Drama llama is happy :)

You know, I do have a confession to make; I like drama.

Not causing it, though. I like watching it!

Ah, but not just any drama. Oh no! I, sir or madam, am a connoisseur.

The  particular flavor of drama I enjoy is the kind that takes the form of an illiterate asshat that goes over the top in being a complete tool to someone… and the entire incident becomes public.

With screenshots.

I love that. I really do. I love seeing someone be an asshat and get busted and receive the fame they truly deserve. It warms my heart.

For those of you saddened at my immaturity, my petty, vindictive nature…

I do not now, nor have I ever claimed to be a nice person. Please take note.

This last week has been oh, so very good to me.

First, we had this incredible idiot Mage that had actually rolled need on the Commendation of Kael’thas against a Warrior Tank that needed the item.. and the Mage won. And then, no wait, seriously, it gets better, and THEN the Mage rolls on up into the official WoW Forums of his server to post screenshots of his winning the roll, to accuse the TANK of being in the wrong for being upset!

Ah, the resulting smackdown warms the heart. The idiot realized too late the tragic error of his actions, and deleted his post, but fast-acting forum readers had already captured it… they knew they had pure gold on their hands. They quickly reintroduced his entire post in the first reply comment, to last forever and ever, Amen.

Random people in the forums start the whipping, but when his own guild comes into the discussion to announce they have /gkicked the mage, ahh…..

I am a horrible person. /glee!

 But wait! There’s more!

On the latest Guildwatch on WoW Insider, I found an entirely new epic drama situation, where a guild officer got /gkicked because he rolled on a boot drop from Chess against the alt of a co-GM… and won the roll. And immediately thereafter, he got /gkicked by the co-GM.

Now, this alone would be funny… obviously the guy is better off out of that guild with that kind of officer at the helm. 

But it gets better… the guy that got /gkicked, Shakkra, got whispered a lot from the idiot that did the kicking, Krazyhunter… and he took screenshots. Screenshots that appear at the very top of the Guildwatch article.

Grats, Krazyhunter. Welcome to your own personal 15 minutes of fame. Lol.

Lord knows gearing alts in Karazhan is srs bsns.

The whole thing would still be minor league, if it weren’t for the flamewar that takes place in the Guildwatch comments, starting almost immediately, as Shakkar himself answers questions as to what happened.. in a nice, friendly mature manner… and other illiterate asshats from the guild that are friends with Krazyhunter try to flame him.

There is just something so refreshing in reading a well-written, expressive writer being flamed by an ignorant, illiterate asshat. Because you KNOW what all the other readers are thinking… “I don’t care who’s right… that guy is stupid. QQ more, you amuse me.”

Hey, if you’ve got more examples of this kind of drama, let me know. Please!

I’m such a sad, sad person. But I can’t help it! I need moar!

Just, please… not in my guild.


12 thoughts on “Drama llama is happy :)

  1. Wow, I liked the exchange at the top of Guildwatch but had no the drama spilled over into the thread. Thanks for the tip! I don’t even usually like drama that much, but that just brightened the hell out of my day.

    Still trying to figure out what “officers dont do officers like u did” means…


  2. I usually don’t read the Guildwatch column, but am really glad I did this week. The comments were hysterical, too. So long as the drama is happening over *there* instead of near me, I find it amusing. Schadenfreude, I suppose.



  3. Ok, the one about the mage ninja is easily THE best EVER, most humiliating thing I’ve ever heard of in WoW. That’s gotta be like the cursed mark of Cain…everyone who sees him will know he is the lowest of the low in the game. heheheh.

    Funniest thing about it is that you are perpetuating the saga here to a readership that might not have known about it without you. Way to go BBB, way…to…go. You are my hero!

    Finally, I find the use of the phrase “epic fail” to be highly amusing. Its scope requires that it only be used in the MOST extreme of circumstances…and I saw it used hundreds of times in that ubersuckmage post. Thank you.


  4. It’s true… I am perpetuating this epic fail…

    and I’m actually pretty proud of it.

    I like you guys, I really do. And this is the kind of crap that gets spread by word of mouth, untilo everyone but you already seems to have heard of it, simply because of the level of the fail.

