t get… it’s WoW Insider. I gave my personal opinions on enchants, gems, and a dream gear list at Karazhan. No one has ripped me a new one yet.

    No one has even blasted me about using the Sigil of the Gladiator on the helms at all levels, or the meta gem I chose.

    Them folks over there are slipping.


  14. if ya ever want a more casual boomkin perspective you know where to find me 😉 I’m off to read your uber article now the kidlets are in bed…


  15. As a formerly raiding Resto who got sick of watching little green bars and recently switched Feral, the article was a timely godsend. If I am reading it and your expertise article, all I need to be uncrittable is any negative number using that script?


  16. Hey BBB. I just respecced resto, so I don’t have raw experience with what really works best, but I’m certainly willing and already have done a large bit of footwork for pre-Kara gearing (what healer hasn’t? -.- ), so if you need some references, I’ve got a ton of stuff to pore through. Definitely mention Elitistjerks.com though. Their forums are top notch for theorycrafting, and breaking it down to what is the best (unfortunately, most of it tends to be late end-game, but I’ve found more than one good discussion of something, like gems and enchants)


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