My comparison of multi-class soloing

I have been playing my shadow priest lately, and loving it.

I started last weekend at level 64, and said, “Screw the dailies! Time to burn, baby!”

By Sunday evening, I was level 67. JUST level 67, but it’s still very cool.

I am only three lavels away from being able to equip the ridiculous number of epics I have amassed in the bank.

Like what? Oh, I dunno… like the Frozen Shadoweave ShouldersRobe and Boots, the Spellstrike Hood and Pants, the Belt of Blasting, and the Eternium Runed Blade.

Yeah… umm, so maybe I could have spent more time leveling instead of farming money for gear I can’t use yet. Sue me. I’ve always been goal oriented. And getting pretty loot is a goal.

My point is, I have three characters that are reasonably high level; a 70 Feral Druid, a 70 BM Hunter, and a 67 Shadow Priest.

All three have leveled predominantly by soloing quests as much as possible, and farming mobs.

I have heard a great deal about how easy Hunters are to solo. Let me lay that one to rest right now. Hunters are strong soloing classes because you have the tools to keep multiple mobs occupied at once, with just as an exmaple your own pet tank, a lockdown Ice Trap, and in the case of a bad pull, Feign Death. There are lots of ways you can play around with the mobs as a Hunter. If you practise them all like Big Red Kitty teaches, you can become a formidable soloing master. No question.

Not far behind, in my opinion, is the Shadow Priest. With Power Word: Shield, Psychic Scream, self-healing Vampiric Touch instant-cast DOTs, instant-cast Power Word: Death for finishing blows, Mind Flay to slow incoming targets, the chance of Blackout stunning mobs, they just burn like crazy at high levels. If I get really overwhelmed by a group of mobs, putting up Power Word:Shield and Psychic Scream and running for it usually works well.

There is of course the Rogue, as exemplified by Cassienn, as a soloing class. Able to stealth up to targets, bypassing waves of trash to get up-close-and-personal to the bad guys, Sap one you might want to get out of the way and focus on another, Distract, Dodge-tanking, they are awesome. Kicks against spellcasting, Rogues get all sorts of fun toys.

But I think, in my opinion, the best has to be the Feral Druid. Biased? Sure, of course I am. But let’s face facts.

I can stealth in kitty form past all the trash like a Rogue. I can get right up close to a mob, even a boss, and start to claw like crazy with Pounce and all my nice big damage output whammies, getting some serious pain in fast. As soon as I start taking some hurting, I can cast some HoTs and shift to Bear, and still do decent damage as I pound away on my target. I can handle multiple mobs or a decent elite on my own in Bear form, and with a swiftshifting Potion macro I can replenish my health at least once, I can pop my Feral Regeneration to keep going when I get low, and depending on the mob hit him over the head with Bash to stun his ass long enough for me to shift out and fire off Regrowth and my two HoTs before going back to Bear. During the entire fight, my Leader of the Wild talent is giving me a stream of self-healing that cannot be discounted.

Shadow Priests may be Mana Batteries, but Feral Druids are the energizer bunny of soloing classes. We keep going, and going, and going…

When I was short on cash, I used to go into level 50-60 instances on my druid to sneak past the trash, assassinate the bosses, and disenchant the BoP Blues for some sweet shard loving. 30 to 45 minutes on some of those huge Azeroth instances, complete clears of bosses.

While it’s possible to solo those instances as a Rogue or Hunter, I’d have to say that it just isn’t as easy, the other classes just don’t roll it all into one package like a Feral Druid does. If you kick ass as a Hunter, you still have to take down that trash to get through. If you are a master Rogue, you still have to wear leather armor facing a boss and have to relyon dodge-tanking and hope your pots and high damage output get the job done.

Seriously… most of my audience rolls Druid, so I’m preaching to the choir… but if you play a lot of alts, and just don’t know what class might be right for you to have fun soloing…

The only limitations to what you can do as a soloing Druid are in your ability to think fast, adapt to changing circumstances, and match your abilities to your current needs.

It may seem like a lot to master and learn. But I’ll tell you a secret; every class is challenging to play well. Don’t make a judgment based on perceived difficulty, make it based on what looks like fun.

If you choose to play a Feral Druid, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


21 thoughts on “My comparison of multi-class soloing

  1. One overlooked Druid ability while farming is Detect Humanoid. You can beat that pesky mage/rogue/lock to spawns since you can see them before they can. Stealth + Hight DPS + beating others to spawn points = time for them to move on and let you camp.


  2. LOL i was just boring all my guildies to tears with the exact same speech today. My first char to 70 was a hunter, and while he was excellent soloing, everything is just easier with my feral druid. There are just so many ways for him to stay alive and kick ass. Elites and groups of mobs I bragged about soloing before on my hunter are almost embarrasingly easy now..


  3. I sometimes thing I’m the only one that doesn’t like kitty dps…lol! I prefer boomkin soloing myself, but melee has never been my thing. I just hate it. I have my shadow priest, my hunter, and my up and coming boomkin though, and love them all.

