Drama llama is happy :)

You know, I do have a confession to make; I like drama.

Not causing it, though. I like watching it!

Ah, but not just any drama. Oh no! I, sir or madam, am a connoisseur.

The  particular flavor of drama I enjoy is the kind that takes the form of an illiterate asshat that goes over the top in being a complete tool to someone… and the entire incident becomes public.

With screenshots.

I love that. I really do. I love seeing someone be an asshat and get busted and receive the fame they truly deserve. It warms my heart.

For those of you saddened at my immaturity, my petty, vindictive nature…

I do not now, nor have I ever claimed to be a nice person. Please take note.

This last week has been oh, so very good to me.

First, we had this incredible idiot Mage that had actually rolled need on the Commendation of Kael’thas against a Warrior Tank that needed the item.. and the Mage won. And then, no wait, seriously, it gets better, and THEN the Mage rolls on up into the official WoW Forums of his server to post screenshots of his winning the roll, to accuse the TANK of being in the wrong for being upset!

Ah, the resulting smackdown warms the heart. The idiot realized too late the tragic error of his actions, and deleted his post, but fast-acting forum readers had already captured it… they knew they had pure gold on their hands. They quickly reintroduced his entire post in the first reply comment, to last forever and ever, Amen.

Random people in the forums start the whipping, but when his own guild comes into the discussion to announce they have /gkicked the mage, ahh…..

I am a horrible person. /glee!

 But wait! There’s more!

On the latest Guildwatch on WoW Insider, I found an entirely new epic drama situation, where a guild officer got /gkicked because he rolled on a boot drop from Chess against the alt of a co-GM… and won the roll. And immediately thereafter, he got /gkicked by the co-GM.

Now, this alone would be funny… obviously the guy is better off out of that guild with that kind of officer at the helm. 

But it gets better… the guy that got /gkicked, Shakkra, got whispered a lot from the idiot that did the kicking, Krazyhunter… and he took screenshots. Screenshots that appear at the very top of the Guildwatch article.

Grats, Krazyhunter. Welcome to your own personal 15 minutes of fame. Lol.

Lord knows gearing alts in Karazhan is srs bsns.

The whole thing would still be minor league, if it weren’t for the flamewar that takes place in the Guildwatch comments, starting almost immediately, as Shakkar himself answers questions as to what happened.. in a nice, friendly mature manner… and other illiterate asshats from the guild that are friends with Krazyhunter try to flame him.

There is just something so refreshing in reading a well-written, expressive writer being flamed by an ignorant, illiterate asshat. Because you KNOW what all the other readers are thinking… “I don’t care who’s right… that guy is stupid. QQ more, you amuse me.”

Hey, if you’ve got more examples of this kind of drama, let me know. Please!

I’m such a sad, sad person. But I can’t help it! I need moar!

Just, please… not in my guild.


Please vote on the poll

782736_vote_2.jpgI’m curious about your thoughts on some of the things I’ve done as special feature kinda stuff, so I put a poll on the left sidebar.

I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know what non-post things I’ve done, if any, you’d like as a regular Friday feature!

Thanks for your time, and have a great day, folks.

Thanks to Pugnacious Priest!

I want to give a thanks and shout out to Pugnacious Priest.

I did a little blog hopping from blog link to blog link, and along the way came across Pugnacious Priest for the first time.

Now, I gots me a 64 Shadow Priest, so I like Priest blogs in the first place, but I saw this post about How to make a quick and dirty blog or guild website banner image.

As many of you are aware, when I left Legatum Ignavis and raiding, I decided to remain in and open up the guild that me and my close friends have held for years, Sidhe Devils. It had been where our alts kept their home, it had some guild bank space to stash low level mats and give us a place to park our guys without clogging up ‘serious’ guilds, you know. An alt guild.

Well, in opening it up to new members, we knew we needed a nice website, so Cassieann set up a guildportal site. And we would need some voice chat options for 5 mans, so we got a small Ventrilo server. (Thanks for the link to the vent server service, Matticus, I used your website link to go get the server. Their front end and quality seems to rock.)

This morning, I got an email saying that some, currently unknown, benefactor had paid to upgrade the guildportal website to a full feature site. Now, it wasn’t Cassie or I, so we have no idea who did it… but we certainly thank you.

In the process, I put two and two together… new paid-for guild website with forums… a post about how to make a quick and dirty banner image… hmmmm.

So I went and made one, and it took 5 minutes, no Photoshop like I used for my blog back in teh day, and it turned out very nice, IMO.


If you are in the position of wanting to make a banner image with text and borders for your blog or guild website, I heartily urge you to go and read Pugnacious Priests’ post and have fun with it… if I can do it, so can you!

New patch coming soon

Just a little one, 2.4.2.

It ain’t out yet, sadly, but the patch notes are pretty interesting.

WoW Insider posted the full notes, so I’ll send you over there.

The thing I like best?

All profession cooldowns have been reduced.

If you had a 23 hour cooldown (like, say, for a transmute) then it will now be 20 hours.

It may not seem like much, but I know there have been many nights where Cassieann wants to do her transmute, but it’s not up until 10:30 because she last used it really late. So she decides to wait until the next night rather than stay up just to do a transmute. Three hours will be a big deal.

