A successful Running of da Bulls

I’m not going to talk about the awesomeness of BRK or Ratshag for putting this on… everyone knows that they is awesome. ‘Nuff said, let’s move on.

The event was a success, in my opinion, with tons of participation. I saw many folks from my guild, plus tons of folks from everywheres. Lots of /Moo going on, tons of ‘For the herd!” (my new favorite battle cry), and lots and lots of “For Sharvan”.

Let me tell ya, there was one moment that I thought, damn, I wish Sharvan coulda seen this… it’s incredibull. This is… incredibull.”

I made it to Hammerfall, just to have the run decide to turn it around and run down to raid Ironforge. Then I hung with em to have em decide to take the tram to Stormwind. Then I hung around for the raid to Hogger.

But the rat bastards downed Hogger before I could get there, so I settled for dying in Goldshire and leaving my body on the mailbox. Ha!

Just… what an awesome night.

Here are some of my screenies… there be tons coming up all over, and BRK and Cayleigh have promised moovies.

Dancing before the start











6 thoughts on “A successful Running of da Bulls

  1. Sorry we downed Hogger before you got there. ‘Twas an epic battle. I wish I could tell you that I recorded the Hogger raid, but it was at that exact moment that Fraps simply stopped working, and I couldn’t get it going again.

    That said, there’s a few screenshots of Hogger going down in the album I uploaded here: http://picasaweb.google.com.au/itsnoteasy.hyjal/RunningOfDaBulls/photo#5196366858044242978

    (Goes to watch Wincefish’s video…)


  2. I had a great time with the race! I was one of the select few who decided to turn south at Camp Taurajo and run thru Dustwallow Marsh, but was lucky enough to reconnect with my Moo buddies at the Arathi Highlands graveyard for our final death run…Details are in full in the bottom comments of “Where the [Bleep] is Everybody?” on BRK’s website…

    Hooked up with Persa/Lusana and hoping to level our cows to 70 for a Million Moo March on Stormwind for next year in honor of Sharvan!



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