Is it safe to come out yet?

So, the work week is done… nah, just kidding.

I’m still sick, not that being sick cuts ya any slack in this house. Spent today running errands and doing lawn work, so tomorrow we can go over and spend the day working on cleaning stuff out of my mother-in-law’s attic.

Stuff that, and this is not a joke, has been in that attic for 40 years.

No one knows what is up there. Even my mother-in-law has no idea. It’s been 40 years since that stuff was packed up there, and it’d be there another 40 if it weren’t that the house NEEDS some blown-in insulation up there, so everything has to come down.

The entire extended family is being mobilized to come and crawl up there and drag stuff back down.

As far as I know, at least 8 hours has been allocated for the event.

With over 5 adults, possibly as many as 8 working on this, you can understand me when I say that cleaning this attic out is a project that may consume over 40 man hours of labor, so be advised – this is srs bsns.

Now, I’m sure some folks are thinking, “How bad can it possibly be?”


I’m thinking of taking a camera so I can share… and I haven’t even seen it yet.

But the last project the clan mobilized on?

We needed to go through all of Cassie’s father’s off-property rental storage units because the monthly rental fees were terrible.

Cassie and I took charge of JUST the electronics to salvage and Ebay. Other family members took responsibility for other things, like countertops, cash registers, HVAC parts, whatever.

It took two days, two storage units, and our garage became full to overflowing for 4 months with TRS-80s, computer parts, monitors, microfiche machines… Cassie worked insane hours catalogueing and made over $2000 for her mom Ebaying ‘vintage’ computer hardware and software. Like, there were 4 or 5 operational TRS-80s of various types, with all software, all in mint condition, plus the castoffs from hundreds of computer upgrades over the years…

And our garage still has tons of stuff that didn’t sell. We have a sound-dampening acoustic case for a printer that is bigger than Cassies’ desk in the garage. The printer sold, thing weighed like 80 pounds. Still worked, of course. With spare ribbons, no less. But we still got the damn case.

And we got off light, Cassie’s brother has a three car garage still full, as far as I know, and he’s been selling stuff on Ebay for about 6 months now.

So yeah, tomorrow? Playing?

Not likely, my friends.

I just hope I can still fit my car in the garage when we’re done.

But have you SEEN how much it costs to heat a home in the winter these days ? In Minnesota?

Oh yeah, we gotta get that shit outta there.


On the other hand, I do have a level 70 shadow priest with Karazhan-ready gear.

All dressed up, and now I just need a party. 

We’re still hoping to get enough folks in the guild to do a guildie run, but it seems like while we do have enough folks in the guild, finding a time that will work for everyone is hard. And while I bet it is assumed that I would tank a Kara, between Talus and Squirrelz, we got two solid tanks already.

Still, here’s hoping that I can do SOMETHING on my Shadow Priest soon…

Cassie and I were gonna run with another really awesome guild, but now that the Sidhe Devils really are powerful and active, Cassie and I feel that it would be a betrayal for the two guild leaders to run off and do raids with another guild. So we need to figure something out.

I mean, it’s one thing to make it clear that we put real life before raiding… but on the other hand, we do want to have enough folks around that if people want to raid, they have the option, lol.

One thing is for sure… we have been lucky enough to have great, fun, friendly social folks, folks that are awesome in the guild. All very social and chatty, it’s great. Seriously, it’s freaking awesome. The LAST thing we are EVER going to do is advertise.

But how else do we get new folks coming in?

It’s jus


4 thoughts on “Is it safe to come out yet?

  1. Been there and done the 40 year old box thing. Whatever you do do NOT open any boxes until they are all out of the way and the attic is empty.
    I do envy you at the treasures you will find.


  2. When are we gonna see the list of stuff found? I would like to see pictures. This type of project will be undertaken by my clan soon. My fathers attic was sealed shut by his mother in 1973-75 and noone has been up there since. We are redoing insulation and have litterally need to find the opening cause noone can remember where it is. I really would like a preview of things to come.


  3. Oh the junk and treasures you’ll find. We cleaned out my great-grandmother’s attic several years back. We filled a 10 yard dumpster in minutes. Aside from the junk, I found old, and I mean OLD, newspapers and periodicals. Like Playboys that had belonged to my great-grandfather dating mid 50s. Not to mention newspapers from when JFK was shot, LBJ was sworn in on Air Force One, and who knows what about Red China.

    Can I tell you how unbelievably PI$$ED I was when they went missing, after I had set them aside for safe keeping???


  4. I went through a similar thing when my mother and father in law had to move to a smaller place. they went from a two story home with a full attic and full basement and a 2+ car garage to a ranch home (no basement) near their oldest daughter. The attic, basement and garage just had one path from the front to the back packed full. Each room had no more then 3 total linear feet of wall space not covered by furniture. This included two refrigerators in the kitchen (small kitchen) and a deep freezer in the “flower” room. We got her to sell some, pitch a lot, but most of the stuff still ended up in the new house just to be stored in the garage and yard barn so she could “determine who needed it”. We didn’t have movers so the fact that we were moving stuff we all know was going to be pitched later was frustrating. 90% of what we got we pitched after we took it home. Gotta love them though, they just know someone will need it some day even if its broken. conq can fix anything so he can have it…. I pitched.

    my Condolences on having to participate with your cold and to Cassie and the rest of the family helping. I know what your going through and sometimes “fire insurance” is easier, just a thought….


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