A day of little news, but at least a podcast

Hey folks, just wanted to let you know that I am going to be gone doing family friednly chores most of the day… I gotta lay a vinyl floor for my mom-in-law… but I’ll be back home, loud as ever, to take part in the WoW Insider podcast.

And yes, I know… he spelled my name wrong. Again. It’s okay, at this point Cassie and i think it’s hilarious.

I believe Zach will be on, and the focus will be on PvP, so you know you’ll get lots of useless commentary from me, the guy what doesn’t PvP.

Maybe if I get home early enough before the podcast, i can get an Arena match in, and an Alterac Valley. Just, so, you know, I have something.

Anyway, I hope you have fun, and happy WoWing!


5 thoughts on “A day of little news, but at least a podcast

  1. Hey Bell…

    Too bad you missed the end. I gave 4haelz a shout out… and spelled out your correct website address, since SOMEONE had a shoutout to the wrong domain not too long ago.


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