New patch coming soon

Just a little one, 2.4.2.

It ain’t out yet, sadly, but the patch notes are pretty interesting.

WoW Insider posted the full notes, so I’ll send you over there.

The thing I like best?

All profession cooldowns have been reduced.

If you had a 23 hour cooldown (like, say, for a transmute) then it will now be 20 hours.

It may not seem like much, but I know there have been many nights where Cassieann wants to do her transmute, but it’s not up until 10:30 because she last used it really late. So she decides to wait until the next night rather than stay up just to do a transmute. Three hours will be a big deal.

The thing I DON’T like?

If you get sheeped by a bad guy, you no longer heal.

Now, maybe you don’t notice it so much solo, but there is one case that I can think of off hand that this will suck.

Shade of Aran.

If you’re a borderline team running Karazhan, and by borderline I don’t mean a bad group, I mean a group that is adequately geared for the instance and still working on getting upgrades instead of just running it for shits and giggles to farm badges, then this will likely suck.

If you’re a farm team, you go all out DPS on Shade, you keep his Health percentage 20%+ below his Mana, and he’ll be dead before he reaches the Polymorph/Pyroblast stage.

If you’re not that hardcore… then when his Mana reaches 20%, he Polymorphs the whole raid, and begins drinking to replenish his Mana. After 10 seconds, Polymorph breaks and he does an AOE Pyroblast that does around, IIRC, 7000 fire damage to everyone.

Now, this is fairly survivable right now, since everyone gets healed to full by the Polymorph. Standard tactic is for everyone in the group to save a Healthstone, and the second after the Pyroblast has gone off, use the Healthstone so you can’t be one shot.

Well, now… you’ll have whatever health you had before being sheeped… and it’s likely the Pyroblast itself will one shot you before you get to use your Healthstone.


I’ll be curious to see if this really goes live.

Oh… and many weapons listed as ‘Main Hand’ are now ‘One hand’… so players that dual wield have more choices for their off hands… Shammys, Fury warriors and Rogues should be delighted.


11 thoughts on “New patch coming soon

  1. While the new change to polymorph will make Shade significantly more difficult for raids that don’t have him on farm, I don’t think it will be prohibitively difficult. Raids will just have to be more mindful of his mana and, just as in fights like Magtheridon and High Warlord Naj’entus, make sure that everyone is topped off as he nears the 20% mark. Boss mod updates will likely monitor this and give raid warnings as well. That part of the fight will be tougher, but not impossible.

    That being said, I really can’t see Blizzard keeping this change in effect… at least not for this fight. Shade of Aran is already a big sticking point for many young Kara raids. It doesn’t make sense to make the fight harder, especially given Blizzard’s proven track record of nerfing difficult fights more and more as new patches/xpacs approach rather than buffing them.


  2. Normally, they do make fights easier as things go on, but they made Prince more difficult to some degree by eliminating the “safe spots.” While not neccessarily a bad thing (guilds will come out more coordinated for having learned that), it was surprise they made entry level raid content more difficult. Though, I guess you could argue, too that all of kara is a bit easier since every is vulnerable to bleed effects.


  3. It is certainly an odd change, and one I don’t see the need for. Shade of Aran is the only major fight that I can think of where polymorph is a huge deal (I know Talon King Ikiss in Heroic Sethekk and one of the mobs in the High King Maulgar fight polymorph, but it’s only 1 character at a time, and they don’t do a 7000 damage blast right afterwards). As Logan said, Blizzard’s history is one of nerfing boss fights, not buffing. Loot Reaver was an obvious exception, but that made sense. People aren’t putting together Kara groups just to down Aran because of how easy he is. In fact, I’d say he’s already the third hardest boss in Kara. This is strange.


  4. I think my perspective on the change to polymorph is based on the offensive use of the spell on mobs, not the other way around. Shackle, ice trap, fear, and banish do not heal your mob back up to full. So in my mind, they’re just balancing the field for sheep. So for example, if you’re in PvP and you get sheeped, you’re now at full health, giving your team the advantage. Being a paladin, I can stick Blessing of Sacrifice on a teammate and let the opposing team’s mage just keep healing me back up over and over. I don’t even have to blow a cooldown.

    I doubt that the change was directly intended to make Shade harder. Also, my understanding is that with proper interrupts in place, the whole sheep thing is a non-issue. If Aran doesn’t get to cast as much, he doesn’t run out of mana. We considered being sheeped at the end to be a sign we didn’t do a good job on the interrupts.


  5. Player polymorphs will still heal the target, but mob polymorphs won’t heal players. This change almost has to be intended for Shade of Aran. And while you can interrupt his spells to keep his mana high, low-end guilds working their way through Kara might still not have the dps to get him down before he hits 20% mana.

    @Alex: Yes, they made Prince tougher by removing the safe spots, but those weren’t an intended feature of the fight. They simply fixed the fight to make it work as it should. Polymorph was working as designed, so this is an intentional buff to Aran. This won’t affect me, but it’s a strange move considering Blizzard’s history.


  6. It’s possible they will leave the Shade of Aran fight as-is, while changing the spell for most other instances of its use. Blizz does have separate spells for various bosses/mobs/players, so it’s not inconceivable that the Shade’s ‘Mass Polymorph’ will still heal the raid.

    As others have said, if you’re getting polymorphed, you don’t have enough DPS.


  7. While I haven’t made it to Aran yet, I will say the full heal on sheep affect has save our butts several times on the last boss of Sethekk Halls and heoric Sethekk Halls especially in the later in which his “I can shot thru pillars but you can’t” attack does quit a bit of damage to everyone making healing quite stressful.


  8. There is still a semi-safe spot for Prince. In fact, I wasn’t aware there had been a change…although I did notice that we had two Infernals drop in the same spot near where we stand last weekend.

    I had to respec my SP to do Illhoof and Prince so we could gear up another DPS…and my plus heal was only at 1200 with the few pieces of healing gear I’ve picked up. I hadn’t healed anything since ZF, but we got through it.

    The Prince fight has always been about luck…which is annoying. Either we one-shot him, or wipe 4-5 times before we drop him.


  9. Would this work for Aran, if you were in a lower-DPS group, and had a Tree?

    Last I checked, trees do not get polymorphed (though other forms do). Tree shifts to bear while Aran drinks. When Aran casts Pyroblast (and not before!), bash the cast. As of 2.2, Pyro can be interrupted. No pyroblast, no damage to the raid.

    It might work. I’m not sure. Now I’m curious!


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