Team Sneaky downs Heroic Underbog!


Yes. We sure are hot for progression in the ol’ Sidhe Devils guild, aren’t we?

Oh yeah, we’re hot… you can have your Gruul’s Lair, your Karazhan and your BT. Sunwell Plateau? Noobsauce.

Heroic Underbog is where it’s at, baby!

…… someone that takes this game way too seriously just had a stroke, somewhere.

Okay, all joking aside, I’m quite proud of Sidhe Devils. We had what I consider our first Heroic run as a guild, and we cleared the place out.

Last week we took on Heroic Sethekk Halls for Nasirah’s Swift Flight Form, but it wasn’t really an instance run in my eyes. We originally planned on being sneaky, bypassing everything we could, and just getting to Anzu to get the quest complete.

Along the way, we fought a whole lot more than we expected we would, and in the end we ran out of time and couldn’t finish off the last boss. I got the bird mount (yay! still stoked) and Nasirah got her Swift Birdie, but it wasn’t a planned instance clear.

Last night, we had planned ahead of time to form up at 7 PM and go in to clear Heroic Underbog to the end, and that’s what we did.

The original plan was for Cassieann and I, and Nasirah and Squirrelz (her hubby), and Daxe to go in. Three Druids, one Rogue and a Hunter.

Dax got wife aggro, so naturally he couldn’t go, but we did have a pretty fresh Tree Druid, Dionket, that was happy to go. His gear wasn’t maxed out, but he was willing, so what the heck? And he did a great job on heals, and freed Nasirah up to do a tno of booming, so that was cool. We all went on in and had a great time.

Nasirah called us Team Sneaky in chat, and we certainly had the capability to stealth, but as some folks could use the rep we just cleared like normal.

Let me tell you, having multiple Hibernates, a Sap and two tanks that can swap into DPS on the fly makes for a pretty fun run. Almost too many options per pull, to be honest. The temptation on every pull to try something different just because we could was hard to resist.

I somehow managed to keep myself from asking Nasirah and Dionket and Squirrelz from chain-Cycloning one with me just to see if diminishing returns from Cyclone applied to Cyclones from different casters. I think it does, but we can play with Cyclone some other time.

The last boss, the Black Stalker, caused us some problems, I’ll admit. The many adds, and the amount of pure magic damage proved to be our achilles heel. We wiped twice before we got into a groove, and finally just focused on positioning and burning the thing down and ignoring the adds, just eating the damage, and three of the group went down anyway before we got him dead.

Laughingly, it seemed like we struck the loot pinata when we checked the body, because the boss gave us two Trinkets (including the Argussian Compass), an epic Mail piece nobody could use, a Primal Nether, a Badge, an epic Gem, AND an Ace of Lunacy.

End result, we set a goal, we gathered together, we accomplished the goal. We encountered adversity along the way and overcame it. We tried different things on the pulls to feel our way into what we liked, and found our ‘comfort level’ on the pulls.

My favorite technique on the Naga pulls had to be to have Cassie Sap one of the caster/healers, while I targeted some of the guys for tanking and Squirrelz tanked the others. Then we just burnt down in order, nice and fun. One tank didn’t get overwhelmed by mobs, Dionket didn’t have to work extra hard keeping one tank alive against high spike damage but just keep two going on medium damage, and everything worked out fine.

On the trash rays on the way to the hunter/bear boss, the ones that can’t be Hibernated and that have their Psychic Scream fear effect, Squirrelz and I would each pick a target, then stood side by side and tanked our main targets while overlapping Swipe. If one of us got feared, the other generally stayed put and kept aggro on the whole bunch so the casters didn’t get eaten. I can only recall one time that we both got feared at the same time, and we picked ’em up again fast.

Just… fun. I like trying new things, even if i get clumsy while doing it.

So… I know we’re planning on doing Heroic Slave Pens next, since Nasirah has the Daily Quest for it on her books. I’m thinking that, again, with so many humanoids to Sap, and plentiful Hibernates, and two tanks, I’m not seeing any potential chokepoints. In fact, I expect it to be laughably easy.

I want to throw it open to you guys, though. We are Team Sneaky!

Give us your suggestions on Heroics that can be stealthed, and we will take them on!


11 thoughts on “Team Sneaky downs Heroic Underbog!