    The mage still blows my mind…

    And that co-GM Krazyhunter has, through sheer ignorance, created one of the fastest groqwing internet memes I’ve ever seen…

    “officers dont do officers like u did”

    I mean, already… c’mon…


    I’m sorry… but ninjas don’t do ninjas like u did.

    That meme rocks… I can’t stop laughing…


  5. And omigod… this quote is awesome…

    jbodar said;
    “Even if Shakkra broke guild rules, it would not change the fact that Krazyhunter acted like a spoiled 5 year old. Her whispers and KoF forum posts show that she is incapable of communicating like a rational adult. Sorry, but we don’t enjoy having to pull out our “Bachewychomp-to-English” dictionary to figure out what someone is saying.”

    Bachewychomp-to-English dictionary? I want that guy in my guild!


  6. BBB,

    Check out the Bladefist forums. Couple of epic threads going on right now. One started out as a friendly poke at a fellow guild member from Canada, this drew the eyes from some former guild members who had transferred to a higher progressed guild and server….hilarity ensues. Sorry, I am unable to link to the Forum thread as my work considers the World of Warcraft forums as a distraction, I totally disagree. I believe the 1st thread is under the title, Farwell to Rahl.

    The next thread pertains to the first. The guild of the transfers comes to defend their members and then announces that they will be transferring there entire guild to the Bladefist server in order to claim all of the server firsts. Funny, Funny, Funny stuff….long threads, but worth the read. Lots of drama, asshats, forum trolls and mom jokes included. Oh yeah…another guild from the other server also plans to transfer over and help dismantle the server economy and farming rings. Horde and alliance on bladefist unite to flame the guilds from the other server.

    Check it out!


  7. Lol. This post pretty accurately mirrors my own thoughts regarding drama. I don’t like it “in my house”, but I looooove watching it unfold elsewhere. And I especially love drama that includes “proof” of transgressions, like screenshots, fraps, etc. Good stuff. And, I think, the best kind of drama is the kind that slowly unfurls into this juggernaut of awesome, where you just keep learning new facets that contributed to the blow-up as time goes on, lol.

    We had a rogue post on my server’s forums, saying he “pwnd” one of the larger, more well-known raiding guilds on our server, by ninja’ing several items off a boss in SSC. He tried to explain and justify his actions by saying the ninja’d the items because the guild’s loot council plays favorites and only gives loot to certain folks that may or may not deserve it. Of course, the guild officers promptly replied, stating that by and large, the officers were not as well geared as the majority of the guild’s membership, and Gratz to the ninja for outting himself as such, and wishes that he would enjoy his server transfer and/or paid name change, lol. It was classic. 🙂


  8. I see this becoming as well known as some of the other warcraft legendaries, including (but not limited to) bare durids is for fite, skinning a bear should aggro every bears, and cybors in the tram.


  9. Wow some of my guildies have been trying to get that tanking trinket for like 30+ runs, and that mage ninja’s it from a tank who may have been doing the same. Damn, what a tool. O.O


  10. OMG Drama! It would sooo keep me awake at work today, but alas, I cannot peruse the links! Stupid SmartFilter….


  11. I actually don’t have a huge problem with that mage rolling except for one very important thing – say something before you even start the run. As Horrify points out, that tank could have done 30 runs looking for that trinket. Or it could have been that mages 30th run for the trinket and the tanks 1st. If he DID want it that bad, then he needs to say something about it right up front. For all we know, that trinket might have been the whole reason he went on the instance run in the first place. I think we have all had a piece of gear we have wanted that is best suited for another class and felt frustrated we weren’t ALLOWED to loot on it. The only chance you have at getting that gear is to go with someone who doesn’t want it. If that was the case with the mage, then the proper thing to do is just say that before you even start the run. “Hey I am only coming for X. If it drops, I am going to roll on it. If that’s a problem, let me know and I can leave group now.” At that point, it’s up to the tank to decide if he would rather a) wait for another mage or b) risk losing on the roll.


  12. well i cant see why the mage was less entitled to the trinket.

    he did the same work for it and while i agree that this trinket suites my druid best (yay first run dropped^^) having played a mage i can understand the mages need.

    this trinket is awsome for pvp. not even the darkmoon faire trinkets offer the same sta bonus as this little gem does.

    on the other hand i myself would not roll no the item while our tnak still has need…

    where the drama cuts in is, when this fool posts about in general forum. THAT was silly…


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