The thing I DON’T like?

If you get sheeped by a bad guy, you no longer heal.

Now, maybe you don’t notice it so much solo, but there is one case that I can think of off hand that this will suck.

Shade of Aran.

If you’re a borderline team running Karazhan, and by borderline I don’t mean a bad group, I mean a group that is adequately geared for the instance and still working on getting upgrades instead of just running it for shits and giggles to farm badges, then this will likely suck.

If you’re a farm team, you go all out DPS on Shade, you keep his Health percentage 20%+ below his Mana, and he’ll be dead before he reaches the Polymorph/Pyroblast stage.

If you’re not that hardcore… then when his Mana reaches 20%, he Polymorphs the whole raid, and begins drinking to replenish his Mana. After 10 seconds, Polymorph breaks and he does an AOE Pyroblast that does around, IIRC, 7000 fire damage to everyone.

Now, this is fairly survivable right now, since everyone gets healed to full by the Polymorph. Standard tactic is for everyone in the group to save a Healthstone, and the second after the Pyroblast has gone off, use the Healthstone so you can’t be one shot.

Well, now… you’ll have whatever health you had before being sheeped… and it’s likely the Pyroblast itself will one shot you before you get to use your Healthstone.


I’ll be curious to see if this really goes live.

Oh… and many weapons listed as ‘Main Hand’ are now ‘One hand’… so players that dual wield have more choices for their off hands… Shammys, Fury warriors and Rogues should be delighted.

Are there any Shamans in da house?

Cassie has made a Shaman alt, and dinged 10 last night.

I am not allowed to know the name of this secret alt identity, but last night she revealed that, while she’s hit level 10, she’s still not sure if she likes it or not yet.

She told me she is trying to get comfy with the whole ‘blast enemies from a distance thing’, but that she still prefers whacking things in the face up close and personal.

Also, she wants a stealth button. And Vanish.

I told her, “Just roll another Rogue…”

Somehow, she didn’t like that idea.

So here’s the dealio… she keeps asking me all these questions, about Shaman specs, and “Can they use two handed weapons? What specs are there? What talents do I take? Is it possible to play as a melee Shaman? If it is, what talents, what gear, what level do I start?”

Hell, I dunno. I know less than nothing about Shamans.

Now, while I could go try and research such myself, I think I gots a better idea.

If you write a Shaman blog, or if you have knowledge of some solid resources for noob melee Shamans, why not less us know here? Cassie would thank you, and I would thank you.

Seriously, I don’t know shit about Shaman style. Except they get this here Ghost Wolf form thingie… but I don’t even know if Ghost Wolf has a stealth component. I knows nuthin’.

The anti-ninja LIVES!

This was the best thing I’ve heard in months.

I just HAD to share.

True story, now.

Now, I came into work today and chatted briefly with a friend here, who I think I’ve mentioned in past posts. Pete plays WoW during the bad weather season, but mostly he’s into racing cars, customizing them, the whole thing.

Today, Pete tells me one of his accounts got hacked over the weekend.

The way he tells it, he got an email from Blizzard notifying him his password had been changed. This is an account he hadn’t played in a while, so he was pretty confused.

So he calls Blizzard up, goes through the whole questions thing, and comes to find out that yes, his password was changed. As well as his billing.

He gets it changed to something new, and logs into his account.

His characters are in their boxers. He’s been wiped clean.

However… God, I love this… his max level character was a 19 PvP minor league twink. The only character on the account.

And the account itself? It had been shut down. He had stopped payment on it.

The hacker had gotten into the account… but couldn’t loot it because the account was closed. And the hacker clearly had an account name and password, but no character names to search on Armory, no way of knowing what was on the other side of that dead account.

So the hacker, no kidding, paid Blizzard to activate the account to loot it. He took the chance.

He paid a months fee. In advance.

And what did he get? About 4 gold in D/E’d mats off a character that was something Pete messed around with for fun.

When Pete talked to Blizzard, Blizzard told him about the Mastercard (a form of credit he doesn’t have) that was used to activate the account. After Pete changed it back to his own billing, Blizzard asked if he wanted to close the account immediately or let it run no for the rest of the paid month.

“Oh no”, was his reply, “I’ll play it for the rest of the month. Thanks!”

To whoever you are out there that paid $26 for Pete’s account to be reactivated in exchange for about 4 gold in mats, we /salute!


Battle chicken!


Just wanted to show you my new ride. I had the great good fortune on Sunday to accompany Nasirah of Alts Ahoy fame to help her get her Epic Flight Form quest completed.

In taking down Anzu, guess what dropped? And guess who won the roll?

Yep, I gots me a battle chicken!

And damn, does it look neat. Nasirah wrote it up in a lot more detail, but I am sad that a birdie overshadowed her Epic Flight Form. There is no single thing I can think of that makes me love my druid more than Epic Flight Form. Grats, Nas! Now you and Squirrelz can fly side-by-side.

I still think Nasirah should have rolled on the mount. That’s right, both she and Squirrelz passed. Personally, I love the mount, but I’d have loved to see a Moonkin riding a battle chicken.

Not as much as seeing me ride it, but still.

Now that itch I’ve had to farm undead Strat for the Baron mount is gone…  woohoo!