The anti-ninja LIVES!

This was the best thing I’ve heard in months.

I just HAD to share.

True story, now.

Now, I came into work today and chatted briefly with a friend here, who I think I’ve mentioned in past posts. Pete plays WoW during the bad weather season, but mostly he’s into racing cars, customizing them, the whole thing.

Today, Pete tells me one of his accounts got hacked over the weekend.

The way he tells it, he got an email from Blizzard notifying him his password had been changed. This is an account he hadn’t played in a while, so he was pretty confused.

So he calls Blizzard up, goes through the whole questions thing, and comes to find out that yes, his password was changed. As well as his billing.

He gets it changed to something new, and logs into his account.

His characters are in their boxers. He’s been wiped clean.

However… God, I love this… his max level character was a 19 PvP minor league twink. The only character on the account.

And the account itself? It had been shut down. He had stopped payment on it.

The hacker had gotten into the account… but couldn’t loot it because the account was closed. And the hacker clearly had an account name and password, but no character names to search on Armory, no way of knowing what was on the other side of that dead account.

So the hacker, no kidding, paid Blizzard to activate the account to loot it. He took the chance.

He paid a months fee. In advance.

And what did he get? About 4 gold in D/E’d mats off a character that was something Pete messed around with for fun.

When Pete talked to Blizzard, Blizzard told him about the Mastercard (a form of credit he doesn’t have) that was used to activate the account. After Pete changed it back to his own billing, Blizzard asked if he wanted to close the account immediately or let it run no for the rest of the paid month.

“Oh no”, was his reply, “I’ll play it for the rest of the month. Thanks!”

To whoever you are out there that paid $26 for Pete’s account to be reactivated in exchange for about 4 gold in mats, we /salute!



19 thoughts on “The anti-ninja LIVES!

  1. They always say that what comes around goes around…

    But it’s *definitely* nice to see someone get smacked in the arse by their own karma coming back to bite them! Fabulous story!


  2. I’m with Kirk:

    “I’m sorry I haven’t seen the charge on my statement yet. What card number did you charge? Hmm, and the expiration date? Hmm, ok, I guess it’ll show up in a day or two”

    then go on an Amazon shopping spree!


  3. The Amazon shopping spree sounds like fun, but in all actuality it probably wouldn’t be at the hacker’s expense and would only end up hurting someone else since s/he most likely used someone else’s credit card.


  4. You do realize that the credit card used was probably stolen.

    Or, the gold seller will dispute the charge on the card, and Visa/Mastercard will automatically force Blizzard to refund the money. As well, Visa/Mastercard will impose a penalty on Blizzard for all these disputed charges.


  5. Hahaha. What goes around, comes around.

    @eustashius: You mean, this guy didn’t win the Darwin Award this year?


  6. Haha too funny. I guy I know was hacked, didn’t have much of his eq deleted, but the hacker had used his main char to farm some insane amount of primals and enchanting mats. He gained a good 3-400g out of it.

    Hey, you and Cassie need to do some stealth heroic runs. Last night myself and four stealthy friends did all three coilfang instances in about 2 hours. And that was long, mainly because we hadn’t decked the resto druid out in any stealth gear, and he get getting rumbled by pats in UB. The run-backs really add to the time. It was a lot of fun tho .


  7. One of our Epic Resto Druids just got hacked. They vendored all of his gear, transferred all of his money to a “phantom” account, dropped his professions, trashed all of his banked loot and then spammed the general channel with obcinities until he got banned by Blizzard. He’s still working with Blizz Support on getting his stuff back.


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