A moment please for Sharvan

I got home last night and fired up the Feedreader to see what all of my favorite bloggers had been up to.

It was then, and only then, that I learned of the passing of Sharvan, a close and dear friend to our compatriots of the Aetherial Circle. 

I’m not very good at expressing myself about important things, but I want to at least try.

This world is a frightening place to be. The news you read or see, the world you watch around you, everything makes it pretty obvious that we live in the same world with actual evil, thoughtless greed, casual cruelty and thoughtless selfishness.

In a world that seems so filled with darkness, it is our friends, the ones we love, the soulmates and fellow travelers that we find, cherish, and hold close to our hearts that help see us through.

Whether my friends and family are close to me, or whether they live across the country or the world.

Whether I talk to them all the time to share the small, meaningless events of the day, or whether I haven’t spoken to them in months or even years.

Whether or not I have grown to know them in person, or over the phone, internet, and snail mail correspondence.

Each one of the people I have cherished lives in my heart, always there, a comforting presence that chases away my fears of the darkness, of the horrors that live in the world. No matter how far away you are, just knowing you are out there keeps a blanket of warmth over my heart.

My friends and family are the warmth that shelters me from becoming overly bitter and cynical about the cold, heartless world.

I can withstand knowing about the evil that I see on the news every day, I can brave my doubts and fears about the world my son will come to maturity in over the years ahead, knowing as I do that you are there, making the world a happier place just by being yourselves. 

You are living reminders that the world is not given over to the darkness.

You are my proof of light.

When someone passes on that I cherished, it leaves a hole in my heart where once there was brightness, warmth and love.

The darkness seems that much closer, and it diminishes me.

I said I can’t really express how I feel about these things well, and it’s true.

All I’m trying to say is, for all of my friends out there who have lost one of their very dearest friends this week, I feel your loss in my own way, and I will hope and pray that your memories of Sharvan will remain with you, to help remind you of the light, the warmth and the joy she brought to your lives.

In your hearts, she will continue to live on, with a happy, cheerful Moo!


Ratshag has posted that the event he and BRK were helping to organize, the Running of the Bulls on the Cenarion Circle server Horde-side, will continue as planned, and they are dedicating it to Sharvan, who would have loved the silliness of the whole thing.

The bare facts are, you show up Saturday, May 3rd, before 6:00 PM central time US (before 4;00 PM server time), with a level 1 Tauren, bare butt nekkid and without having done any quests at all. Pristine cows, as it were. The race will start there, and wind it’s way across half of Azeroth. Maps can be found on Ratshag’s site.

I plan on being there, and I’ve already got Bigbearbutt the big horned bull ready to romp. 

I heartily encourage everyone that can, to try and take a little time out of their day on May 3rd for some pure, light-hearted silliness.

I hope to see you there. 

For the Moo!

P.S. If you would like to help out Sharvan’s family at this time, BRK has posted a link on the siedebar of his blog to be able to donate to her family through Paypal.


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