On the subject of webcomics about WoW

It occurs to me that not EVERYONE in the known universe may have seen a certain…. webcomic.

This blog is, after all, about Feral Druids. I feel I have a certain duty to my public.

(Bellwether is already screaming “Noooooo!!!!!!” I can hear it!)

Yep, there is a comic out there about Feral Druids. 

It’s the one the adult Feral Druids all know about, but no one admits to having seen.

It was posted on the World of Raids website. It features, for the geeky among you, a certain CSI/Judge Dredd theme….

It should be safe for work. Your howls of outrage, laughter, or disgust may not be.

I present to you the “most twisted Feral Druid webcomic of all time that is still somehow appropriate for most audiences”.

You can thank me later.


7 thoughts on “On the subject of webcomics about WoW

  1. Interesting… I hadn’t quite though of “things” that way. :D, oops, now need to go deal with the wife since she heard me laughing.


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