Sorry about the lack of storytime today

I am just letting you know, there won’t be one since my head feels like it’s going to explode.

And frankly, the smell of each kitty using the litterbox 5 feet from me, apparently in timed, synchronized waves of poop, isn’t freaking helping.

Why do we have three litterboxes, anyway? They only use the one that makes me want to throw up.


And omigod, srsly, that small kitty? Meg?



I was gonna talk about the return of Team Sneaky, and how we totally owned Heroic Slave Pens last night, based on the dead-on suggestions of Barona from my post a few days ago… but Nasirah already gave a great breakdown of the event, with screenies of us DED, so I’ll just send you there to read.

Heroic Slave Pens on stealth is quick, fun, and rewarding. I could easily see starting every game night with a 30 minute Heroic SP run just for the badges, before doing other things.

And now, you’ll have to excuse me… I need to find out if I can get a gas mask. One with a self contained air supply, cause I just don’t think regular mopp gear is gonna help against the Meg.

Just… jeez.

OH! Oh, wait… there is one more thing….

Remember I posted about guild application idiocy a few days ago?

First, now that Nightravyn is back, I’m gonna pester her into making me a nice image of “Hit doesn’t matter, I’ve got good Crit” for a t-shirt in the Cafepress store… because I want one to wear. I picture a shot of a mage in PvP gear with his hands raised in a shoulder shrug of confusion in the background.

The other thing is, there is a hilarious defense of a stupidly -made guild app… from the point of view of the r-tard that put in the app. And the guy is a blogger. And he thinks that all of us that are careful of who we let into our guilds are just the stupidest crackers on the planet. After all, after he wipes the raid 5 times, we’d know he is an idiot and could boot him from the guild, why make him waste time taking filling out an app seriously? We’ll find out what he’s like on the run.

Yeah, it’s good for a few chuckles, but the guys a clown. He makes some very good points… some guilds do have overly intrusive questions, some take things way too seriously, etc. But the whole thing is centered around his belief that anyone that expects a person to take filling out any guild application seriously is a demeaning waste of his time. It’s just a game, right? And that… well, that’s just funny. Because it indicates that he thinks that it’s all about him. The other members of the guild? The ones that are also there to play a game and have fun? Clearly not a concern. Screw them, it’s all about wasting this guys’ time, right? And we all know what I think about self-centered asshats wanting to join my familia, right?

So have fun, sorry again for no storytime today. I’m sure I’ll be feeling better soon!


4 thoughts on “Sorry about the lack of storytime today

  1. aw mannnn yer cracking the whip on me again? /cry

    as for kitties, change the food. We switched to Science Diet and omg what a difference it made with my two. And yeah, the smaller one makes the most stench. (I swear she’s actually PLEASED about it too!)

    Now go lay down somewhere and get over yer headache 😉


  2. in through the mouth..out through the nose…of course then you can taste it *ick*

    I know a guy who has a cat who has to have 2 litter boxed for. poo in one pee in the other. When he leaves to play DnD with us and returns home the cat shows is disapproval by peeing on his bed.

    now that is entertainment.


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