    Also, my druid is only 63, has almost all of your recommended pre-kara tanking gear list in the bank (i intended to tank…lol), and has 3 healing epics waiting for her. I know ALL about slacking on the leveling to farm up gear.


  4. I play a BM hunter as my main and always heard the ‘ezmode’ comments, I rolled a druid alt some time ago and as soon as I had a few levels under my belt I was all ‘hunter ezmode? HAH Drood is mega ezmode!’ I don’t mean this in a denigrating way mind! I love playing my druid I think they are a really fun class to play solo – because of their flexibility as you say BBB. Now that Jez has hit exalted with SSO I’ve dusted poor Sephy off and she’s getting some levelling loving in hellfire. I’d forgotten how scary that place is when you’re only a 61 hehe.


  5. Damn BBB, you’v got me thinking about another Alt! I have Druid on Horde on an old server in the mid 30s, and I see the potential you’re pointing out. I just hate the Night Elf character model for Alliance. So I might have a Druid Engineer / Enchanter soon.

    My current solo grinder/farmer is a prot pally (in support of Tego). I can take at least 10x mobs at a time, and will often work in 3 waves of 8-12 before resting up. The difference is that I grind the lower level instances (level 55 and below) and sell/shard everything. The re-sale value of level 45 mats is very high, and a quick 15 minutes can net 15+ gold with no risk – more if I bother to pull the trash along the way. There is something nice about being able to grind while also watching TV, and the pally is very good at that. ZF is particularly good as you can use a mount inside the instance for extra quick pulls.

    However I’m looking at a Mage at the moment to do AoE farming, as it seems that a mage can pull multi-mobs very well, but will burn through them much faster than the Pally tank. The down side is a mage will get squished pretty fast, but thats life as a squishy. I’m thinking the elementals and such for motes, or anywhere with a lot of non-ranged attacks.


  6. I would have to say, that honestly Prot paladin is the god of the solo grind. we are the freight train of the tactic. there is no running. there is no feign. we kill things…. and keep them from killing us. holyshield, aoe farming, self heals… no form change required, our bubbles, soj and sol, any umber of other tricks, and for those really harry times, after the 10th or so chain mob (our level) we have that final panic button our once an hour huge (no mana required if you have none) heal that will normally fill us up pretty well. all in all we can just mow through mobs at a reasonable rate, not super fast, but we never have to stop


  7. You just summed it up, right there.

    I think it hit me when, as a DPS member in an UB run, I ended up saving a pull three times, healing twice (including a Barkskin + Tranquility) and tanking the final boss when the tank went down.

    I had a lot of alts, until I found the druid. Mine’ll be my first 70–I can’t wait!


  8. Man, BBB, I’m standing here on the precipice of going full resto and I had to read this log . I’ve been feral all the way to 70. Holy God, did my druid make me feel bad for my hunter and my warrior. He was doing stuff the other two could never have really attempted, and once I got swift flight form, my desire to play anything else mostly evaporated. I think I’ll be dumping lots of money on respecs, but I’m eager to learn a new facet of this guy’s abilities.


  9. I’d like to find some instances soloable by a team like that, skipping all the trash and such.
    Only farming things i know for stealth are:
    Druid/Rogue stealth run for chests in MT: Engineering Seaforium or rogue lockpicking.
    SL non-heroic daily for an easy 18g or so.


  10. I ❤ my NE shadow priestess. She rocks. She’s usually top of the damage list out of level 59s in BGs on Rampage. Tactics? She hides behind trees and lurks in bushes and dots everyone to death. Starshards ftw. And she was great fun to level with very few graveyard visits.

    But I heard shadow priests aren’t so good after 60 in pvp. Most people recommend Disc for 70 pvp. Can anyone confirm this? If true, it’s a shame.

    Mana battery? Yeah, she’s called Duraspell =D


  11. I have played three characters to (almost) max level, and I’ve seen one other one and worked with her a lot. So I don’t want every Mage, Warlock, Paladin, Warrior and Shaman coming on in here telling me that you can too solo.

    I know you can solo. And quite well.

    My point is that, of all the classes I know about, none can combine being sneaky with tanking and self-support, making it a powerful combination for some fast solo instance boss farming. And while Feign Death and Vanish are far superior ‘oh crap’ buttons, the Feral Druid does still have a lot of ‘just stay alive one. more. minute.’ abilities going for it.

    What I want to do is start testing the waters to see which instances in outlands have bosses that can be farmed on stealth runs by two feral druids, a tree druid, and a rogue for badges. As the tree doesn’t have improved steath like Ferals, I need to research what are stealth-friendly bosses to get to.


  12. My main is a T5 mage (would be T6 by now if not for the Navy deciding to post me to the ass end of nowhere for 6 months) but I have everything else except Shammy at 70 and epic-geared (Shammy’s only 30) and my druid is by far the most versatile class I play. If my raid group has too many mages when I return to active raiding in July and they suggested I bring my Bear or Tree instead, I’d not lose a second’s sleep over it.

