He torments me, I torment you

I mentioned my love of Dr Demento yesterday.

Today, the husband of Nas of Alts Ahoy, Squirrelz, joined Sidhe Devils.

And every time I see the name Squirrelz, it torments me.

It drives me crazy.

I hear voices.

High pitched little voices.

And if I have to hear the voices in my head, singing that damn song, then I’m going to spread the crazy.

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Only in Dr Demento do you get to hear classics like that.

In other news, Cassie and I spent some time last night visiting friends that live up north, and chatting. They have kids too, some of them in the 12-14 year old giggly girl range, and the laptop was brought out while the kids browsed Youtube for stuff that is apparently ‘famous’ among the school crowd.

One of the Youtube videos sparked massive giggles, and repeated playing, and I thought I would share it with you. Because just listening to it cracked the rest of us up too. I present “The Mysterious Ticking Noise”


6 thoughts on “He torments me, I torment you

  1. Well BBB, I’m glad that I could be the source of inspiration for your torment. I was a little nervous about joining the guild of a guy that’s “famous” and who I’ve been reading about for the past 6 months. Good to know I made such a significant first impression.



  2. I hadn’t seen the Potter Puppet Pals before. Its now the favorite youtube video of my kids. In the span of 2 hours its been played about 30 times, and my 5-year old can recite it.

    Thanks for passing that along. 🙂


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