Battle chicken!


Just wanted to show you my new ride. I had the great good fortune on Sunday to accompany Nasirah of Alts Ahoy fame to help her get her Epic Flight Form quest completed.

In taking down Anzu, guess what dropped? And guess who won the roll?

Yep, I gots me a battle chicken!

And damn, does it look neat. Nasirah wrote it up in a lot more detail, but I am sad that a birdie overshadowed her Epic Flight Form. There is no single thing I can think of that makes me love my druid more than Epic Flight Form. Grats, Nas! Now you and Squirrelz can fly side-by-side.

I still think Nasirah should have rolled on the mount. That’s right, both she and Squirrelz passed. Personally, I love the mount, but I’d have loved to see a Moonkin riding a battle chicken.

Not as much as seeing me ride it, but still.

Now that itch I’ve had to farm undead Strat for the Baron mount is gone…  woohoo!


20 thoughts on “Battle chicken!

  1. I just got my, Clapus, epic flight form Sunday morning 4am to be exact. I had refused to buy an epic mount until I got epic flight.
    I was MT for the run only 3 wipes, 2 totally my fault, and it wasn’t as hard as I led myself to beleive.
    The fact that I could have had “chicken” makes me want to back.


  2. Aw, don’t feel bad for overshadowing my flight form, I’ve been having TONS of fun swooping around at super-high speeds. That is a frickin’ awesome mount, and I can’t believe it actually dropped. (You can ask Squirrelz, I kept mentioning it for the rest of the day.)

    Gratz again on the Battle Chicken!


  3. While I agree that seeing a moonkin on that mount would be awesome, it isn’t possible because druids can’t mount up in moonkin form.

    Or maybe I miss understood you.


  4. > “it isn’t possible because druids can’t mount up in moonkin form.”

    I saw a Boomkin on a Netherdrake in Shat last night. So it is possible… somehow.


  5. Conga Rats! Though if its anything like my ZG tiger you’re in for a LOT of annoying tells about it. I can’t tell you the last time I went through an old world city and didn’t get at least one “zomg were u get teh ornge kitteh!?!” tell.

    Aside from that, having a rare mount is a wonderful thing. 🙂


  6. Gratz! After trying for months on my druid…. it dropped on a run with my Shammy, and she won it. Coolest land mount fer sure.

    Unfortunately thing about that run tho was it was the H daily. And I died on the final boss, and accidentally released. However, since I was not “present” for the boss dying, I couldn’t get the quest item – even though I could get the BoJ off him, and could have gotten loot (if others had passed and left it in there), you can’t get the sodding quest item (worth 25g and 2 BoJ’s). Blizz says they are aware of this, and it is “working as intended”. In other words “Too bad, suck it up”.

    Oh well, got a cool bird mount 🙂


  7. Big gratz there BBBBBBB! Can’t wait to see the battle chicken in action. But I’d keep an eye out fer Cay, if I was you. Last night she’d gone from /sniffle to something like “I will KEEL anyone who gets it before me. KEEL KEEL KEEL! Wiff no cuddles!”


  8. Grats, B3!

    I just got Swift Flight Form this past weekend. Wow… that’s all I can say. Flight form was the coolest thing ever in Wow to me, and now that I go that much faster, it’s just a joy. Now I can farm for the battle chikin! 🙂


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