  1. I ussualy do daylie heroic marathons each day or so (ez ones: mech,ub,sp,durn,bm,sethek,ramps,bf,bot and magisters) these instances are pretty easy and you can get alot of good badges from them. For heroic beginners i say sp,mech and ramps are yer choices. It is possible to stealth run through all those, but whats the fun in that? 😛
    @Kerrak it is possible to one man ony(for a druid), ye just have to have maxxed out Fire resistance for the guardians and alot of pots for the ony fight, just be prepared to spend about half an hour in there


  2. I’ve done the heroic SP stealth run with 3 people up to the last boss. Myself a druid tank, tree, and a combat rogue. The tree was sitting on a about 1100+ healing and the rogue is in kara/badge/pvp epics. I’m sitting on only badge loot and and pvp epics for tanking. We cleared the first boss with out and wipes and the second boss was downed after 1 wipe. It took us 3 tries for the final boss and we had to grab another rogue for some extra dps. I think we could have 3 manned it, but mana could have been and issue.
    Big tip on the last boss. Growl when he starts his acid/poison spit thing. Usually he targets someone other than the tank and starts in. If you taunt him on you he will turn around and you take the damage. You’ll know when he’s getting ready to do it because he will target another member. I was waiting until the said to taunt due to the fact i was hulled up inside my bear and couldn’t see anything but the bosses feet.
    H. Ramps is also something you can stealth run if you use a rogue to distract groups. That is definatly 3-4 manned.
    As you said Sethikk is, along with UB if you play your cards right.
    Arc is set up so you could, But i wouldn’t reccomend it. Boss fights there are way to reliant on moving around for you not to pull extra.

    As a side thing, a holy pally and I are going to try to 2 man Ony. The lowest amount of people i’ve done it on was 8. I’m not sure if were geared enough to 2 man it though. He’s still in greens, but he’s gotta be the most amazing healer.
    I’ll update you when we try though. Anyone else underman Ony successfully?


  3. Heroic Slave Pens with a Stealth Group is Epic Win! We have a guild group of druids/rogues which downs all the bosses with regularity in about 20 minutes (not saying to epeen… trying to be descriptive here!).

    There is a video out there which shows how to do it (and behind a firewall so I cannot link it from work, sorry!), but an explaination is just as easy.

    Stealth through the slaves and set up on the lakeside near the two Defenders (see through stealth) guarding the “tunnel” to the first boss. Pull both over to the lakeside and take them down there. You can pull the first boss back into the tunnel and fight him there if you are careful and not have to kill any more trash.

    Stealth up the ramps to the top. There is a method where you can jump down and avoid the patrolling Defenders, but we usually find it easier to just take out the patrol from the top of the ramp, keeping out of aggro range of the other mobs. Then jump down into the pool as usual.

    Continue in stealth to the Huge Freaking Lobster and set up shop in the back of his little alcove. You can take him down there without any non-boss aggro issues.

    Stealth up again and follow the left hand wall. There is a Defender Patrol here that has to be carefully snuck past, but it is do-able. And resist the temptation… DO NOT MINE THE RICH ADAMANTITE NODE! 🙂

    Head to the back of Quag’s pool along the side shore and fight him there. This is really the only “hard” fight for a Tree since the Poison Spit means they (me) are Whack-A-Mole’ing the entire time while keeping up Lifebloom/Rejuv/Swiftment on the tank. But if they can manage Anzu, they can manage this.

    Slam, bam, thank you Jaina Proudmoore. 3 badges (5 with the quest) and phat lewt (Epic Leather dps pants drop off of Quag which pretty much everyone in a Stealth Group wants) with “minimal” effort. Sure new folks are not going to get their Earthwarden very quickly that way, but it is quite fun to leave all the trash mobs going “where did all our bosses go?”

    Think of it as a quick way to incite a Slave Revolution!


  4. nice post BBB.

    not personally done hUB yet but must give it a try as we are trying to gear ourselves up a bit with some badge rewards and have recently struggled with SV/Arca.

    Not sure about heroics that can be stealthed.

    we (that is a priest and I) run SP a lot as its a heroic we find reasonably straight forward. we avoid some mobs for a faster run.

    the main issue in SP is the Defenders iirc – they cannot be cc’d in anyway ? so i end up tanking 2 which is not a problem. the bosses seem quite straightforward.

    never run any with 3 druids…although we do run with 2 sometimes as my priest friend has a feral to and will bring it if some healer we know is online and wants to come along with us. 2 tanks does make for easier heroics at times….especially as cc in heroics seems a little less reliable…esp in our experience so far sapping ? they seem to resist it more often ? mage cc seems the best.

    GL in SP.

    we’re also new to heroics and to date only have 3 we can do without an issue are SP / Ramp and Mech.

    UB is our next and then i want to learn/do SV or Arca (first boss here is a pain, at least so far for us!)


  5. Ahhh, but you DID come up with it…

    Dammerung logged into the game last night, asked how the run was going, and you replied ‘Team Sneaky is doing well….’

    See? I pay attention to some of these things.


  6. Nasirah called us Team Sneaky in chat

    Was that me? I don’t think it was . . . then again I have been known to not remember what I say. I just wouldn’t want to go around, taking down instances as “Team Sneaky,” taking the credit for such a fine name, and then be assassinated by the guildy who actually came up with the name, who’d been holding their rage inside for months, planning their move . . .

    Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic.


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