    I knew Druids were awesome but it never occurred to me just how awesome until I was level 39 and being asked to tank SM Cathedral. None of the dps wanted a lvl 39 Bear tank, but luckily the healer was a Druid too and he convinced them to give me a shot. They were all 40+ and had their mounts and of course complained that they’d have to wait an age for me to get there since I had no mount. Travel Form + Aquatic Form and a shortcut over the lake saw me arrive at SM before all but one of them. To say they were a little surprised would be an understatement (the druid healer just laughed… he knew!) I was a little nervous since they were all higher level than me and I still needed another level to get Dire Bear but it was a flawless run, I can’t recall losing aggro at all and no-one died. There was a mage, rogue and hunter on that run who all commented that they had newfound respect for a Bear’s ability to tank, and it didn’t do my confidence any harm, either.

    In my low 50’s and questing in Felwood. A bad pull amongst the Satyrs turned a 3 mob pull into 4, then 5, then 6 mobs as their stealthed friends joined the party. On ANY other class I’d have been dead meat, my mage would have been a greasy red smear within seconds at worst, or running/blinking from a quick Frost Nova and pulling more adds on the way out at best. My Lock might have lasted a few seconds longer after Howl of Fear, but that 6 mob pull would have been 10 mobs five seconds later. Sure, a Hunter can Feign Death but it’ll cost him his pet. Only a Druid can make that kind of mistake and still kill everything. It cost every cooldown I had and I finished on 0 mana and almost 0 health, but they were all dead and I wasn’t.

    My only problem is deciding between Tree or Bear. I love them both and respec between them so often it never costs me less than 50g a pop.


  13. Don’t get me wrong, I love my feral druid. And I agree that, when it comes to soloing instances, they’re king. But for normal, outdoor soloing, my experience still put the BM hunter ahead. In bear form, there is no way you can match the dps of a comparably geared hunter, and even in cat form it would be a challenge; kill rate is vital for farming. Having heals is nice, but you still have to stop dpsing and possibly get squishy for 3 seconds or longer. All mend pet costs is one steady shot, and is quite competitive with “real” HOTs without +heals. Further, frenzied regeneration and barkskin suck as panic buttons compared to vanish and feign death.

    Also, I really miss cc as a feral druid. A rogue can sap one guy, and gouge/blind another. A druid faced with 3 opponents is pretty much forced into “tank mode”.


  14. If you and Cassie want some easy and fun farming for large prismatics you can stealth to and solo the last boss in Sethekk Halls. Takes a little practice but once you get it down you can kill him 5 times in an hour or 45 minutes- that adds up to 10 shards, some random greens, and possible Primal Nethers. The last boss is really easy to solo, especially at your gear level. Cassie eats the sheeps while you mangle away on him, then when he blasts you just shift and toss some HoTs on the run. Once the blast goes off shift back to bear and repeat.


  15. Don’t forget the Warlock here. He is like the casting version of the hunter. I have soloed one to lvl 70 and it was very, very easy. Fear, dots, shadow bolt, etc. Once you are running low on resources, cast life drain or mana drain. There are lots of nice things a warlock can do to level fast and efficient…


  16. (Unrelated)

    Pro Tip: Ferals fighting High Warlord Naj’entus in Black Temple

    If you are not MT on the Naj’entus fight and you switch to DPS, there is a point where he impales a raid member with a spike that must be pulled out by another raid member. Then, when Naj’entus put up his big shield, you throw that spike at the shield to knock it down. Well, when you do that, the raid takes like 8k damage.

    The tip is, right before the shield is broken, shift into Bear form and the additional health will ensure your survivability. You can also pop Tranquility to help heal the Melee while your healers take are of the MT and the rest of the raid.

    (Sorry, I figured I’d share that while I was thinking about it. lol)


  17. “Leader of the Pack”, not Wild. 🙂 Oh, and what is a “Lavel”? LOL – Just busting your cojones.

    Actually, I liked soloing with my Lock at lower levels (30 and under). My Void could hold multiple targets (as long as you focus fire one at a time) and if something broke to me, fear, Fear, FEAR!

    Now, at level 39, my Void cannot hold aggro from me so soloing has gotten much tougher. Now its fear, dot, dot, dot, dot, fear, drain. As much as I love Affliction, I may try Demonology for soloing the rest of the way.


  18. I too have a hunter alt but my druid was my main. the reason I pick a druid in the beginning as my first toon serious toon was the ability to play several styles. Nothing beats sealthin in to stun a mob, take him (and his buddy) down fast throw a quick heal on and start on the next group. When things went bad the old bear would show up. Elites were fun to take down also as you said. gotta love the druid



  19. One other thing that makes the druid an awesome solo class: instant cast swift flight form. For gathering, farming, daily questing… you cant beat it.


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