Druid awesomeness in action

Why was today’s earlier post a puff piece about the awesomeness of Druids?

Well, maybe it was my spending last night’s writing the WoW Insider article that just went live 25 minutes ago.

 The topic?

Why, the incredible awesome “holy shit I wish I were in that guild” all-Druid hanky panky that went on Saturday on Dark Iron.

Go read the article, see the pics, watch the videos, and then come back and tell me you don’t understand why I might be feeling mighty damn proud of the players that roll Druid.

Rock on, guys (and gals) of the Penny Arcade Alliance!

Edit: What I can’t stop doing, is picturing in my mind’s eye a potential Penny Arcade or PvPOnline comic of the Crow event…

A lone Horde, happily standing by a river in Terokkar… maybe a tauren, fishing pole in hand, straw hat on head… fishing away.

Next panel, a few ominous-looking Swift Flight Form crows flap down, coming in for a landing near him. The fisher-horde says in intelligible text, looking mildly worried, “Here for the fishing, guys? Guys?” One of the birds has a word balloon saying “CAW”.

Last panel, as a hundred or more Swift Flight Form druids are clearly continuing to come in for landings, grabbing a perch anywhere they can, one even perched on his head looking upside down at him, all staring red-eyed at the obviously panicking/quaking hordie, the horde is saying something that is gibberish/noise to the reader, while we are looking at a third person view of two of the Crows in the foreground, that have their heads turned to each other, and one is saying to the other one, “Don’t let this one run too long; the last one was chewy.”


9 thoughts on “Druid awesomeness in action

  1. LOVED IT!

    The only thing even close on my server (and it falls WAAAAAAAAAY short) was the multi-faction bear-conga line that stretched from the Scryer Bank to the middle of Shattrath. So yeah… doesn’t even compare. It was still fun though.


  2. Fantastic!

    (Thinks about Anachronos and whether there’s the possibility of getting that many Druids together in one place!)

    It also makes me more desparate to get a group for Heroic Sethekk to get that last quest done for Swift Flight form…


  3. I can’t believe how much fun that looked. That was a total riot. The Birds…Attack of the Seals…Attack of the Cheetahs…I can’t imagine what was going through those Horde minds when they were surrounded by a bunch of birds…CAAAAW!


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