And a Ding Makes Three!

Yes, BBB now has three level 70 characters as Windburn the shadow priest dinged for the final time last night!  Yay! 

She is now wearing all of her epic pieces that have been sitting in the bank for eight or more levels, which include the complete Frozen Shadoweave set of shoulders, boots, and robe, the Belt of Blasting, and the Eternium Runed Blade.  Windburn also acquired a flying mount!

Pics of Windburn in all her new glory will be added when BBB gets home from his final day of Kaizan hell today.



14 thoughts on “And a Ding Makes Three!

  1. Congratulations!! I just got my 2nd 70 – but still have a ways to go with gear – so good job on the level 70 gear-planning too! (I’m thinking shadowpriest might be my third as well)


  2. Congrats!
    I myself should ding my first fuzzy bbb 70 by next week…I can’t wait!
    Keep up the great posts and wowinsider insights!


  3. Gratz on your newly minted 70 Shadow Priest.

    My Shadow Priest has been at 20 for about 11 months now and he just won’t quit his Banking day job and level up for some Epics. Maybe I need to fire him so he go level up. Some day.

    Gratz on the new face melter!


  4. Thanks everyone… I do appreciate it.

    Now that I have dinged 70 and have what I can consider my ‘end game’ gear minus badge rewards or PvP weapons, I’m trying to find a mix of attacks that won’t leave me mana-less after 2 mobs.

    It’s tough, it really is. I feel like I melt face one, melt face two, fizzle.

    I keep playing with stuff to make my mana stretch out for those two or three more mobs….


  5. spam mind flay and mind blast when it comes off cd and keep SW:P on the target and SW:D whenever it comes of cd also regardless if the target is going to die


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